10 thoughts on “Mike’s Photos of the 2023 Hamvention and Four Days In May (FDIM)

  1. Patrick N8PN

    Thanks! I haven’t been to the new location (yet) so the virtual tour is greatly appreciated.

  2. Mike VE3MKX

    Thanks to all… I enjoy taking pics at any Hamfest… I send the pics along to promote the hobby and bring back Memories…
    FDIM is a great event !!
    73 Mike VE3MKX

  3. Mario

    Mike, thank you for sharing, it’s great to see both vintage and contemporary equipment at the hamfest. What I found interesting is the actual size of some of the newer SDR radios; for some reason I thought they were much smaller in general.

    In regards to the advanced age of the hams in the hamfest photos, it occured to me that as a young ham in the 70’s, hamfests were attended mainly by men much older than me and it was gratifying to know that I was part of their ranks. They were worthy of my highest respect.

  4. Roy Crosier AC9DN

    Thank you, these pictures were very helpful as I probably will never be able to attend a hamfest again.
    Great memories, a great hobby, a great century. May never be duplicated.

  5. Bob LaRose W6ACU

    Great pictures Mike. Really appreciate the time you took!

    Looks like you had great weather this year!

  6. Bob W6ACU

    Great pictures Mike. Really appreciate the time you took!

    Looks like it was great weather this year!

  7. Steve

    Thank you Mike for the great array of pictures. You did a great job.
    I know I’m going to upset a lot of folks, but this assemblage looks like the residents of the Shady Oaks Home for the Decrepit were taken on a field trip. I know – I’m one of those folks, first licensed in 1965 during my senior year in HS. I recognize a great deal of equipment I owned and used – between 40 and 55 years ago. Some was from way before my time. I saw very few people that looked like they were under 50 and even fewer were teens. I estimate that 90% of the equipment there was OPJ – Old Peoples Junk – that mainly belongs in a museum and not a modern operating shack. Sure there were a few very modern rigs like Elecraft, but they were few and far between. When I went to hamfests in the late ’60s, they were filled with young people and relatively modern equipment for the time – Heathkits, Drake, Hammarlund, etc. I did see a few Yaesu’s that might still be in production, but also some Ten Tecs I had in the early 70s. There’s a reason I don’t go to hamfests anymore. There’s nothing there I need. I might want somethings, but I certainly don’t need anything. The only reason I would go is for nostalgia and, where I live, most of the hamfests no longer exist, and those that do are very small. The internet is our hamfest now and a heck of a lot easier to get to. I don’t begrudge or criticize anyone for going to these, but we need to face facts – the hamfests of our youth are dying out (as we are). I know someone will say “look how many people attended this hamfest.” My answer is pent up desire to get outside and participate in something after 3 years of Covid. YMMV.

    1. Mike

      Perhaps some people prefer operating vintage equipment and do not feel the need to have a “modern operating shack”?

    2. TheZ

      When the Hamvention was at Hara, I would go to get good deals on new equipment from HAM radio suppliers. I also got to meet HAM radio celebrities like Wayne Green, David Sumner of the ARRL, Mr. Heil of Heil Sound, and Gordon West. I never bought any of the used stuff – the same exact items seemed to show up at every Hamfest year after year. I also looked forward to buying novelty items that the sellers brought along – many of them not radio related, like Hemostats, dental picks, aluminum soldering rods, acid brushers, fancy cyanopoxy glues, talking calculators etc.

      I attended the first year at the current location of the Hamvention, but didn’t like the mud or walking thru grassy fields – it just wasn’t the same. Looks like you are correct in that the internet is now the place to buy & sell.


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