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Check out the new web-based KiwiSDR in New Zealand


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andrea Borgnino, who shares a link to a new web SDR in New Zealand: The KiwiSDR installation.

Andrea posted the following on Twitter:

I agree with Andrea: this WebSDR has an amazing display and user interface. It even includes both a spectrum and full-color waterfall.

I’ve enjoyed tuning around the mediumwave band in New Zealand this morning. My Internet connection is terribly slow (and unreliable) but I was still able to view the full display while streaming audio with only a few hiccups.  With a moderately robust Internet connection, I believe you’ll be pleased with the KiwiSDR.

Click here to visit the KiwiSDR online.

Many thanks, Andrea, for the tip!

World Radio Network cuts some services and “refocuses”

WRN-Logo-BlueMany SWLs like listening to the World Radio Network.  It appears WRN will be cutting some of their services including their web-based audio player and podcast.

WRN mentioned this in their weekly newsletter this morning:

“WRN Broadcast has announced that as part of the company’s continued growth strategy it will be refocusing its seven international radio networks to concentrate on the core service regions.  As a result the French and German Networks will cease broadcasting from midnight 31 December 2013, and the web-based stations audio on-demand and podcasting service will cease on 16 December 2013. This Newsletter will also close with the last edition published on20 December 2013.”

See WRN’s full press release below:

WRN Broadcast refocuses World Radio Network services

WRN Broadcast today announced that as part of the company’s continued growth strategy it will be refocusing its 7 international radio networks to concentrate on the core service regions.

David Treadway, CEO, WRN Broadcast, said: “As a business we’re in fantastic shape, with significant growth year-on-year from our comprehensive range of services across TV, Radio and Digital, but as a longstanding broadcast service company we are always evolving services to better meet the needs of our clients. With this development of The Networks, we’re future-proofing the service for all of the international listening community and our broadcast partners. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with all those existing network broadcasters as well as the clients in our core areas of broadcast distribution and managed services.”

The World Radio Network was created to aggregate news and current affairs from leading worldwide public and private broadcasters and content producers, including NHK, VoR and KBS. The network developed to include Arabic, Russian, French, and German whilst evolving the original English network into 3 specific networks covering Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Both the French and German services will cease broadcasting as part of this development.

The move will increase partner opportunities for the network of channels and allow further development of key areas of business growth, which centre around the company’s first-class broadcast distribution and managed services across TV, Radio and Digital.

The WRN French and German Networks will cease broadcasting from midnight 31 December 2013, with the web-based radio on-demand and podcasting service terminating on 16 December 2013.

WRN Broadcast contacts:


Dave’s FM station empire

FMMegaplexDave Schmarder (N2DS) enjoys making radios and featuring them on his website, What you may not know is that he also runs his own FM stations empire…and you can too:

I thought your visitors might be interested in my FM stations empire. I bought a bunch of mp3 players with built in fm transmitters that are usually used in a car and adapted them for home use. They all cost me under $4 each, plus a TF card for a couple bucks for each music transmitter.

At the moment I have 8 transmitters running, mostly with usb sticks looping music, but also a transmitter hooked to my tv cable box and another one to my internet radio.

This allows me to be anywhere in my little house and listen to these audio sources using a small Tecsun FM radio. During the summer I could sit on my porch and listen without dragging my radios or iPad outside.

Perhaps some of your visitors might be interested in having their own fm radio megaplex. Here is the link:

73, Dave

Thanks, Dave!

I’ve often thought of broadcasting 1930’s and 40’s music over a micro shortwave transmitter in my house. I would love to know if any readers have done this. Admittedly, it would take a pretty committed shortwave radio geek. Anyone? Anyone?

Web Radio and More? Amazon’s Kindle Fire on sale for $139 today only

At the Winter SWL Fest this year, several people talked about how great the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet works as a portable wi-fi (internet) radio. Typically, these sell for $199 on Amazon, new.  Today, and only while supplies last, Amazon is selling refurbished Kindle Fires for $139 as one of their “Gold Box Deals”.  That’s a great deal. Even Gizmodo endorsed this one.