Grace Digital Internet Radios made between 2007 and 2017 “will stop working”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Zack S, who writes in response to our note yesterday about the demise of the Reciva Internet radio station aggregator:

I wrote to Grace Digital today, 11/2/2020 asking about the Reciva shutdown and here is their reply;

“Your presets will work until the URLS for the streams become outdated. Not all radios will be turned off at the same time. The Mondo will be in the last group to be terminated. The software is Reciva dependent, you can get all the details we have here:

Grace Digital Internet Radios manufactured between 2007 and 2017 will stop working

The internet radio station finding service used by our legacy internet radios is being discontinued by the 3rd party service provider. This will affect Grace Digital internet radios manufactured between the years of 2007 and 2017 including the original Mondo.

(Please note; the Mondo Plus, Mondo Classic, and Mondo Elite are not affected).

The managed shut down will begin on November 4th, 2020 and will be completed by May 21st, 2021. Anticipating the eventual shut down, Grace Digital has already developed a faster and more feature rich internet radio platform. Radios developed after 2017 are on the new platform and will not be affected. The models that are not affected start with model number ‘GDI-WH’ otherwise known as:

    • Mondo plus / Mondo plus classic /Mondo elite / Mondo elite Classic
    • Encore plus
    • Grace Link / Grace Link Amp

The new Grace Digital platform features quad core microprocessors, over double the available radio stations, NPR, FOX news, BBC, CBS radio, Chromecast audio built in, and music services such as Amazon Music, SiriusXM and Bluetooth streaming. These new internet radios do not use a 3rd party server network to operate).

If you have a legacy internet radio, to help with the transition, Grace Digital will offer special one time discounts to effected customers. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please press the following button and provide key information to our customer service team.

Click here to request discount.

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74 thoughts on “Grace Digital Internet Radios made between 2007 and 2017 “will stop working”

  1. Jersey Boy

    There are a number of apps that will find, store and play internet radio stations. The one I use doesn’t seem to be on the App Store any more, but there are others. I use it via Bluetooth when in the car on long trips. One of these apps and a pair of Bluetooth speakers solves the problem.

  2. Etaoin Shrdlu

    I echo those who are disgusted by how Grace is handling this. I’m exploring the discount, but besides the fact that I suspect it won’t be enough (and the price of the Upgrade will be ridiculous), there’s also the obvious concern that this sort of thing will keep happening!

    Frankly, I think a better alternative may be to just buy a cell phone capable of playing Internet Radio Stations, use Blue Tooth to connect it to speakers, AND TO HELL WITH GRACE DIGITAL!

    I have one such phone (Motorola Moto e), which can do this, but I’d consider buying another to be solely dedicated to this purpose, leaving my other phone for its usual purpose.

    Of course, since I have a streaming Wi-Fi Router connected to my cable modem (and computer), I won’t have to worry about using up my Data on the second phone (since it will only be used through my Wi-Fi network.

    Depending on what the cost of the Upgrade is, this will probably be a most attractive alternative!

    1. Jose fauda

      Indeed there are some choices but you’ll loss many features. I.e having just one device instead of to wired together, remote control for Mondo radios, battery operating radio, portability, etc, etc, etc.
      On top of that we paid for something that now is taken out. Grace digital answered me that if they made a 100% discount the company would disappear, then we, the cheated customers, are paying for their survival…
      But they have other choices like move out from Qualcomm to an owned server… but seems they are not willing to do that.
      Sad to see how a company doesn’t want to keep customers and they only pay attention to the short term.

  3. Maria

    It’s highly ironic when you visit Qualcomm’s website. It’s all about serving the public with bandwidth and blah, blah, blah. And yet they shut down what we need.

