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New Crosley Exhibit at VOA Museum

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave, who shares this article by John Kieswetter at WVXU:

Maybe you have one of those refrigerators with a TV screen built into the door… Or you like reading news stories from TV/radio stations on your tablet or phone…

Well, WLW-AM founder and Cincinnati industrialist Powel Crosley Jr. was way ahead of you. W-A-Y ahead of you.

Just look around at the new Powel Crosley Jr. exhibit some weekend at the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting on Tylersville Road in West Chester Township. (For the first time, the museum is open 1-4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, instead of just once a month.)

In the late 1930s – 80 years ago, before the advent of television – Crosley manufactured Shelvador refrigerators with an AM radio in the door. His Shelvador was unique too – he bought the patent to have the only refrigerator with shelves on the door for years. The VOA has a Model No. 1 Shelvador which needs to be restored before put in the display.

In 1939, Crosley marketed the “Reado,” essentially a home facsimile machine that printed out news, weather and sports on a scroll about the width of toilet paper.[…]

Continue reading the full article at WVXU.

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VOA museum marks 75th anniversary with gala

(Source: Journal News via Howard Bailen)

WEST CHESTER TWP. The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting will host “Celebrate the Voice of America under the Stars,” a romantic, Big Band dinner-and-dance party on Sept. 23 from 6 to 11 p.m. at the VOA museum.

The event will mark the 75th anniversary of the Voice of America and commemorate the Sept. 23, 1944 dedication of the VOA-Bethany Station.

Carmon DeLeone and his New Studio Big Band will provide entertainment and record a program for later broadcast on public radio station WVXU.

[…]For 50 years, the VOA-Bethany Station transmitted Voice of America broadcasts to countries worldwide that lacked a free press, first in Europe during World War II and to South America during the Cold War. It was decommissioned by the federal government in 1994.

The iconic art deco building has been developed into the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting with the help of the entire community, mostly with volunteer labor. Contributions and grants have been secured from local, regional and national companies and foundations.[…]

Read the full article at the Journal News online.

Click here to view our photos from the VOA Bethany Museum.

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Photos from the VOA Bethany Museum

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (1)

Immediately after packing up our table at the Dayton Hamvention, my buddies Eric (WD8RIF), Miles (KD8KNC), and I made the 30 minute journey to Bethany, Ohio, to visit the VOA Bethany museum.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (2)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (35)

Main entrance and front lobby (above).VOA-Bethany- - 1 (34) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (3)

Entering the transmitter control room.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (13) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (14) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (15) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (16) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (17) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (18)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (28)Eric pointed out an article on the future of shortwave radio I published last year that the museum has posted in the hallway next to the control room (above).  What an honor!

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (19)

The antenna switching array behind the main building (following four photos).

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (12)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (10)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (4)VOA-Bethany- - 1 (6)VOA-Bethany- - 1 (9) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (8)VOA-Bethany- - 1 (11)

WLW (700 kHz) 800′ tower in the distance (above).

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (7)

The satellite dish (above) was once used for VOA’s downlink/feed–now the West Chester Amateur Radio Association (WC8VOA) uses the dish for EME (Earth Moon Earth) contacts.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (32)Back inside, WC8VOA has four full amateur radio operating locations stocked with Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood gear. The club president told us that an antique amateur radio station will soon be added.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (33)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (20)

Our docent took us on a tour of two vaults filled with vintage radio equipment and then a museum devoted to the legacy of WLW. The item in the photo above is a corona ball from one of the original towers–notice the holes from lightning strikes.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (21) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (22) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (23)

Example of an early radio kit (above).

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (24)

A rare Third Reich radio (above).

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (25) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (26)

When Ohio-based R.L. Drake Company stopped manufacturing amateur radio equipment, samples of their full product line were donated to the museum.

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (27)

VOA-Bethany- - 1 (29) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (30) VOA-Bethany- - 1 (31)

The Museum is planning substantial renovations to restore the VOA Bethany Station and become a first class institution. During the restoration, the Museum is only open one day per month to the public: The third Saturday of each month from 1:00 PM – 4:00.

Click here to view the museum’s new website.

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