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Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones $179 shipped

Some of you might recall a post I published a few weeks ago about my friend BJ Liederman and how he introduced me to Bose QuietComfort headphones.

Since then, I’ve been watching the prices of both the wired QuiteComfort 25 and wireless QuiteComfort 35 models. This morning, the price of the QuietComfort 25 dropped dramatically at Amazon.com. Until recently, the price was at its lowest around $280 shipped.

Since most of the time I actually prefer a wired connection to my headphones (to watch movies on commercial airlines, with SDRs on my shack PC, with portable shortwave radios and to eliminate latency) I jumped on the QuiteComfort 25 deal. Besides, if I ever decided to add wireless connectivity, I could always purchase an AirMod Bluetooth adapter. The QuietComfort 35 wireless set still cost $349 shipped. I checked Best Buy as well–they are offering the QuietComfort 25 series in their Black Friday sale today–only a dollar more than Amazon.

I just bit the bullet at Amazon. I justified it by saying this will be my early Christmas gift to myself!

Click here to view on Amazon.com $179.00 shipped (affiliate link).

Check out our Deals category for more holiday promotions. Please contact us if you have a radio-related deal tip!

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Radio Deal: Grundig Executive Traveler at Woot and Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Scott Gamble, who writes:

I noticed a special today on the Eton Grundig Executive Traveler – it is on sale (only) via the Woot.com app (not online) for $44.99 [plus shipping]. A quick search of the site shows this is one of the lowest prices I have seen for the radio. It has previously been around $47, or two for $94 at Woot.

Here’s the product link.

Thanks for the tip, Scott! Woot is a great place for one day deals–I’ve purchased from them many times in the past few years.

I also noted that the price has dropped on Amazon down to $47.97 shipped. As with any price on Amazon, it’s subject to change without notice!

Click here to view on Amazon.com (affiliate link).


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Radio Deal: Grundig Edition Eton Mini $26.10 shipped

Amazon.com has lowered the price on the Eton Mini shortwave receiver to $26.10 with shipping. This is about the lowest price I’ve seen for the Mini (a radio that makes a great stocking stuffer). Standard Amazon pricing disclaimer: this might not last long as they shift pricing without notice.

Click here to purchase via Amazon.com (affiliate link).

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Eton Field BT price lowered on Amazon

The Grundig Edition (Eton) Field BT

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who notes:

The Eton Field BT’s price has been reduced to $110.49 since last Monday on Amazon.

Click here to view on Amazon.com (affiliate link).

Click here to read Troy’s recent comparison of the Field BT to the Tecsun S-8800.

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Limited time Amazon deals on Eton Portables

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, for noting the following deals on Eton radios via Amazon.com. The Mini, Traveler and Field are all excellent prices. The Executive Satellit is also a good price, but note there may still be non “Executive” versions of the Satellit via the eBay deal we posted earlier ($113 US/$135 CDN).

This appears to be a timed sale, ending around 2:00 AM EDT:

Eton Mini: $24.99

Eton Field: $90.99

Eton Executive Traveler $48.99

Eton Executive Satellit $149.99

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Resistance Radio: “The Man in the High Castle” promotion

Over the past two years, I’ve enjoyed the Amazon.com series, “The Man In The High Castle“–a dystopian TV series which explores a world where WWII ended with a very different outcome.  This series is based on a 1962 book by Philip K. Dick.

As a promotion, Amazon recently created a virtual radio called “Resistance Radio” where the listener can pretend to be a part of this dystopia and tune in pirate broadcasts from the resistance movement.

It’s a fun virtual radio and the creators took some care in making it feel authentic. It’s reminiscent of a 1960s era Grundig or Telefunken.

The tuning knob, volume and memory push buttons all work. If you turn the receiver off for a while, it takes a few seconds for the audio to increase as the tubes warm up. It even has a red tuning indicator lamp. Between stations you’ll hear static, though it sounds a bit manufactured to us radio enthusiasts.

And, oh yeah, you’ll even numbers stations and Morse Code as you tune across the band.

Obviously, someone behind the virtual radio is a proper radio geek.

Someone needs to make a web-based virtual radio interface like this for TuneIn radio.

Update: SWLing Post contributor, David Cripe (NM0S) notes, “Utterly fascinating. If you access it on your cell phone, the interface is a pocket transistor radio!”

Click here to check out Resistance Radio (while it’s still online).

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