Medium wave DX logs: WMEX, CFRB, CJBC, WNYC, WARV, WRCA, WWRU received in Oxford, UK

Hi there, here is a selection of North American medium wave stations logged in Oxford UK, over the past couple of weeks using the Elad FDM DUO and Wellbrook ALA1530 active loop antenna (indoors).  A quick list of stations logged follows below – with URL links which will take you directly to the respective reception video on the Oxford Shortwave Log YouTube channel. Embedded reception videos follow further below.  A subsequent posting will follow detailing some South American stations logged recently on medium wave, using the same Elad/Wellbrook set-up. Thanks for watching/ listening and I wish you all great DX.


Medium wave DX: WMEX Boston Talk Radio 1510 KHz, wonderful signal


Medium wave DX: CFRB Newstalk 1010 Toronto 1010 kHz, with clear ID


Medium wave DX: CJBC Toronto 860 kHz, French language network of CBC


1000th video! Medium wave DX: WNYC 820 kHz, New York Public Radio (presumed)


Medium wave DX: WARV 1590 kHz, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA


Medium wave DX: WRCA 1330 kHz, Waltham Massachusetts, clear ID


Medium wave DX: WWRU Jersey City 1660 kHz, New Jersey, clear ID

Clint Gouveia is the author of this post and a regular contributor to the SWLing Post. Clint actively publishes videos of his shortwave radio excursions on his YouTube channel: Oxford Shortwave Log. Clint is based in Oxfordshire, England.

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4 thoughts on “Medium wave DX logs: WMEX, CFRB, CJBC, WNYC, WARV, WRCA, WWRU received in Oxford, UK

  1. Clint Gouveia Post author

    The AR7030 is one of the best perfroming receivers, once you get around the menu system lol. You had some very nice catches from back in the day, but with SDR there’s a lot more functionality such as wideband recording and a myriad of signal conditioning options. Good luck!

  2. Cap

    Just looked back at my recordings from a few years ago when I was really into MW DX and have the following: CFRB, VOCM 590kHz, WBZZ 1030kHz, WWZN 1510kHz, WBBR 1130kHz, WEGP 1390kHz, WFAN 660kHz, WTAM, 1100kHz, CBC R1 1400kHz (also 6160kHz relay). My best recording by a mile was CFRB.
    Most caught with a AR7030, really have to get back into MW DX now I have an SDR. I made an old skool MW loop years back and is still in the shed but will need a bit of restoration to get back to full working order, it worked really well.

  3. Mario

    Great catches, Clint. Here WNYC from New York City is easily received, but you got it from your shack over the pond with an indoor antenna no less, that is absolutely fantastic. As an aside, that is one beautiful receiver too. Thanks for the post.

    1. Clint Gouveia Post author

      Hi Mario, thank you very much! I’m travelling to Brazil in a month or so with my work, so I will be taking a portable with me and hope to have some very interesting DX sessions from Para and Bahia. Hopefully I will be able to post some reception videos on my return. Thanks again.


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