Shortwave Radio Recording: “The Buzzer” on 6,998 kHz


Screen capture of the Web SDR waterfall tuned to 6,998 kHz.

On Friday, Andrea Borgnino, tweeted that he could once again hear “The Buzzer” on 6,998 kHz. Of course, during the day, I couldn’t hear  the signal from my home in North America.

I could, however, easily hear the signal via the University Twente Web SDR in the Netherlands.

Here’s my recording:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty sure this is simply a pirate having a little fun relaying UVB-76 audio on 6,998 kHz.

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4 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recording: “The Buzzer” on 6,998 kHz

  1. 13dka

    I noticed the buzz about the buzzer, also on the Twente WebSDR’s chat page. Quite imaginable that some funny person there was inventing a whole new way of “trolling” the buzzer afficionados. 🙂 Personally, I don’t think I understand the fascination with that station to its full extent either. But then again, most of the mysteries on shortwave have vanished and it’s one of the last things that can give newcomers to the hobby that kind of shiver that I had when discovering the “dark corners of shortwave” some decades ago, and I don’t think I cared much about the fact that I would never be able to decipher what I heard. In that light we should thank the Russians for never disclosing what the purpose of that station is.

  2. Bill

    If it ‘is’ a pirate he sure has been consistent. I’ve noticed it every time I’ve checked on Twente over the past couple of weeks.


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