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Hackaday recounts an “An Unlikely Radio Story”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Michael Letterle, who shares this story from the excellent website Hackaday. The following is an excerpt from Swans, Pigs, and the CIA: An Ulikey Radio Story: Shortwave radio is boring, right? Maybe not. You never … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recording: “The Buzzer” on 6,998 kHz

On Friday, Andrea Borgnino, tweeted that he could once again hear “The Buzzer” on 6,998 kHz. Of course, during the day, I couldn’t hear  the signal from my home in North America. I could, however, easily hear the signal via the University … Continue reading

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UVB-76: The Buzzer surfaces on 6,998 kHz

My buddy, Andrea Borgnino, recently heard UVB-76 (The Buzzer) on 6,998 kHz with his Elecraft K3 in Italy. Check out this short video: New buzzer on 6998 khz received in Roma @sicral @dxcoffee @SWLingDotCom @LondonShortwave @priyom_org @Spy_Stations — Andrea Borgnino … Continue reading

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Hackaday: “Secret Radio Stations by the Numbers”

(Source: Hackaday via Andrea Borgnino) One thing has stayed with the James Bond movie franchise through the decades: Mr. Bond always has the most wonderful of gadgets. Be it handheld, car-based, or otherwise, there’s always something to thrill that is … Continue reading

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Frank shares 1991 recordings and original notes of station IDs and interval signals

SWLing Post reader, Frank, writes from Germany: First let me say that I enjoy your blog a lot. After a 2005-13 hiatus, I have rediscovered a childhood hobby and your reviews have helped me find my way to the post-Sony … Continue reading

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Lewis Bush seeks London radio listening posts

Photographer, Lewis Bush, is seeking ham radio stations and shortwave listening posts in the London, England area. Lewis writes to the SWLing Post: I’m working on a project which involves trying to locate and map possible broadcast sites for numbers … Continue reading

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Jack Barsky: KGB spy who relied on numbers stations

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Anthony, for forwarding this CBS/60 Minutes video: an interview with former KGB spy, Jack Barsky. During the interview, Barsky mentions that he received encrypted KGB “radiograms” via a numbers station he believed to be in … Continue reading

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