  4. jose fauda

    I feel that Qualcomm is sort of out of the equation. Actually Grace -digital is the thief. They sold something that they were not the owners. They offered a device, that could get access to streaming radio without warning that they were not the owners of the technical solution. Grace digital never ever warned his customers about the limited spanlife of the radios. Qualcomm, as the owner of the server, made the decision of not providing services to Grace digital & others any more. Then, someone from Grace-digital, didnt’t want to put his hand in his pocket to figure out an alternative solution, and they screwed us up. For Grace Digital, customers are not important at all… They could have designed another technical solution but it’s out of their scope…. Sad but true…

  5. Gayle

    When I contacted Grace Digital Support to ask a question, I also got this comment regarding their plan going forward with their internet radios. They indicated that they do not want to be in this position again where a third party like Receiva can screw up their customers. Though it may not help with our current radios, at least for those interested in the new ones. it won’t happen again. I think many of us just wish that they offered a better deal to upgrade.

    Grace Digital Support: Aug 24, 2021, 9:29 PM PDT
    Unfortunately your unit will stop being supported, and there is a final disconnection on July 21st, 2021. Here is a brief explanation why this is happening.

    From 2007-2017, our radios and most radios on the market used to connect to servers of Receiva, who is a third party company.

    In 2017, we decided to create our own database to stop relying on a third party company to handle the internet streams, and bring those services in-house so we could provide a better service to our customers. For over four years we have been working with our own resources and we even have new radio models.

    Unfortunately, this year Receiva is closing business, and that means that they will shut down the servers that your radio uses to connect to the internet. We tried to strike a deal with them to keep the old radios working, however they refused. Your unit will stop connecting to all services.

    From Grace digital, we understand that this is affecting you directly, so if you wish to upgrade your radio, we can offer you a 35% discount code off our new models, available here:

  6. Malcolm Dejnozka

    I just found this to be an issue today. We have 2 Grace Digital radios. On was manufactured in the 2007-2017 timeframe. It no longer tunes in stations because the Gateway doesn’t connect. The only good it is now is to play music from a thumb drive and as an alarm. The newer radio works fine.
    If digital internet radios are at the mercy of third party vendors to continue providing the signal. . . we won’t every buy another one, especially from Grace Digital which should have honored its previous customers and provided updates & a contract extension until another vendor provided the service and/or at least a substantial discount (at cost) for a replacement since they could no longer provide the core service of the device, i.e. internet radio!

    1. José fauda

      My 2 Mondo radios are loosing their features rapidly. On top of not getting access to the Reciva server, it gets disconnected from wifi several times a day. Most menus don’t work anymore and preset stations disappear from time to time… it’s a sort of cancer that’s killing slowly. Grace digital are definitively thieves !!!

  7. Walter Bright

    I had a couple TurtleBeach Audiotron internet radios and they did the same thing. Just shut down, and bricked the Audiotrons. Now Grace Digital does it, too.

  8. Ross woodard

    Hi all,
    Grace radio sent me the same canned answer twice. I’ve been formed them that 35% off on a new radio does not make up for the dysfunction of my current radio. I found that discount somewhat insulting. Like all of you I bought it in good faith and expected it to keep playing as it did. To make this short if anyone is pursuing a class action suit id like to ad my name to the list.

  9. Mark Morgan

    I just discovered this issue a couple of days ago. I called Grace support and was made the same offer of 35% off of a new device. I also expressed my displeasure by email and received the same song and dance.

    I suggested that a firmware update might resolve the issue for current customers, but haven’t received a reply to that one.

    Over the years I’ve spend about $270 on two different units, and up till now have loved the product and services.

    What a shame.

    1. Michael F

      Right. I have 4 Grace radios and am not happy! I would sign onto a class action in a second! Seems to me it should not be all that hard to run a system to keep the older radios running. I should have my head axamined as I went for the 35% off deal and regret it. NO MORE Grace radios for me.

  10. Jose fauda

    We should present a collective claim to the courts. Apple’s customer have been lucky with iPhone which performance was reduced when time passed. We’ll receive 50 dollars for that fraud. Same should happen with Grace Digital. It’s a fraud.

  11. Harris Ruben

    Receiva search still up. Grace says it will shut down in 2 weeks. That would be September 1, 2021. You can still enter urls manually in my stuff and write them into presets. Remember that the app holds 20+ presets, double what the mondo holds.

