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The Mighty KBC repeating digital tests this weekend

Caution: Don’t try this test if you’re driving an 18-wheeler!

The Mighty KBC is repeating the digital test they broadcast last weekend.

If you tune in (9,450 kHz, from 00:00-02:00 UTC) you should try decoding their digital message. If you configure FLDIGI according to their instructions, below, their broadcast should automatically launch your web browser with a message:

Because shortwave reception conditions were poor in many parts of the world last weekend, we will repeat the same digital text transmissions this weekend on The Mighty KBC.

These will be during the broadcast Sunday at 0000 to 0200 UTC (Saturday 7 to 9 pm Eastern Time in North America) on 9450 kHz. At about 0130 UTC, MT63-1000 will be centered at 1000 Hz, and PSKR125 will be centered at 2200 Hz. At just before 0200, MT63-2000 will be centered at 1500 Hz. Both MT63 modes will use long interleave.

Install both Fldigi and Flmsg from www.w1hkj.com.

In Fldigi, go to Configure > Modems > MT-63 > check 64-bit (long) interleave, 8-bit extended characters, and Allow manual tuning. Also, go to Configure > Misc > NBEMS > check Open with flmsg and Open in browser and, below that, indicate where your flmsg.exe file is located. If everything works, a shortwave transmitter in Bulgaria will open a new window of your web browser.

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The Mighty KBC to broadcast in DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)

DRM propagation map for Europe (image courtesy: The Mighty KBC)

The Mighty KBC has announced that they’re going to broadcast in DRM again on the 22, 23, 25 & 26 of December from 16:00 – 18:00 UTC. This is in addition to their previous announced December specials. The DRM broadcasts will come from a 100 kW transmitter and curtain antenna in Kostinbrod (Sofia) Bulgaria on 9,755 kHz DRM.

Tune in and let us know if you heard The Mighty KBC in DRM.

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Saturday, from Bulgaria, Dr. Elliott will control your web browser

As DRMNA.info says:

“Let Dr. Elliott take control of your PC!”

I agree.

On several occasions now, Dr. Kim Elliott has transmitted digital messages via shortwave radio in an assortment of digital modes. We’ve mentioned this in the past (and we even posted a tutorial on decoding his WBCQ message).

Early Sunday morning (UTC–Saturday night for many) The Mighty KBC will once again broadcast some of Elliott’s digital messages from 00:00-02:00 UTC on 9,450 kHz. This time, they’ll even broadcast two different messages in two different modes simultaneously (details below). No Johnny, this isn’t your granfather’s shortwave:

(Source: Kim Elliott)

The Mighty KBC, 21 Nov 2012: “This UTC Sunday, 25 November, more digital text during the broadcast of The Mighty KBC at 0000 to 0200 on 9450 kHz. At about 0130 UTC, PSK125 will be centered at 1300 Hz on the waterfall, MFSK32 at 2200 Hz. Decode one from the radio, and the other from your recording. Just before 0200, only one mode, MFSK32, will be transmitted, centered at 1500 Hz. For this message, please have Fldigi and Flmsg (both available from www.w1hkj.com), as well as your web browser, all running on your PC. If all goes well, at the end of this transmission, the message should pop up in new windows of Flmsg and your browser. (In Flmsg, click Configure, then Misc, then NBEMS, then check Open with flmsg and check Open in browser.)

[Elliott’s comments] “UTC Sunday 25 November at 0000 to 0200 UTC is the same as Saturday evening, 24 November, 7 to 9 pm Eastern Time in North America. This transmission on 9450 kHz is via a leased transmitter in Bulgaria.

To decode the two text transmissions, download Fldigi and Flmsg from w1hkj.com. Configure Fldigi to work with your PC’s sound card.

Also, in Fldigi, click Configure, Misc, NBEMS. Under NBEMS data file interface, click Enable. Under reception of flmsg file, click Open with flmsg and Open in browser.

During reception, patch audio from the earphone or line out jack of your radio to the microphone input of your PC. You may have to experiment a bit with audio settings. You should see a “waterfall” on your Fldigi display.

If all goes according to plan, when the text message just before 0200 UTC (9 pm Eastern) is completely received, it should pop up in a new window of your default web browser.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of The Mighty KBC. Not only do they broadcast an excellent mix of music on shortwave radio, but they’ll also blast these digital messages to their listeners. Thanks, KBC!

Again, please comment if you decode these messages!

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The Mighty KBC’s December special broadcast frequencies

In a previous post we mentioned that the Mighty KBC, who has been very active on the shortwave bands, announced a line of special broadcasts in December. They’ve just published the frequencies for the broadcasts:

The extra frequencies and transmitters for 22, 23, 25 and 26 December are:

EU (German time) UTC +1
9835 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, Non Directional, 125 kW

USA (East Coast time) UTC -5
21600 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, 300°, 250 kW

Asia (Vietnam time) UTC +7 / Australia (Sydney time) UTC +11
15470 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, 75°, 250 kW

And on 22, 23 December we also have our 6095 transmitter on the air as
well with 100 kW 09.00 – 16.00 UTC.

During weekdays we also have The Mighty 6095 on the air between 09.00
– 11.00 UTC with 100kW

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The Mighty KBC announces additional special broadcasts in December

(Source: The Mighty KBC)

The Mighty KBC is going globally with The Giant Jukebox!!

Extra broadcasts on December 22, 23, 25 and 26 2012 between 15.00 – 16.00 UTC.

We are using 3 extra transmitters to go globally:

One 125 kW TX extra on +/- 9 MHz, 1500-1600 UTC, Non Directional (we already use 6095 on 22 & 23 December),

One 250 kW transmitter for the USA (East Coast time) UTC -5  n +/- 21 MHZ, 1500-1600 UTC, 300°, 250 kW

One 250 kW transmitter to Asia (Vietnam time) UTC +7 / Australia (Sydney time) UTC +11

We will soon announce the exact frequencies for those 4 days in December

A one time KBC Radio event
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For a QSL card check the link below

Spread the word, tell your friends about The Mighty KBC

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Mighty KBC on 9,500 kHz

Once again, The Mighty KBC broadcast a two hour mix of music to the world on 9,500 kHz. Fortunately, I was able to record the entire broadcast–you can listen below.

The KBC signal and audio out of their transmitter in Bulgaria were both excellent. There was very noticeable interference from the clandestine station, Radio Republica, who broadcasts at the same time (00:00-01:57 UTC) on 9,490 kHz.  According to my spectrum display, Republica’s signal had a bandwidth of 20 kHz!  At times, I had to narrow my receiver filter to about 6.6 kHz and use a USB sync mode  to keep KBC’s broadcast clear.  Still, you can certainly hear some of the noise from Radio Republica in the recording.

Though somewhat difficult to see since this is a snapshot, Radio Republica’s signal covered a 20 kHz wide swatch of the spectrum. The KBC broadcast is shaded and centered on 9.500 MHz.

Since Radio Republica is broadcast from the US, I’m curious if listeners in other parts of the world (or other parts of North America) had the same problem. If so, please comment!  I’ll pass this along to KBC.

You can download the entire broadcast as an mp3 by clicking here, or simply listen in the embedded player below:

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