How Tudor enjoys Radio Australia


In response to my recent Radio Australia post, SWLing Post reader, Tudor Vedeanu comments:

“I’ve also enjoyed listening to music on Radio Australia lately. “Saturday Night Country” is currently my favorite show on SW. Here is a recording I made during the weekend:

“And indeed Triple J is very good too. I discovered some nice music from talented people I’ve never heard about in my part of the world.”

Tudor, it appears you (and your pup!) live in a very beautiful part of the world. The Romanian countryside certainly makes for a scenic radio listening backdrop. I, too, am a big fan of Saturday Night Country–great stuff!

Many thanks for sharing!

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2 thoughts on “How Tudor enjoys Radio Australia

  1. Prakash

    Date of reception: 21-NOV-2014
    Time of reception: 1245 UTC
    Frequency of reception: 9580,12065(both were same)
    Reception Conditions: Within my apartment here in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. I was getting a little wavy disturbances at times but it was still reasonably listenable. .
    Receiving Equipment: RADIO SHACK 20-629 PLL Shortwave Receiver


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