The Sony ICF-7600A at my “happy place”

Yesterday afternoon, the family and I spent some time at my happy place: Mount Mitchell State Park. This might be our last visit there until spring of 2020 since the Blue Ridge Parkway is often closed during the winter.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm at 48F (9C)–a shot of warm weather before an Arctic front moves in tonight dropping temps to about 10F (-12C) and, likely, dropping 1-3″ of snow as well.

The afternoon at Mount Mitchell gave me a little time to play radio, of course, and put my recently acquired Sony ICF-7600A on the air.

How did I acquire the Sony ICF-7600A? Via the generosity of SWLing Post reader, Ed Earps.

Ed reached out to me after I made the following comment in a recent post:

“The ICF-7600A is a cool analog portable and one I’ve thought about acquiring at some point.”

Ed contacted me immediately:

“Thomas, if you would still like to acquire a ICF-7600A, I have one I would give you. This would be in appreciation of all the work you do in writing the SWLing Post blog.”

A few days later, the ICF-7600A with original box and accessories arrived. Wow!

Thank you so much, Ed! Over the years, members of the SWLing Post community have been so kind and so generous, it makes a guy feel humbled and appreciated. Thank you!

The ICF-7600A fits perfectly in my Red Oxx Hound pack.

I’m loving the ICF-7600A.

There’s something so authentic about tuning a good analog portable. It’s hard for me to describe, but I can certainly say it always takes me back to my radio roots.

The ICF-7600A has a low noise floor and seems to be incredibly sensitive. I easily snagged several stations on 31 meters, but ended up enjoying music via All India Radio while brewing a little coffee with my alcohol stove (handmade by my buddy, Greg–thanks, Greg!).

Hey, when you’re a coffee snob, you brew where you are!

But I digress…

I’m especially impressed with the ICF-7600A’s mediumwave performance. I logged a number of benchmark daytime and greyline stations yesterday. I haven’t opened the ‘7600A, but I imagine it has a decent ferrite bar inside based on its overall performance on the AM broadcast band and its nulling capabilities.

Next time, I’ll bring the AN200 mag loop and couple it with the ‘7600A. I’m pretty sure that’ll make for a winning combo.

All-in-all, I couldn’t have asked for a better day: the weather was wonderful, the coffee freshly-brewed, and the gifted ICF-7600A was the perfect radio companion as our family soaked in the scenery after a hike to the summit.

I couldn’t ask for a better happy place!

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11 thoughts on “The Sony ICF-7600A at my “happy place”

  1. Steve

    I was lucky enough to acquire this radio from a Japanese friend. It was still brand new, in the box and with all accompanying documentation and protective cloth sleeve! The performance is outstanding and sound quality simply amazing.

  2. Ramon Alberto Espinel

    Thomas, I live in Bucaramanga Colombia and today I am unpacking an almost brand new ICF 7600A!!!! I got from a friend in Medellin. It is amazing, this is a little marvel in the world of analog radios. The first one I bought was precisely at Medellin some 45 years ago!… And have been in love with this reference since, but had some bad luck loosing 4 devices…. Until now that I could buy this one… I know what you are feeling in the cool mountains with a fresh brewed coffee and the Sony at hand… I am feeling the same here in a warm tropical afternoon. It is a pity I could not post a picture.. Anyway Merry Christmas to all my dx friends around the globe.

    1. sadikul

      Hi Ramon Alberto Espinel,

      Can you please tell where I will get new 7600A? Do you know any online store/shop??
      I want to buy this one, my grandfather was this one, but its not working from last few year.
      I want to buy it.

      Please help.

  3. Mario

    Thomas, that’s a perfect way to relax and get away from it all. Portable radios and the great outdoors have always been good bedfellows.

    And a hearty hello to you Robert!

  4. Scott Gamble

    Growing up not far from there in Tennessee, I love Mount Mitchell SP as well, and have played radio there before. Based on the weather today it looks like you may very well have hit the last day before real winter set in.

    Oh I see that you are a Snow Peak fan as well. They put out some amazing kit and I’d love to be able to afford one of everything they have. 🙂

    1. Thomas Post author

      Yes, I love Snow Peak gear! This Ti mug goes with me everywhere–it’s incredibly lightweight and incredibly durable. Could one ask for more? 🙂 When combined with the alcohol stove, it heats up water quickly, too. I would like more of their cook wear.

  5. Robert Gulley

    The radio and the coffee and the location make me jealous – I’ve got that radio, I roast my own coffee, but can’t get to that location. Well, two out of three ain’t bad!
    Cheers, and congrats on a great listening experience!


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