Lennart’s WWVH 5 MHz QSL and a quick NIST update

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Lennart Weirell, who writes:

I saw the recent posting of a QSL card from WWV. Here is my QSL card from WWVH,
Hawaii 5 MHz from 2006 [above].

Thanks for sharing this excellent QSL, Lennart!

Update on shutdown of WWV, WWVH and WWVB

At WWVH Hawaii from left to right: Dean Takamatsu, Dean Okayama, Director Copan, Adela Mae Ochinang and Chris Fujita.
Credit: D. Okayama/NIST

Post Readers: please keep in mind that the NIST 2019 Presidential Budget request includes a desired reduction of, “$6.3 million supporting fundamental measurement dissemination, including the shutdown of NIST radio stations in Colorado and Hawaii.“

This would equate to the closure of WWV, WWVH and WWVB. 

Unless enough people protest this budget proposal, these sites will be closed.

If you value these services, I would encourage you to contact your local representatives, and sign this White House petition.

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6 thoughts on “Lennart’s WWVH 5 MHz QSL and a quick NIST update

  1. Doug Morack

    Forgive my ignorance, but don’t the consumer “atomic clocks/watches” use the WWV signal to set the time?

      1. Doug Morack

        You’d think certain companies would be against the closure as well. Casio, among others, has quite a view watches that set the time using WWVB. It’s one of my favorite features of my Casio Pathfinder.

  2. Michael

    I believe that Government considers time stations obsolete and thus a waste of money. With all the smart phone technology, the time is available instantly. As an old time SWL from the 1970s, I do not want these stations shut down but really what argument do we have in support of them?

    Michael N6HBJ


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