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A look inside the RadioShack Model 2000669 shortwave radio

After submitting his mini review of the RS Model 2000669, SWLing Post reader, Mike, writes: Attached [above] is an annotated photo of the RS radio’s PC board. As you’ll see, there is a mystery “blob” chip, which probably handles the … Continue reading

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Shoot-out results: Top ultra-portable shortwave

Thanks to all who participated in our ultra-portable shoot-out! A little over a week ago, I posted recordings of shortwave broadcasts, weak and strong, in an attempt to evaluate which recording–thus which radio–our listeners prefer. I conducted this test on … Continue reading

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A digital announcement from STF Radio International

STF Radio International just shared the following digital announcement. Yes, you’ll need to decode this message from SoundCloud with an application like FLDigi: STF also mentioned that a text version of this announcement with follow in the next few days (but … Continue reading

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Video: Dave’s “Sproutie” home-brew regenerative receiver in action!

My good buddy, Dave Richards (AA7EE), has just posted videos of his home-brew regenerative receiver–nicknamed “The Sproutie.” [You may recall an earlier post about this very receiver.] Below, you’ll find a video where Dave tunes in broadcasters with The Sproutie–she certainly … Continue reading

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Daniel’s Deutsche Welle QSL card

SWLing Post reader, Daniel, writes: “Hello Thomas: Attached is the latest QSL I received from Deutsche Welle – it is from their Kigali transmitter site. Sent report via internet and received QSL in a few weeks:” Thanks for sharing this, Daniel. … Continue reading

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Mike’s mini review of the RadioShack Model 2000669 shortwave radio

Regarding the performance of the RadioShack Model 2000669 portable radio, SWLing Post reader, Mike, comments: I picked one up today, and overall, I’m impressed. It does have complete coverage from 2.5 to 26.1 MHz as advertised, and overall, it has very … Continue reading

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New RadioShack portable AM/FM/SW radio?

SWLing Post reader, Paul, points out this RadioShack model 2000669 portable radio and asks, “Is this a new RadioShack shortwave radio?” Very good question! Though I haven’t been inside a RadioShack in a couple of months, I’ve never noticed this … Continue reading

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