  12. Robert

    Good comment. There would certainly have been a bigger stink if this were cable. Can’t believe that a bigger deal hasn’t been made about this. I’m guessing grace doesn’t read any of these comments. Or any attorneys for that matter. Seems ripe for a lawsuit of some kind.

  13. Michael

    March 21, 2021 at 5:34 pm
    Mom has more than one of these and they aren’t cheap because she likes or rather, recently, liked to access her Pandora on it while washing dishes, etc. Not anymore apparently.
    It’s a joke that they aren’t giving these older versions some sort of downloadable upgrade so that they can continue being used as opposed to becoming more junk sitting uselessly in the garage (because that’s where her devices are going to end up). This sort of waste during this time period is irresponsible.
    At the very least, there should be a much more affordable trade in program so that the old devices can be recycled, but the current offer is a joke. I am already searching for alternative devices for us both to use.

    I agree with Maria 100%.

    Also I agree the tuner sucks, I used the remote to tune, etc.

    And a 35% discount? Not going to buy another Grace, they may as well shut down now.

  14. Gayle

    I have a Grace Solo. As of today, August 3/21, the presets continue to work. I have read over the comments here and still don’t understand if I can expect this to continue. Can I still set up My Streams through Grace Digital? I don’t think you can enter URLs directly on a Solo.

    An interesting thing recently happened in relation to this. This weekend one of my stations changed its streaming code and I had to locate the new code and enter it into a program I use to record online radio on my computer. At the same time, the preset on the Grace Solo stopped working for that station only as well. But I tried the preset today for some reason and it’s working again. Did reciva update it? Maybe because I didn’t.

    1. Harris

      I’m not familiar with the Solo, but as of right now, (Aug. 9) you can still search on the Mondo. If and when Receiva quits, you can still enter the URL in my streams, play the station, and presumably write it over into favorites. Finding the source URL can be a pain, but it’s not too hard. I just searched for “http” in the page code and found one pretty fast. I also sent an email to a Russian station and they responded with the source URL the next day. I guess I’d be pissed if I was a Pandora user, but I’m not.
      I did purchase a new Grace Link to use as a tuner for my stereo and I’m pleased with it except for a few things: the iOS app isn’t as good as the old app, and… get this… the remote turns on my LG television. It’s in the kitchen, where I programmed it, and it doesn’t affect it in its permanent location.

      1. Harris

        I am wrong. I asked Grace about this and they responded
        “Lynda Smith (Grace Digital Support)
        Aug 9, 2021, 2:40 PM PDT
        My streams accesses the Servers at reciva, so once the servers are shut down, you will only have access to what are on the presets.”

        That really sucks.

  15. Jose Fauda

    Good comment. I really don’t care about Grace Digital financials. I purchased a radio kit for some years and no warning of “limited span of life” was presented. Then they can’t come today and simply say that my decide is out of date and I should replace it at a high price. That’s a fraud. I want a new device at no cost, that could work with new technology. They should have thought when they signed the agreement with their partners and not to milk the cow until the last drop in their sole benefit. Yet waiting for the new device for free.

    1. Michael

      I agree. I have 2 possibly 3 radios that I use and love and will not be able to use them. To bad I did a factory reset to try to get Pandora back on 1 of them. Out of luck on that radio. The app preset worked on the IR77000. Anyway I think it stinks. I will see what they do to help us out but I don’t see me buying any Grace products in the future if Grace does not do right by us!!!

    2. Steve R.

      Grace Digital is engaging in fraudulent ransomware-type activities! Imagine your cable provider shutting down and telling you that your TV will be shut down, not work with any other networks? Grace Digital is deliberately trying to scam customers into buying their new models by hijacking people’s devices! It’s illegal, report them to the authorities, FCC, FTC etc! Scam ALERT!

