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Met Office guide to space weather forecasts

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike (K8RAT), who writes: The Met Office has this brief introduction to the subject of space weather and the methods they use to make predictions. It may be useful to beginners in the radio … Continue reading

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DXtreme Reception Log X

SWLing Post sponsor, Bob Raymond (NE1I) at DXtreme, writes: I’m pleased to announce that the latest version of our logging software for radio and TV monitoring enthusiasts is now available: (Version 10.0). Please find the full product announcement below: DXtreme Reception … Continue reading

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Alan logs shortwave stations while camping

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Alan, who writes: I really appreciate your site. It has been my favorite since I got back into shortwave listening and DXing…great enough that I actually subscribe to posts via e-mail so I don’t miss … Continue reading

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Dan spots an extremely rare HRO-600 on eBay

SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, writes: Wow . . . a huge, amazing rarity…this is perhaps the rarest of radios, the HRO-600. It is almost never seen on the used market and when it is, it is usually in non-operational … Continue reading

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Share a photo of your shack or listening post for a chance to win a Grundig G2

Want to share your shack or listening post with the world on the SWLing Post? Want a chance to win a Grundig G2? If so, keep reading…! This month, we’ll be collecting photos of our readers’ listening posts, radio shacks or favorite listening spot. … Continue reading

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Alternative sites for Dayton Hamvention proposed

Yesterday, the Dayton Daily News published an article about the problems with the aging Hara Arena, home of the Dayton Hamvention. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Fears about Hamvention leaving town because of Hara Arena’s economic struggles has local officials … Continue reading

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TASS: An Arduino-based antenna switch

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Stan (WA1LOU), who writes: “Enjoy your blog. I have been reading it for years. [H]ere is something your readers might be interested in that I mentioned in my blog today: Very cool! Goes to … Continue reading

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