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2019 Huntsville Hamfest photos: Vendors, Clubs and Organizations

As promised by Huntsville Hamfest veterans, Sunday was a more relaxed day at the Huntsville Hamfest than Saturday (which was insanely busy–in a good way).

Since we had a table in the vendor section of the hamfest, I started taking many of the photos below before the doors officially opened. As you’ll see, all of the major radio manufacturers and retailers were present in Huntsville. It’s no surprise, as it turns out Huntsville is the third largest hamfest in North America (Orlando Hamcation is #2 and Hamvention #1).

[Note that Huntsville flea market photos were posted yesterday.]

Click on the photos below to enlarge the image:

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2019 Huntsville Hamfest photos: Flea Market

Yesterday (Saturday, August 17), was the first day of the Huntsville Hamfest in Alabama.

Over the years, I’ve heard from a number of friends that Huntsville is a must-see hamfest. And, boy, were they right! Turns out the Huntsville Hamfest is one of the largest hamfests in North America.

The entire event is held in the amazing Von Braun Center and is fully air conditioned–a good thing as temperatures were pushing 100F/37.8C yesterday!

I took a number of. photos in the flea market area of the hamfest. In truth, though, this is only a small sampling of what was there. I told a friend that–in terms of selection and radio density–this was one of the best hamfest flea markets I’ve ever seen. If you were looking for ways to rid yourself of your hard-earned cash, this was the place to do it!

Click on the photos in the gallery below to enlarge each image. Note that I plan to take photos of the vendor/club areas today and hopefully post them tomorrow:

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The Realistic DX-440 has landed

I arrived in Huntsville, Alabama, yesterday to set up our booth for ETOW at the 2019 Huntsville Hamfest. The set-up process was smooth and the support staff were incredibly helpful.

After preparing the table, I had a little time to kill so thought I’d search for some friends spotted earlier setting up in the flea market area. Note that I had told my wife earlier “I wouldn’t be bringing radios home on this trip.” Turns out I was destined to be a big fat liar. 🙂

On one of the flea market tables I found this Realistic DX-440 (photo above) a fellow had just set out. It was marked $25–one of the best prices for a ‘440 I’ve seen in a long time.

If you’re a regular SWLing Post reader, you might remember that the DX-440 was my first digital portable and one I used when I lived in France as a teenager. No doubt, it has some serious nostalgic value for me.

I checked this 440 out thoroughly: clean battery compartment, straight antenna, all buttons, pots, and sliders worked, and it sounded wonderful when tuned to FM (AM and SW weren’t easy to check in the Von Braun Center). The chassis needs a little clean up, but it’s in overall good condition and the seller was the only owner.

I suppose I took too long looking it over, so the seller volunteered, “If you give me $20, it’s yours.”


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Huntsville Hamfest this weekend!

For the first time ever, I’ll be attending the Huntsville Hamfest this weekend. Over the years, I’ve heard so many positive comments (from vendors and attendees) about this large regional hamfest.

The Von Braun Center (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The entire event is held in the Von Braun Center–thus this hamfest will be fully air conditioned. Not a bad thing for a hamfest held during an Alabama summer!

If you plan to attend the Huntsville Hamfest, pop by the Ears To Our World table and introduce yourself!  I’ll be there along with other volunteers all day Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, expect some hamfest photos to be published here on the SWLing Post. 

I’m really looking forward to this hamfest and hope to meet a few Post readers there!

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