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2019 Hamvention photos: Inside Exhibits

The amazing Pietro Begali (I2RTF), winner of the 2019 Hamvention Technical Achievement Award.

The 2019 Hamvention seemed to attract a very large crowd this year so I’m eager to see what the actual numbers are when they’re published. The weather was nearly perfect.

From speaking with inside exhibitors, it sounds like sales were quite good this year, some told me it was a record event.

On Saturday I took time away from my booth–thanks to my volunteers–to visit the inside exhibit tables. Most of the following photos were taken in the main Hamvention metal buildings. Somehow, omitted many photos from the tent area where our table was located.

Note that the following photos are in no particular order. (Click here to view photos of the 2019 Hamvention Flea Market.)

2019 Hamvention Inside Exhibitor Photos

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images:

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