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PortableSDR: The Holy Grail of portable SDR transceivers?

Many thanks to my buddy, Bennett Kobb (AK4AV), who shares information about the PortableSDR, one of five finalists in The Hackaday Prize. PortableSDR creator, Michael R Colton, describes his project on Hackaday: “The PSDR is a completely stand-alone (no computer needed), compact, … Continue reading

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The Japan Radio Company NRD-383 SDR carries a hefty price tag

Many thanks to Dave Zantow (N9EWO) who relays this info regarding the new NRD-383 via Takahito Akabayashi: [The JRC] NRD-383 is sold by “Defense Systems Sale Division” of JRC, so this SDR receiver is especially for military use. The price is more than … Continue reading

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Japan Radio Company (JRC) announces a new SDR receiver: the NRD-383

Dave Zantow (N9EWO) writes: Sungchul Cho informs us that JRC has listed a new HF SDR Receiver on the web site. The new NRD-383 is a direct sampling, 2 channel with digital IQ data output with width up to 10 … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anil reviews the FiFi-SDR receiver kit 2.0

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Anil Raj, for sharing his review of the FiFi-SDR receiver kit 2.0: The perfect radio for business travellers? I travel regularly, or should I say commute between Europe and Asia, and have been on the … Continue reading

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Sherwood Engineering ranks the Flex -6700 SDR

Rob Sherwood has now tested and ranked the new FlexRadio Systems 6700 transceiver on his benchmark receiver test data page.  The ‘6700 tops the list when sorted by third-order dynamic range, narrow spaced. Click here to view the results.

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The Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

Just learned that David Cripe (NM0S) has a new kit for sale: the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit. The Ozark Patrol is a simple, straightforward kit, designed with beginners in mind. The kit uses through-hole components, which is to say, … Continue reading

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WRTH 2015 to ship in December

Sean Gilbert, WRTH International Editor, just posted the following information on the WRTH Facebook group: “WRTH 2015 will be published, as usual, in early December. This will be the 69th Annual edition! Even though both International and Domestic SW is declining … Continue reading

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