Shortwave listeners hear the Voice of Greece once again


SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes with some good news from the Voice of Greece:

I’m listening to VOG at 9420kHz, At 11:27 local time 08:27UTC, 11/06/2015 the station identified itself as “Ezo Athina, I Foni Dis Elladas”: “This Is Athens, The Voice Of Greece”.

Immediately after receiving Moshe’s message, another Post contributor, Merkouris, provided the following details:

It would be of interest to the SWLing Post readers that, as of today June 11, the Greek public broadcaster ERT is back on the air with three TV channels and eight Radio programmes, including the “Voice of Greece”.

TV channels:
ERT3 (Thessaloniki)

Radio programmes:
Proto Programma (1st Programme),
Deftero Programma (2nd Programme),
Trito Programma (3rd Programme),
Kosmos (Musics of the world),
ERA Spor (Sports programme),
RS Makedonia (Thessaloniki),
Foni Tis Elladas (Voice of Greece)

The web site is also up with news and streams of all tv and radio channels.

Right now at 10:45 UTC the Voice of Greece is on the air on 9420 kHz.

Many thanks to both Moshe and Merkouris for this information!

A little background…

If you haven’t been following the story, in June 2013, Greek National TV & Radio (ERT) was shut down and so was the Voice of Greece (well…officially, at least).  Only a few hours after VOG went off the air that night, they came back on the air with live protest coverage.

In fact, since that night–exactly two years ago today–Greece has been broadcasting on shortwave intermittently as a relay of ERT Open and/or Elliniki Radiofonia.

I hope that now VOG is officially back on the air, their shortwave broadcasts will be daily once again.  Tonight, I will certainly be tuned to 9,420 kHz!

Update: the BBC News has recently posted this excellent article with photos and videos on their website.

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19 thoughts on “Shortwave listeners hear the Voice of Greece once again

  1. Tim Brockett

    Does anyone have an email address for the voice of Greece? They are coming in here, Willow Beach, Arizona in the USA. 9420 Khz at 04:00 UTC. Fair signal, lots of static and some fading.
    I would like to get a QSL.

  2. Noel Conway

    I agree. Can’t speak Greek but it’s a great station. Well done to them staying broadcasting after shutdown.

  3. Jas

    The Voice of Greece always comes in nice and clear here i turn it on about 730 in the morn in Prague CZ. I wish all the radio stations would come in like this one. It’s been nearly 20 years since my two semesters of Modern Spoken Greek hoping to improve on that glad to see you are still on shortwave, unlike many others that are not. Greetings from Prague. J

  4. Dave H

    It seems to be up and down like a yo-yo. I don’t listen to it every night, but the past week I’ve had no luck in hearing it on 9420kHz.

  5. Douglas Denny

    October 2017.
    I have been listening to what I suppose to be VOG on 9420kHz for many months. Great music: wide eclectic variety of styles and countries, from traditional to modern. Very strong signal here in South of England, often slight QSB but not too bad the strong signal swamps that.
    It appeared to have stopped broadcasting in August. I took a SW receiver to Alonissos on my holidays this September – nothing. The station seemed to disappear for a month and has now reappeared like a Phoenix from the ashes. Anyone any idea what is happening with this station? I know Greece has problems because of EU austerity measures, but I advise they keep this station going as it is excellent for international goodwill towards teh Greeks. I love their radio station and leave it on in the background quite often in the evening – even though I can’t speak Greek – the music is great !

  6. Antony Schofield

    Voice of Greece still on the air and going strong. Now if only other broadcasters would take their lead – when threatened with closure refuse to leave and broadcast anyway. Well done Greece, the home of democracy. Protest works!

  7. mike will

    i have started getting a good signal from the voice of greece this past week on my car radio (a bst-1) i do not know what the frequency is, as the radio has no display on it. but it is coming in strong between the hours of 9-11pm edst here in the great lakes region. good music to listen to 🙂

  8. george abraham

    I am an ardent listener of ur radio station. Due to some personal reason I stopped listening but wish to continue, Please tell me if u have programme in morning session. I love your radio stations and the news and views. Your station is providing so may world affairs news and I appreciate your staffs. I love your country and like to know more about your ancient civilization etc. My best wishes to you all. God bless u.

  9. Costa Constantinides.

    Hi hearing Voice of Greece frequency 9.935 kHz at 23.33 utc
    in Greek with program of Greek music and explanation of the songs by woman presenter . at 00.00 utc station identification local time 03.00 am… then annoucement what to expect Summer time at ept in greek. Then Greek music..sio 555 booming into Limassol Cyprus. Till after 00.05 utc….
    Using Tecsun Pl. 310 radio .I am back in Limassol after been in South Africa for the past Six months.Visiting family and friends.Now back sine the early part of June.
    Egypt Radio Cairo on 9.965 at 23.23 utc till 23.32 utc in English with om/ YL discussion recept ion difficult to monitor sio 222. 20 July..A nice catch gor mr as Its early here in Cyprus.
    Best 73.
    Costa Constantinides .
    Please note ….E mail is new as from this year.
    [email protected]
    21 JUly 2016.


    1. Aphrodite

      Could you please tell me what I need to do to get this? My dad is blind and home bound in the US’s east coast, and he is from Greece. This would be a real blessing for him. Can you recommend a radio for this, please? (I’m clueless.)

  10. ZB

    Doubtful always were the claims that shortwave was being cut due to less listeners, or claims of “outdated technology” due to the uptake of the internet after the year 2000. The same excuse has been used to cut back on local and national TV and radio services. See the latest example: from six days ago. These miserly fiscal types just do not want to spend money to broadcast to the public whether for good or ill just as they let public roads and bridges degrade to near collapse.

  11. Thomas Post author

    Thanks for the reports. I imagine VOG will overtake IRIB as the evening progresses.

    It’s great to hear VOG is officially back on the air!

  12. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi Thomas,
    Same here: IRIB comes is at S9+60 (according to my Tecsun S2000).
    But VOG can be heard “behind” it.
    Best Regards,

    1. Tomas

      Hi Moshe,

      Thanks, for me the conditions were not good so I couldn’t hear VOG at all, will try again this evening.

      BTW, can you hear ERT on mediumwave where you are?

      1. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

        Hi Thomas,
        Sorry, only now I saw your messages.
        What are the frequencies for ERT on medium wave?


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