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STF Broadcast #2 Schedule

(Source: STF Radio International)

STF Radio International
Broadcast #2

November 30 0500-0600 UTC
5110 / 7490 / 7570 / 7730 / 9330 The Americas
9955 The Carribean
17645 Asia
Preshow Warm-up!!
November 30 0400-0500 UTC
7730 Khz The Americas

PLUS! Rebroadcast for EU
November 30, 2014 1600-1700 UTC
6095 kHz EU
“I can see the radio wave.”

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A digital announcement from STF Radio International

STFradioSTF Radio International just shared the following digital announcement. Yes, you’ll need to decode this message from SoundCloud with an application like FLDigi:

STF also mentioned that a text version of this announcement with follow in the next few days (but surely it’s more fun to decode the digital version!).

You should make the time to decode STF Radio International broadcasts if at all possible.  Their QSL cards are some of the best in the business.

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QSL cards: STF Radio International sets a benchmark


[STF Radio QSL card front (above) back (below). Original scans by Steve Yothment]


SWLing Post reader, Steve Yothment (WD0HGB), writes:

“I received an “audio QSL” card from STF Radio International a few days ago. Have you heard about it? [The QSL] actually has grooves on the card that you can play on a phonograph. I had a friend play the audio on his phonograph and he converted the audio to MP3 format. Then, I decoded the digital info in the file.”

Click here to download or listen below:


Steve decoded the digital data from the audio QSL card and documented the contents on a PDF document.  Click here to download.

Steve: this is brilliant!  Thank you not only for sharing the QSL card images, but for the audio and your excellent documentation of the digital decode!

Readers: What’s the most interesting QSL card you’ve ever received?

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STF Radio: 1 Hour Million Watt Special, April 20

STF Radio sent the following announcement for their “1-hour Million-Watt Special”:

    ___________ ____  ____  __   ___  _  ___    
   / ___/_   __| ___||    \|  \ |   \(_)/ _ \   
   \___ \ | | | __|  | |) /| \ \| |) | | (_) |  
   \____/ |_| |_|    |_|\_\|_|\_\___/|_|\___/   
            I N T E R N A T I O N A L
            STF Radio International
          1-hour Million-Watt Special 
            April 20, 2014 0400 UTC
               –Frequency List–
  5050 (The Americas)         Saturday Night
  5110 (N+C. America)                “
  7490 (N+C. America)                “
  7570 (N. America)                  “
  7730 (Mex/C. America)              “
  9925 (N. America)                  “
  9955 (Caribbean)                   “
  6025 (EU)                   Sunday Morning
 17630* DRM (EU, alternate program)  “
 17760 (Asia)                Sunday Afternoon
 21490 (Pacific Aus/NZ)              “
          Digital Mode Text+Images
            Internet Hyperlinks
                   ….and more!
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STF Radio International this weekend via KBC

STFradioLast week, I received an email from STF Radio International, a new venture that broadcasts digital modes over shortwave (similar to VOA Radiograms). I asked for a description of their mission–here’s their reply:

“STF Radio is primarily a narrowcasting project, a means to deliver specialized content to specific audiences in remote locations. And due to the nature of shortwave, we’re inviting the world to listen in.

The (possible) series of special multimedia broadcasts will continue the exploration of new possibilities with aging technology. We are currently preparing a 1-hour program for broadcast later in April. Depending on audience response, there may be additional programs throughout the year.

We will continue running tests leading up to the 1-hour show. The second round of tests will begin soon, with another segment of digital modes confirmed for this weekend on The Mighty KBC, same time/frequency as last weekend.”

If you would like to decode STF Radio International‘s broadcast, tune in The Might KBC on 7,375 kHz, April 6, 2014 from 00:00 – 2:00 UTC (Saturday evening in North America). STF indicates that their broadcast will be between 01:30 – 2:00 UTC.

The latest information about STF Radio broadcasts can be found on their website: http://stfradio.com

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