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PCJ Radio: Special shortwave broadcast to honor Radio Netherlands Worldwide on June 29

(Source: PCJ Radio press release)

PCJ Radio will present a special two hour edition of Happy Station Show targeting North America and the Caribbean on June 29th, 2012 from 0200UTC to 0400UTC (Local time June 28th, 2012 10:00pm to 12:00am) on 9955khz. This special is to coincide with the departure of Radio Netherlands Worldwide from shortwave and will be a tribute to what was once one of the most respected international broadcasters. A special QSL Card will be issued to those in the Americas who tune in on 9955khz. If your outside this area you can listen to the live stream on June 29th 2012 from 0200UTC to 0400UTC VIA www.wrmi.net. I’m not going to tell you just yet what we have in store. The only thing I will say is you will need to tune in.

PCJ Radio International

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Changes at Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Though I’m at least happy that RNW is making it their core mission to keep broadcasting to parts of the world where free speech is suppressed, I do fear how far the cuts may go beyond their Dutch broadcasts to expatriates. With 70% cuts in funding, future changes are likely to go beyond Dutch services and hurt many who live in remote, impoverished parts of the world where they rely on shortwave.

Andy Sennitt wrote the following about the RNW changes:

(Source: RNW)

As the clocks in Europe go forward to summertime, Radio Netherlands Worldwide is entering a period of drastic change which will see the closure of many services and the relaunch of the organisation with a much smaller staff. RNW will in future be specialising in producing material for audiences in countries with limited press freedom.

RNW will no longer be broadcasting to Dutch expatriates. The Dutch radio service will hold a 24-hour marathon broadcast on 10/11 May to mark the end of its 65 years of service.

Other services will be affected too – plans are still to be finalised, but Radio Netherlands Worldwide will cease to operate in a number of languages and other services, including this website, will be adapted to meet the new focus of promoting free speech.

All these changes have been forced on RNW by the Dutch government’s decision to slash our budget by 70 percent with effect from 1 January 2013. The budget will come from the Foreign Ministry rather than the Ministry of Education and Culture as at present. The editorial independence of RNW will remain sacrosanct.

More information about the changes will be published as soon as these are official.

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RNW cuts are a go

Unfortunately, it appears the RNW budget cuts will take place–details will emerge in October.

From RNW:

The Dutch parliament has voted against two motions which might have blunted the effect of the budget cuts facing Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

One motion called for a separate debate devoted to the future of RNW. Previous debates tackled the cutbacks facing all public broadcasting. The other criticised the decision-making as hasty and called for a postponement.

Effectively, this vote means that the cabinet’s plans to move RNW from the education, media and culture ministry to the foreign ministry and cut the budget from 46.3 million euros to 14 million will definitely go ahead.

RNW’s management will now draw up a redundancy plan, which is expected to be completed in October.

Again, it’s still not too late to voice your opinion. As with the BBC WS cuts, perhaps there is still some hope.

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Thousands sign petition to save RNW

(Source: RNW Media Network)

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition to preserve RNW’s Dutch-language broadcasts. Iede de Vries, Chairman of the Action Committee, says that in addition there are about 7000 signatures from listeners who depend on programmes in one of the other nine languages. There are also separate petitions from former ambassadors, business and journalisitic organizations. Mr De Vries will lead a delegation from RNW who will hand the petitions to the Dutch parliament on Monday, prior to the debate about the substantial cuts in public broadcasting, including RNW.

Read full article at RNW Media Network. You can join the thousands who support RNW here.

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Prominent RNW listeners speak out

RNW headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands (photo coutesty: RNW)

In the aftermath of RNW’s budget being cut by 70%, prominent world citizens have been voicing support for RNW:

“I will raise my voice and will do my utmost to convince the Dutch government of the powerful effect of Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the value of its work which mustn’t be lost.” –Nobel Peace Laureate, Adolfo Perez Esquivel (Argentina)

Read the full article at RNW.

Would you like to add your voice? Go to this site and sign a petition in support of RNW.

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RNW will focus on free speech, eliminate most other broadcasting

RNW headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands (photo coutesty: RNW)

(Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

The Dutch cabinet has announced plans to cut back the activities of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. The Dutch world service will no longer provide information for Dutch people living abroad, or provide the rest of the world with a realistic image of the Netherlands.

Instead, Radio Netherlands Worldwide is to concern itself solely with providing information in countries where free speech is suppressed or threatened.

While I’m glad they’re keeping a focus on free speech, I’m certain these budget cuts will have a negative impact on the amazing content RNW produces each and every day.

Read full article here.

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