  16. Rbt

    I tend to agree – it’s hard to justify tossing a perfectly good unit away, and harder still to justify investing another $100+ in another receiver. While I feel sorry for the company having apparently been blindsided like they were, I also think people should expect to get more than a few years of service and if there needs to be a major software/firmware update because of something like this, the company should come to the table with something a little more satisfactory than 35%. From the tone of these comments, it seems Grace did themselves no favors in the PR/customer loyalty department. This would have been an excellent opportunity to excel. Instead, they must have listened to their bean-counters. or maybe the company is in trouble and doing the right thing would bankrupt it. Who knows? I will say that other than this, Grace customer service has been excellent. When mine conked out, they sent a new one (well, refurbished) promptly, no questions asked. As for a class-action suit, I think the main question is ‘how long should one be able to expect a device like this to work properly,’ and ‘is 35% off a good-faith offer?’ That’s for a lawyer to answer. I’m guessing that just the threat of such a suit would result in a whole slew of new offers.

  17. Michael Reamy

    Has anyone found a workaround utilizing the USB plug in the rear of the radio? I’m wondering if there’s a small product that could be plugged into the radio which would pick up internet radio via wifi streaming and use the radio as a speaker? I’m upset about this also. I purchased in 2016 and have the Victoria Nostalgic model which has looked and worked great in my late 19th-century beach rental house. I would love to keep the unit if I could find a way to keep using just the box.

    1. Paul Trynoski

      I don’t know about the USB port, but it looks like that model has RCA audio inputs. Any old smart phone with wi-fi can tune Internet radio, and an earbud jack will give output to the Victoria. You’d have to do some experimenting, but perhaps a Bluetooth dongle would work in the USB port, allowing wireless connection with the smart phone.

  18. LongTallSally

    Why is everyone so angry with Grace Digital about another company’s shutdown? Shouldn’t you be angry with Reciva? Grace has no control of what another company chooses to do. Yes, it might not have been the best idea to base the functionality of your product on a third party but, you live and learn. They’re no longer dependent on a third party and are offering people a discount. I think the discount should be a little more though. At least 50%. When you make customers happy, they will return.

    1. Robert

      Grace Digital made no path to upgrade their “Legacy” radios. That alone is sufficient to find another manufacturer to purchase a reliable internet system.

    2. jose fauda

      I think Grace performed a bad move when they made the decision to rely on a non reliable partner. We -the customers- have nothing to do with that decision. We purchased a radio and we werwe not told that it hadd limited spanlife. Grace digital should replace the discontinnued radios for new ones at no charge. Neither 35% discount, nor 50% discount. This is what a customer deserves and this is what a “fair” compnay would do. if they loss money it’s because they made a wrong decision and they shoudl pay for it, If Grace digital fails to comply with customer’s rights, i would never buy another grace product.

    3. Marcin

      Grace is equally guilty. With a little effort, they could release a firmware upgrade that would use another listing service.

    4. Arno

      Bull! A hardware manufacture is responsible for the platform that its bundled with. What good is a radio that has no sever access to streams

    5. Michael

      I am not angry with Reciva. I am angry that Grace has not set up their own system so we can keep using the legacy radios. That is on Grace. I might try another internet radio or not but it won’t be another Grace. It is just plain wrong what they did. I would go back to Grace if they made it so the legacy radios are back online.

  19. John Keener

    SAD SAD SAD, losing a good functioning Internet radio is disgusting and should not have ever happened. Like others the discount offer is bs, luckily I have multiple blue tooth speakers BOSE and a great OnePlus 8T phone, but still the loss of my radio in different location and wife use is just like a theft, stolen my radio.

  20. leigh r rich

    My old Mondo works every once and a while then won’t make WIFI connection. Like an old computer it is outdated. It had served me well. What I did was get a couple from Amazon of Ocean Digital WiFi Internet Radios WR-336N while you still can. Under 100 US$ Prices are going up due to chip shortage.

  21. Thierry Gras

    I agree with all the above. This is a scam pure & simple. I will just cut my losses and check out the Amazon Echo Show 5 or 8 .

