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A few radio deals worth consideration

Sony-SRF-18This morning, I checked a few retailers for “Cyber Monday” deals and took notes along the way. Some of the best finds came from Blinq, a retailer I’ve purchased from a number of times.

Note that Blinq products are often open box, used or refurbished–please check the product description before purchasing. On the plus side, Blinq makes the return process hassle-free if you’re not happy with the purchase.

Important: Today only, use the coupon code SUPERCYBER and Blinq will take an additional 15% off the listed price at checkout.

  • Tecsun PL-390 DSP Digital AM/FM/LW Shortwave Radio with Dual Speakers: $55.09
  • Sony SRF-18 Portable AM/ FM Radio: $25.99
  • Sony SRF-59 with Over the Head Stereo Headphones & Passive Portable Speakers – Plus Sony Rechargeable Batteries with Recharger: $37.99
  • Sony SRF-S84 SRF-S84/S Portable AM/FM Walkman Radio $34.59
  • Sangean LB-100 Compact AM/FM Ultra Rugged Radio Receiver $73.69

There are many more radio listings on Blinq.com–use this search to help locate them. I also noted a number of Baofeng handheld transceivers and accessories.

After Peter’s assessment of the Sony SRF-18, I’m very tempted to purchase one.


The Sony SRF-59 package (above) is also very nice–especially since finding the recently discontinued ’59 for a good price is becoming more difficult.

Please comment if you note any other good radio deals today!  At time of posting, most radio retailers haven’t updated their sites since Black Friday.


Ron notes that “CountyComm has extended their ‘buy a GP5, get the 17 buck custom
carry case for free’ offer through today, November 30th.”

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Peter recommends the Sony SRF-S84 and SRF-18 ultralights


The Sony SRF-18

In reference to our post about the Sony SRF-39FP and SRF-59, SWLing Post reader, Peter, writes:

The Sony SRF-S84

The Sony SRF-S84

As usual a very interesting post.

I sold most of my collection of receivers some years ago but I’m still interested in AM DXing and especially ultralight DXing (thats why I have three SRF59).

May I draw your attention to other receivers as well?

The famous CXA1129N chip has been built into the SRF-S84 and into the SRF-18 as well. I use the SRF-S84 during sports. As the ferrite rod is even smaller than in the SRF-59 AM reception is a little bit less sensible but FM shines with mega sound.

The SRF-18 is my favorite travel radio!! It runs endlessly on two AA-cells, has built in stereo speakers, audio-in and audio-out, a rather large dial which is easy to use and due to a larger ferrite rod it is very very sensitive on medium wave.

SRF-S84 on Amazon

SRF-18 on Amazon

Best regards from Germany

Peter Oden

Thank you, Peter! Perhaps the SRF-18 can take the place of the SRF-59 as an affordable MW ultralight that is still in production. The Amazon price for the SRF-18 is $32 US–quite affordable. While I don’t need another ultralight, that price makes it very tempting.

The SRF-S84 reminds me of a super compact radio I used to sneak into my fifth grade class. I would listen to the radio during class by concealing the receiver in an interior jacket pocket and snaking the earphone cord through my sleeve. I would then rest my head on my left hand where the earphone was conveniently located.  Somehow I never managed to get caught.

While I’m sure my education suffered a little that year, it still makes for good memories!

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