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Polish Radio launches programme to help Ukrainian refugees

(Source: Radio Poland)

Polish Radio launches another programme for Ukrainians (Radio Poland)

Public broadcaster Polish Radio is on Thursday launching a new weekly programme for Ukrainians escaping the Russian invasion and their compatriots residing permanently in Poland.

The hour-long broadcast will be delivered in Ukrainian, airing every Thursday at 7 p.m. on Polish Radio’s mobile app, web player and DAB+ platform, the public broadcaster’s IAR news agency reported.

Listeners will hear advice on where to find help, how to apply for assistance available to refugees, and how to obtain information about their loved ones, according to IAR.

Also, the programme will feature news on how the Polish government, local authorities and charities are working to support refugees from Ukraine, and on Poland’s efforts to facilitate Ukraine’s entry into the European Union and the NATO alliance, IAR reported.

The weekly broadcast is prepared and hosted by journalists from Polish Radio’s External Service, also known as Radio Poland.

‘Countering Putin’s false narrative’

“The priority is to counter the Putin regime’s false narrative,” said Radio Poland’s Director Andrzej Ryba?t.

He added: “We’ll be reporting at length on Polish-Ukrainian relations, as well as the policies of the European Union and NATO. In addition, Ukrainians who had been forced to flee their country will hear about what is happening in the places they had had to abandon as a result of the Russian aggression.”

As the programme develops, it is also set to feature Polish-language courses for Ukrainians seeking shelter in Poland, and items on Ukrainian music and culture, IAR reported.

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Polish Radio has been airing news bulletins in Ukrainian on several of its channels, as well as launching a 24-hour live audio and video stream about the war on Youtube.

It is also broadcasting the signal of Ukrainian Radio on its web player and DAB+ platform so that the people escaping the Russian attack can listen to programming in their native tongue, executives said.

Poland on Thursday reported it had admitted nearly 2 million refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Source: IAR

Click here to read the full article at Radio Poland.

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Polish Radio External Service drops German language programs

PolishRadioMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Dominik, who writes:

I think you may be interested in the recent changes in Polish Radio External Service. A recent article from wirtualnemedia.pl states that German-language programmes are going to be terminated. Here is a link to the original article and below you can find my (rough) translation:

From 1st July Polish Radio External Service’s programmes will be changed. The station wants to expand English and Russian sections, but the German section will be liquidated. English-language thematic programs will appear.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants changes in organizational structure of PRES, which receives a yearly grant. This year PRES will receive 9,3 million z? – it means a drop of about 1 million z?.

According to the Ministry’s expectations, Hebrew broadcasts were stopped in April, however the Hebrew section will officially cease to exist now. The station will be developing its English and Russian sections. Programmes in Belarusian and Ukrainian languages will still be transmitted. The Polish section will be also changed. Starting from July, it won’t produce its own materials – it will only broadcast materials from other stations of Polish Radio.

Polish Radio wants to continue analogue broadcasting of a channel, which plays an important role in Eastern European countries. The internet presence of the channel is also going to be expanded. – Apart from the English-language site thenews.pl, a site dedicated to Eastern European countries – novosti.pl – will be created. – says Rados?aw Kazimierski, spokesman of Polish Radio.

The broadcaster wants to prepare thematic programs for listeners in Ireland, UK and USA. Programmes for listeners in India and China (in Radiovision system) are also planned. – The changes will be systematically introduced during the upcoming months. – says Kazimierski.

Few workers will lose their jobs after those changes.

Dominik then comments:

The article states that PR wants to keep the analogue broadcasting, but it doesn’t specify what kind of broadcasting will continue.

After the recent closure of three remaining shortwave transmissions, following relays are still on air:

  • Polish section: 1386 kHz via Lithuania 19:00-20:00 UTC
  • Belarusian section: 1386 kHz via Lithuania 20:00-21:00 UTC
  • German section via Radio 700: 14:30-15:00 on 7310 and 6005 kHz, 18:00-18:30 on 3985 kHz.

There are also some local relays on FM and DAB, but the recent events in Crimea showed that they aren’t as reliable as AM. Ukrainian section of PRES was relayed in Crimea via transmitters of Radio ERA. Two (of total 4) were switched off by separatists.

Many thanks for this update and your comments, Dominik.  I will be very interested to see how PR decides to deliver their programming in the UK, Ireland and the US. I would have to assume only by the Internet as I don’t believe they would invest in local AM (MW) relays like Russia Today and China Radio International.

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Polish Radio External Service abandons shortwave

PolishRadioMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Dominik, who writes:

Polish Radio has recently announced closure of their remaining shortwave services. Currently they are on air two times a day with programmes in Polish, Belarussian and Russian. They are going to abandon those transmissions at the beginning of B13 season.
http://external.polskieradio.pl/8/86/Artykul/150501,Nasze-audycje-27-pazdziernika-znikna-z-fal-krotkich says:

“Mamy dla Pa?stwa komunikat – od 27 pa?dziernika 2013 roku nasze audycje przestan? by? nadawane na falach krótkich.”

We have an announcement for you – from 27th October 2013 we will no longer broadcast our programs on shortwave.

There is a similar announcement on the Belarussian service’s webpage.

Lithuanian mediumwave relay of Polish Radio isn’t mentioned anywhere, so it may remain on air.

Polish Radio is now heavily promoting its DAB+ transmissions, so they are even advising listeners of their external service to listen on digital radios. Funny thing is that digital signal is currently available only in two cities in Poland, not to mention horribly poor audio quality on the external programme (72kbps AAC+).

This reminds me that it was only in March 2012 when the Polish Radio External Service stopped their English language broadcasts over shortwave.

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English Section of Polish Radio External Service is changing broadcast times and leaving shortwave

Sad news for those who listen to Polish Radio External’s English service on shortwave, but good to know that they will still have an online presence.

(Source: Polish Radio External Service)

From Sunday 25 March, the English Section of Polish Radio External Service is changing its broadcast times and the nature of its transmissions.

As of Sunday, the English Section will NOT be available on Short Wave, ending almost 80 years of broadcasts on this spectrum. Many thanks to all our listeners who tuned in via these means over the years.

However, the English Section is continuing ALL its transmissions via satellite and online, with podcasts also available via our RSS feed and through the iTunes platform. Additionally, the English Section of Polish Radio External Service is available in London on DAB Spectrum 1 daily at 1900 local time.

Major changes are our LIVE transmission at the time of 1400 CEST (1200 UTC), with our main broadcast moving to 2000 CEST (1800 UTC).

Our flagship production, News from Poland, will move to the time of 1400 CEST, with a second edition at 2000 CEST. All magazine premieres will also air at 2000 CEST.
Our new transmission schedule is detailed [by scrolling to the bottom of this page]. A detailed schedule of our 1400 and 2000 transmissions will be made available over the weekend.
For more information about how to tune in to the English Section, please see our How to Listen page.

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