Dayton Hamvention flea market: a few photos

I had a little over one hour to check out the Dayton Hamvention flea market yesterday morning before manning our inside exhibitor’s table for Ears To Our World.

Here are a few radios that caught my attention:

Hallicrafters-SX-24I actually purchased the Hallicrafters SX-24 in this photo (above) for $60. I would have purchased the speaker as well but he wanted $200 (!!!) for it.

Hallicrafters-SX-42 Hallicrafters-SX28 Hammarlund-HQ145ABy the time I made it back to this Hammarlund HQ 145 A, someone else had already snagged it. It was a beauty!

Panasonic-RF-4800 Philips Racal-RA6790GMI probably saw eight of these RA6790/GM’s scattered throughout the flea market.

Signal-Corps-BC-1308 Zenith

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2 thoughts on “Dayton Hamvention flea market: a few photos

  1. Mark Coady

    I had a Racal RA6790 in the late 80s. The button on the extreme left second from the top is marked ISB (independent sideband). Back then the VOA used to send programs to foreign relay stations by shortwave and would have two separate programs on the same transmitter – one on the LSB and one on the USB, ISB let you monitor both. It was also used at the relay station to separate the two programs and put them on to their own frequencies.


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