Jason gives a favorable review of the Sangean DT-120

Sangean DT-120

In reply to Olivier’s post about the Sony SRF-M95, SWling Post contributor, Jason, notes:

Another amazing AM ultra light performer, the Sangean DT-120 or DT-180

I have the DT-120 in my pocket and it has got many hours of use. Travelling in outback Australia in April/May I was very impressed with it’s performance on AM.

Camped at the Devils Marbels 412km north of Alice Springs, I could receive it’s 783 kHz AM signal OK, weak obviously but definitely listenable. Of course the signal from Radio National at Tennant Creek on 684 AM was stronger, since it’s only 100km to the north of Devils Marbles.

Very happy with the little Sangean. It’s by far and away the pocket radio with the best DX reception I’ve ever owned, but the Tecsun R-209 and the Sangean SR-35 are probably the two best AM DX pocket radios with a speaker.

One day I will pick up a Sangean DT-250, but it’s probably not much better than the Sangean DT-210 I already have, which is another good choice with a speaker.

Thanks for sharing your comments, Jason! And, wow, I’d love to make that camping pilgrimage to the Devil’s Marbles–sounds remote and fantastic!

If you like ultralight radios like the Sangean DT-120, check out our endurance test of the Sangean DT-160CL and Sony SRF-39FP.


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6 thoughts on “Jason gives a favorable review of the Sangean DT-120

  1. Mike S

    Careful with taking this radio in/out of pockets.

    A number of Amazon reviewers have noted that the memory select buttons on the top row are poorly anchored and tend to fall out.

      1. Joe

        The buttons on my v2 (two-battery) DT-120 seem pretty solid too. I wonder if it was the earlier version on which the fragile buttons were a problem?

        1. Mike S

          It’s possible since there is no distinction in these listings between V1 and V2 of these models. However, two consecutive reviewers posted this same complaint within the last month, and in once case it is clear that the radio had just passed the 90-day warranty so it is likely to be V2. One was black, one was white; so this represents both the DT-120 and DT-180 which are otherwise the same/

  2. rtc

    If you read the DT-120/180 reviews it appears there were two versions…the first model
    ran on one battery while the current (Silicon Labs IC) model uses two.

    One of the very last Radio Shack sets used the same Silicon Labs IC as the 120/180 does


    But this was the no-frills version…no memory backup,hard to read or see display,tiny AM
    ferrite bar antenna etc.

  3. rtc

    And the DT-120/180 does not have soft muting on AM like the DT-160.
    Like most digital readout sets they do very well on rechargeables.


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