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Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel returning to air July 27, 2015

QSL received by Christoph Ratzer

QSLs received by Christoph Ratzer

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Cristoph Ratzer, who shares this exciting news via the DXLD; Manuel Méndez notes:

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA36, Rado Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza. After months of [silence], LRA 36 will return to the air the 27th of July.
This is the mail I received from the station with this news:

“Estimado Manuel buen día, en este momento estamos en un periodo de receso hasta el día 27 de julio que comenzaremos la transmisión normal como la veníamos llevando.
Atte: Sergio LUCERO „

Thanks for passing this along, Christoph! My goal this year is to verify Base Esperanza on 15,476 kHz!

RadioNacionalArcángelSanGabrielI’ve been fascinated with this station ever since listening to Christian’s recording last year.

Check out Christoph’s QSL cards from LRA 36:
Ratzer-Arcangel-QSL-2 Ratzer-Arcangel-QSL-3


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Christian’s reception of Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel


On Wednesday, I received the following tweet from SWLing Post reader, Christian Diemoz, in Italy:

You can listen to Christian’s recording via Box.com.

If you’re not familiar, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel is located on Esperanza Base in Antarctica. Here’s a bit more info from Wikipedia (and translated from Spanish into English via Google Translate):

LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel (also known as Radio San Gabriel or San Gabriel Archangel Radio) is a radio station broadcasting on 15476 kHz on shortwave and 97.6 MHz for FM,  from Esperanza Base, Antarctica Argentina. Radio National Archangel Gabriel is the southernmost international radio station and the first to broadcast from the Antarctic.

The radio station was founded on October 20 of 1979 and is operated by the staff of the Argentine Army located on the base.

In its beginnings, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel broadcast on 6030 kHz shortwave and operated with a power of 1 kilowatt .”

Since conditions have been favorable out of South America recently, I’ll attempt to hear Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel’s 10 Kw signal as well.  Thanks for the inspiration, Christian!

You can follow Christian on Twitter: @Chris_Diemoz

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