Complete list of Tecsun PL-880 hidden features


On the advice of several SWLing Post readers, I have compiled a complete list of Tecsun PL-880 hidden features with how-to links:

Tecsun PL-880 Hidden Features:

New: Click here to download Cap Tux’s reference sheet as a PDF.

If you notice a missing hidden feature or know of an alternate version, please contact me or comment on this post and I will add it. I will continue to add to this post over time. Many thanks!

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29 Responses to Complete list of Tecsun PL-880 hidden features

  1. A. Black says:

    I don’t have a PL-880 but I understand that on recent PL-880 versions that with the radio off pressing 5 will toggle the intelligent lighting. By default intelligent lighting is on (i.e. any control will turn the light on for a short period of time) but with this feature you can disable that so that the light will only come on when you specifically turn it on. (This ability to disable intelligent lighting is also on the PL-660 and certain other Tecsun radios.)

  2. Pedro says:

    Tecsun PL-880 is like a grab bag!. Pressing (and hold) 4 will toggle between “ON” and “OFF”,..but I don’t know what this really do!,..I wonder if anybody know something about it? I haven’t found this feature on the “Complete list of Tecsun PL-880 hidden features” Thanks and 73’s!

    • Pedro says:

      SOLVED!,..pressing 4 let you choose between down (3.4v) or upper (3.7v) Li-Ion battery limit,..woooh! this radio is like wearing a tailor-made jacket !

  3. WA3YAY says:

    Thanks for providing this information. I’ll be picking up a 880 soon and this is the kind of stuff you really need to get the most out of the radio.

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  5. Pedro says:

    When pl880 is off, I don’t know what the button “SCAN VF/VM” does (..adjust what?) when you push and maintain. Anybody helps?. Here you can take a look of what exactly I mean

  6. Gary says:

    Just received my 880 from Anon-co yesterday and have been playing with the “hidden features.” Firmware is 8820 and manufacture date is 140430. Pressing the “6” key yields no result but pressing the “4” turns some feature ON and OFF. Pressing “9” only allows adjustment of muting threshold when I am in the FM mode. If I am in AM or SSB, nothing happens. I’ve not listened long or well enough to know if DNR or muting adjustment works, but access points are in different places than listed here.

    • Gary says:

      Well, discovered what “4” was for. Just reading the above posts would have helped! Geesh. Anyway, “6” does not turn on DNR in any mode or status that I can find. After holding down the key for a while, the numeral “6” comes up and then disappears and the frequency reappears. So, DNR isn’t available in my radio and from listening to the effect on a few videos, I’m not missing anything. Since the yahoo group no longer exists, is there another forum to share information?

      • John says:


        In recent Tecsun radios, the 4 key has a dual function. With power off, it sets the low battery voltage. With power on, it evidently enables the DNR and soft mute functions of keys 6 and 9. That is what I think is going on.

        If you press and hold the 4 key (with the power ON) on a recent release Tecsun PL-880, it will toggle to “On”, and you can now use the 6 and 9 keys as described for the DNR and soft mute. If you press and hold the 4 key again (with the power ON) until it says “Off” , pressing and holding the 4 or 6 keys (with the power ON) will then do nothing.
        The firmware on my radio still shows 8820, but something has changed. Whether it is a hardware revision, or a firmware revision, I don’t know. The SSB performance is also greatly improved on this most recent sample, leading me to believe there have been hardware changes (for the better).


  7. Philip says:

    There is a new yahoo group.

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  9. Hector says:

    Thanks for posting my discover but I want you to correct the description, it say now:
    Now press the key #9 to display the squelch value……….”
    It should say “Now press the key #9 for more than 2 seconds to display the squelch value…..”

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  12. Bob Heller says:

    I plan on purchasing a Tensun PL-880 in the very near future. I would really appreciate it If I could be kept in the loop of incoming blogged comments from others who currently own this radio and are discovering “new” features that they would like to share with other radio enthusiasts to better help them obtain the maximum benefit from this neat new offering from Tecsun.

  13. Joao Fonseca says:

    Also looking for a PL-880 for HF aero comms listening.
    Looking forward to hear how the new versions of the radio are performing very well on SSB.

  14. Andrew Webber says:

    I’ve owned the Tecsun Pl-880 Firmware Version 8820 Manufacture Date 140430 about 6 months. I discovered another hidden feature but don’t know what it means? With the POWER OFF press the page + button for 3 seconds and a display of 1001 on the screen. Anyone knows what this means or if your radio shows the same or different display???

  15. Jonesy999 says:

    Any idea what pressing and holding 4 does while radio is on?

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  17. Mister Skee says:

    Can anyone tell me if their intelligent light function comes on when the volume control knob is rotated? The manual suggests it operates with any button or knob activation. Thank you!

    • Curt W Schwarzwalder says:

      The backlight stays off when the volume control is adjusted, whether the radio is on or off. The backlight will come on for three seconds with radio on or off when either tuning or fine tuning is adjusted, or any button is pressed. This assumes the ‘light’ switch is in the ‘auto off’ position.

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