Fenu’s assessment of the Belka-DX

I recently noticed that Fenu (at Fenu-Radio.ch) has added a review of the Belka-DX on his excellent website.

He agrees that the Belka-DX is a brilliant little portable that delivers a lot of performance and features for the modest price.

As with my Belka-DX, Fenu’s unit includes the built-in speaker option.

In a video he posted on YouTube, Fenu demonstrates reception, speaker quality (including a small issue with button vibration at high volume), and how you can connect IQ out to an SDR application like SDR#:

Click here to check out Fenu’s full review.

More on the Belka-DX and Belka-DSP:

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4 thoughts on “Fenu’s assessment of the Belka-DX

  1. Doug Mein VA3DM

    The Belka DX is an impressive little radio but my (daily use) 38 -year- old Sony ICF-2003 portable radio still shines brightly doing all the same things!

  2. Michael walsh

    Been into radio for 40 yrs I have at the moment Icom pro radio and lots of other good radios.
    This radio belka dx is the most amazing radio i have it is stunning . Sit outside in the countyside and think you are on a home station with big antenna ,the 80cm makes me think “how” even with only 6 inches of it pulled out I am getting vks and states . I want another.

  3. Joan d’Andrea

    Very interesting and informative. I have been looking for a new shortwave for over a month snd thought I had settled on the Tecsun 680 into I read this excellent review. I bought a Sony 2020 in the 90s and it has served me well, but lately it feels super heavy to pack around. I live on the West Coast, Seattle, very near the heart of the city so I’m looking to buy both a radio and an antenna. I have been looking at loops recently and have gotten a lot of good ideas from selling. I am curious as you tested the Bella against the Tecsun repeatedly. I can only afford one radio right now. Reception here is often poor to non existent. What radio do you think would serve me well? Best? Thanks, Joan. BTW, right now I run a random out the window to the Scotch Pine on the parking strip. ?

    1. Robert Richmond

      The Bellka DX is an impressive dedicated HF receiver for the size and cost IMO, just be sure to note you will not be getting most of the mediumwave AM broadcast band or any of the FM broadcast band with the Belka DX, assuming those bands are of interest to you.


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