    1. Leland L. Bahr

      I see Amazon has ab Echo Show 10. Nice big 10 inch screen. It’s around $250 and I think you can play PANDORA on it. (I first had a SQUEEZE BOX that looked just like my Grace. Had to buy a GRACE to replace the SQEEZE BOX for the same reason. Now Grace wants to make me do it again. This is becoming old! I’m thinking the ECHOW SHOW 10 is the way to go. I hear it has good sound and it can be used for a lot more things too. About 6 months ago my Grace stopped streaming WRJQ. I can get it on my computer now but not with the Grace. Now I am also loosing PANDORA and who knows what all. Sure would like to know what others think of the ECHOW SHOW alternatives from Amazon.

  22. Ron Warren

    Frankly, I didn’t find out about all of this until earlier in the year and that was by accident. Grace Digital claims they are offering a trade-up program, but, the question is trade-up to what? I have both the original Encore and Digital tuner but since the long time Canadian distributor from whom I purchased both units has ceased operations and Amazon offers little in product, other than the Grace Link(which never seems to be in stock), there is nothing in the model line-up that remotely resembles the models I have and would consider replacing.

    In any case, luckily, I found another company that met my requirements, hence, I have moved on.

    1. leigh r rich

      My old Mondo works every once and a while then won’t make WIFI connection. Like an old computer it is outdated. It had served me well. What I did was get a couple from Amazon of Ocean Digital WiFi Internet Radios WR-336N while you still can. Under 100 US$ Prices are going up due to chip shortage.

  23. Clayton M. Leister

    I am so sad that my FOUR Grace Radios have been rendered worthless! As an Amateur Radio Operator, I recommended the Grace Radio’s to so many on air, and now it haunts me having done so!
    What a SCAM by Grace Digital Radio!
    Now, we are being asked to purchase their NEW radios; and yet, another SCAM in the making.
    The Grace people need correct this SCAM or else succumb to a “class action” suit!
    Why would anyone invest in another “Grace” Radio when the present SCAM is out there for ALL to know and recognize as an deliberate and outward SCAM?

    1. Paul Trynoski

      While the Reciva shut down will disable any functions dependent upon the Reciva site, there are some work-arounds that may keep the older Grace Radios active in some form. I wouldn’t consider them worthless just yet. Is there a large enough class of Grace owners to bring a successful suit that would yield more than the 35% Grace is offering now? I wouldn’t think so.

    2. Harris Ruben

      I too am a ham. But I don’t understand why you just can’t find your stations on the internet and put the URLs into My Stuff (at least on the Mondo). It’s only the station search function that will be disabled. The radios should work fine as long as the URLs are not changed.

  24. Jen

    We have 7 of these trash bricks all at a cost of $189.00 each. But the 35% off a new radio makes everything better. I will never ever purchase another product from Dis-Grace digital.

  25. Lee s

    We have two receivers that are now trash. Solved the problem, got out an older Kindle, bought a remote Bluetooth speaker and just download the stations that we like to listen to. Same with Pandora ! I can also feed the Kindle through the stereo. I would not purchase another unit from them. Also the thumb wheel dialer on both units started to fail not long after the purchases making it almost impossible to select numbers and letters. Really poor marketing decision, never again….

  26. Maria

    Mom has more than one of these and they aren’t cheap because she likes or rather, recently, liked to access her Pandora on it while washing dishes, etc. Not anymore apparently.
    It’s a joke that they aren’t giving these older versions some sort of downloadable upgrade so that they can continue being used as opposed to becoming more junk sitting uselessly in the garage (because that’s where her devices are going to end up). This sort of waste during this time period is irresponsible.
    At the very least, there should be a much more affordable trade in program so that the old devices can be recycled, but the current offer is a joke. I am already searching for alternative devices for us both to use.


    This is pure BS. $165 for a radio that four years later ceases to function. They should provide no charge replacements.

  28. Greg

    This smacks of sheer stupidity on the manufacturers part.

    In the first place why are Internet radios totally dependent upon a single outside server in the first place? A smart manufacturer would produce a product whereby the user could enter their own URLs and other information by either the front panel controls or through a USB port from their computer. Each Internet radio could be accessed either by an app or by presenting its own GUI interface when the user logs onto it.

    You don’t need to be captive to someone else’s server to find your stations. There are plenty of websites out there that will give you all of the information and URLs to load in your radio. Just look at Winamp and other players for computers.

