A16 Update: Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave radio


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his updated  Music on Shortwave list for the A16 period.

If you love listening to music on the shortwaves, you’ll love Alan’s free guide.

Click here to download Music on Shortwave A-16 (PDF).

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7 thoughts on “A16 Update: Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave radio

  1. Ed McCorry

    Thanks so much for putting this handy and informative list together, and thanks Thomas for the posting.

  2. Alan Roe

    Rather belatedly, I’ve just come across some comments for the B-15 issue of Music on Shortwave elsewhere in SWLing Post with some good update suggestions. Of course, as is the way of things, I find this the day after I post the A-16 issue above. Anyway, I will update the A-16 issue in a couple of days to include Ray Robinson’s and London Shortwave’s suggestions. My apologies and thanks to both!


  3. Alan Roe

    Hi Ron and Luke
    I have my copy printed out on my desk for ready to reference also! Happy that you find them of use – and thanks to Thomas for posting it here!


  4. Jeffrey Burris

    Thank you for this, I meant to do a little online research (aside from scanning by hand which is admittedly fun on the Hallicrafters old 1-dial solution with a very novel, mechanical gear ratio on the main dial that works as well as the “upgraded” more popular model with a coarse dial plus separate dial for electronic fine-tune, and the precision mechanical version just feels really neat). This hit the spot, thanks!

  5. Ronelltom

    Hi Alan,
    Thank you again for your ‘music’ list. Hope you don’t mind, but I always print these pages out to have near my radios as I listen.
    Best Regards.
    Ron Ellwood-Thomposonj


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