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VOA Radiogram 128 on a cheap Tesco shortwave radio

SWLing Post reader, Christopher, lives on the north coast of Labrador, Canada. He recently contacted me regarding the purchase of a new receiver–he’s currently stuck with a very inexpensive analog portable he purchased at the UK grocery store, Tesco: the Tesco … Continue reading

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Hackaday recounts an “An Unlikely Radio Story”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Michael Letterle, who shares this story from the excellent website Hackaday. The following is an excerpt from Swans, Pigs, and the CIA: An Ulikey Radio Story: Shortwave radio is boring, right? Maybe not. You never … Continue reading

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Brittle ribbon cables: James cautions Sony ICF-2001D and ICF-2010 owners

Regarding the Sony ICF-2001D (or ICF-2010 in North America), SWLing Post contributor James Patterson writes: I have a comment on the Sony ICF-2010. In New Zealand it is called the ICF-2001D, as labeled on it. I bought the ICF 2001D … Continue reading

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The best shortwave radio for cross-continent cycling?

SWLing Post reader, Pat, is an avid cyclist and is seeking a radio for his next cross-continent adventure. There are a limited number of products on the market that meet Pat’s requirements, so I thought posting his inquiry might bring a … Continue reading

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Dave’s Sproutie SPT Beacon

Dave Richards (AA7EE), has just published a brilliant post about his new beacon: the Sproutie SPT Beacon. Click here to read Dave’s post with detailed instructions for building your own low power, legal beacon! Dave’s beacon is located on 13,558 kHz–he would … Continue reading

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James’ restored Sony ICF-5800H

SWLing Post contributor, James Patterson, has recently restored a Sony ICF-5800H. James sent me a few photos and I decided to post them here. I absolutely love the design of Japanese analog radios from this era. They have signal meters, large backlit … Continue reading

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CountyComm promotion includes free custom padded case with GP5/SSB

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who writes: Buy a GP5 from CountyComm this week and get the 17 buck custom carry case for free. Thanks, for sharing this, Ron. I actually have this GP5 case–it houses the GP5/SSB … Continue reading

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