  29. frankyvee

    Just get an Amazon Echo Show 5 or 8 and be done. It’s cheaper than what Grace is offering even at 35% off. Let’s be honest whos to say they won’t cancel the next models down the line. They lost integrity with this shutdown and would never buy another Grace internet radio.

  30. Paul Trynoski

    I have a Grace Digital Solo tuner which connects via RCA plugs to my old analog Bose Wave bedside radio. I listen to a few different NPR stations. When Reciva goes away and the Solo goes silent, seems like an old Android smart phone with an earplug to RCA plugs cable would do everything that the Solo does and more, including voice control rather than pushing those little buttons in the dark.

  31. JM

    With cellphones and bluetooth and things like Raspberry pi and other mini computers why does one even need an internet radio?

    1. Harris

      Convenience. My wife can use the Grace remote to listen to her favorite music. That’s enough reason for me.

  32. Mike

    My Grace IRD-4000 simply stopped working last week. It hangs on any attempt to access a menu of stations, including those in my Reciva account.

    I got the same ridiculous 35%-off coupon from Grace, but I’ll never trust them again. Their cheapest option was a refurbished unit for $180, so even after the discount it would be $117.

    I ended up buying a Jensen JBS-200B AM/FM/CD table radio bookshelf stereo system as an open-box special for $30, although it is widely available for $50-70 new. It sounds good, but the main feature is that it can be fed audio from any Bluetooth device, making it easily capable of internet radio.

  33. Davide

    My Barlow Wadley, Collins, FRG7 and Kenwood haven’t this problem! Digital modes requires continues update (see for example digital TV and decoders). An analog radio last for decades. Internet radio, DRM, DAB, etc are standard that maybe are not supported in the future. Like other digital modes. Take for example the files from word processor used in the ’80 (Chiwrite, early Word program)… all these files are now unreadable!

    1. jose fauda

      files from old word processors are readable provided you have kept the right means to read it (i.e an old computer or so)…. in this case Grace digital garbage are unusable, even when you keep the power cord 🙂

  34. Edward

    I NEVER had this problem with my Hallicrafters. Internet is not short wave listening.
    I would stay away from these internet radio scams.

  35. Zack S

    I submitted the discount request and got a reply back. They are offering 35% off any new radio. If I get the Mondo Elite that lists for $200 my cost would be $130.

    1. Paul

      Yes I got mine too, 35% off. I wonder if the Internet Radio feature is the only one being shutdown, and one can still use iHeartRadio, Pandora,, etc. Anybody know?

    2. Paul

      Grace already sells the Mondo Elite on amazon for $150, so even with their 35% off coupon which you can only use on their site, we’re getting a whopping $20 off. Thank you Grace Digital! So generous of you.

    1. Pete

      With smartphones, tables and inexpensive Bluetooth speakers, dedicated internet radios seem like a niche market. I’d consider replacing mine only at a discount.

  36. Pete

    Thank you for the information, Zack! I just submitted my request referencing my Grace Solo. The interface for Reciva always felt dated to me, even when my radio was new, but it was pretty reliable once it was set up. I’ll be curious to know what discounts they might offer.

    Thanks Again,

      1. Harry

        Your station changed its source url. Contact the station for the new url or you can search for it in its web page source code (search for “http” and it will be buried in there.

        Lynda Smith (Grace Digital Support)
        Aug 18, 2021, 8:39 AM PDT

        The only way to dads a url is via the web portal. You’ll need to do it quickly and save to your presets, because the server for reciva is going off in the next couple weeks.

        How to add a stream to your My Streams folder on your Grace Digital radio
        log in to
        Then on the side of the web page you will see ‘My Stuff’/My Streams
        Click “add stream” and add a name for the Stream that you will be adding. ABCD
        Enter this in the Stream URL field. And click submit. http://THE STREAM GOES HERE
        Go back to your radio and unplug it then plug it back in. Then turn it on. From the main menu, select My Stuff/ My Streams.
        Then play it on your radio and overwrite the no working preset. You have only about a week left to do this.


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