Reminder: Help record the 2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast today!

800px-Antarctica.svgAs a reminder: I’m calling on all SWLing Post readers and shortwave radio listeners to make a short recording (say, 30-60 seconds) of the BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast and share it here at the Post (frequencies and time below).

The recording can be audio-only, or even a video taken from any recording device or smart phone. It would be helpful to have a description and/or photo of your listening environment and location, if possible.

If you submit your recording to me, I will post it here on the SWLing Post–and insure that the BBC World Service receives the post, too.  The recordings will be arranged by geographic location.

Halley VI: The British Antarctic Survey's new base (Source: BBC)

Halley VI: The British Antarctic Survey’s new base (Source: British Antarctic Survey)

The broadcast will take place today at 21:30 UTC on the following frequencies:

  • 5,905 kHz, Dhabayya, 203 degrees
  • 5,985 kHz, Woofferton, 184 degrees
  • 9,590 kHz, Woofferton, 182 degrees

I will (hopefully) be in the SWLing Post chat room during the broadcast.  Please sign in and share your report!

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14 thoughts on “Reminder: Help record the 2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast today!

  1. Gunther Rose

    here is my recording of the last 1,5 minutes of the Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2015 on 5985 kHz.
    My receiving-setup:
    Tecsun PL880 with telescope antenna (indoor near a window on the 4th floor),
    line out to Macbook (audacity-software)
    My location:
    58300 Wetter (neart Dortmund), Germany
    Unfortunately I got lots of RFI from my neighbour’s powerline adapter so the signal from Wooferton was strong but not noisefree.
    Best wishes

  2. Robert AK3Q

    Hi Tom
    Wish I could say I heard them but I did not. I live in N. KY and did not hear any usable signal on the three frequencies using two radios and two different antennas. Barely heard something on 5,905 but not able to bring it through the noise level of S3-S4 ambient noise.

  3. Rob Wagner VK3BVW

    All three freqs noted here at Mount Evelyn, southeastern Australia:
    5905.1 – Off freq and with a slight hum but a good signal.
    5985 – Best of the three freqs, strong and clear.
    9590 – Good signal but with moderate QRM from PBS Xizang co-channel. Pity! I suspect that freq would not have been as good down south either.

    Overall, a reasonable success this year. Cheers, Rob VK3BVW


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