Oxford Shortwave Log: transatlantic MW DX catches with 200 metre Beverage – part 2


Hi there, here is the second set of reception videos for my transatlantic MW DX catches using the 200 metre Beverage antenna. Most of the signals originate from the United States and Canada, however, there is also a catch from Mexico – XERF La Ponderosa – which is a personal first and another from Bogotá, Colombia – Verdad Radio. I hope you enjoy them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further details regarding the Beverage design and/or construction. in the meantime, thank you for watching/listening and I wish you all great DX!

Clint Gouveia is the author of this post and a regular contributor to the SWLing Post. Clint actively publishes videos of his shortwave radio excursions on his YouTube channel: Oxford Shortwave Log. Clint is based in Oxfordshire, England.

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7 thoughts on “Oxford Shortwave Log: transatlantic MW DX catches with 200 metre Beverage – part 2

  1. Luke Perry

    I love hearing these. Can you give a picture of the antenna and your listening post? Unless you don’t want to blow your cover!

  2. Mark

    A tremendous achievement. I’m interested to know if the radio is able to get these catches on its own, or whether it also needed a PC and its SDR software in combination to pull in those signals.

    1. Clint Gouveia Post author

      Hi there, the sensitivity of the Elad is identical when used as a stand-alone receiver, however, the innumerable audio bandwidth options and signal conditioning available via the FDM-SW2 software makes it a more complete receiver when used with a PC.


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