Which is the best? Sony ICF-2001D/2010 or ICF-SW77? The halfway score

Hi there, here is a summary of the first half of tests comparing the Sony ICF-2001D against it’s replacement the ICF-SW77. Both receivers are widely acknowledged as being amongst the best shortwave portables ever made, but how close are they in performance? Is there a clear winner after the first 8 reception tests? I hope you enjoy the summary video. Links to the first half of reception tests follow again, below, whilst the second half will follow in a separate post. Thanks and good DX to all.


Clint Gouveia is the author of this post and a regular contributor to the SWLing Post. Clint actively publishes videos of his shortwave radio excursions on his YouTube channel: Oxford Shortwave Log. Clint is based in Oxfordshire, England.

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4 thoughts on “Which is the best? Sony ICF-2001D/2010 or ICF-SW77? The halfway score

  1. James Patterson

    Sony ICF 2001D ,ICF SW 55, ICF SW 2001 & National Panasonic RF/DR 49….Read on…
    I have the 2001D,one that still acturly works.This one was sent to me from someone in Australia who collected old radios for a hobby,not to use them but just to have on display.They have a common problem with the capacitors drying up and where I live in New Zealand the caps are almost impossible to get hold of.Ive had two other Sonys,the 2001 and I really think this was the best,and the I CF SW55. The ICF SW55 has not been working for four years oweing to capacitors dried up.It all started when the receiver would not fire up.The on/ off button when pressed,would not stay on.It would turn on to recalabrate for a few seconds then turn off.I started to desolder the caps and replaced one with an odd one I found in my radio shack.But it was the wrong type.So I resoldered them all back on. A very delicate job.Back when Sony NZ was selling the SW 55,they retailed over 1000 NZ $. But I bought mine second hand in excellent working condition from a sailor who arrived in NZ on a yacht,and it became my main radio.So it sits on a shelf now stareing at me.Did the SW77 come out after the SW 55? The SW55 was very good giveing the world time,and excellent BFO,orthough at times a bit “shakey”. But with age,I find the 2001D way down on sensitivity now compared with my Tecsun 2000,and PL660.I wish Sony continued to manufacture good SW radios with BFO because not only is the brand name very good but in their day,they were one of the best on the market.I think Sony were way ahead of their time produceing very fine SW radios. So Im on the look out for a Sw 2001 , SW 77 or SW55 still in good working order.Sony made fine SW portable radios. I do have in my possession a National Panasonic DR/RF 49 in excellent working order.This one came to me from one of the islands in the South Pacific ocean.Back in the 60/70s these fine radios were used by school teachers and doctors who were stationed on the island,to listen into their home land to get the BBC news etc.There were no other radios on the islands back in those days capable of very long distance reception.So this one has a history.I advertised it on a web site ” TradeMe” here in NewZealand but there were no calls for it.It seems not many people in this country know what they are.Its a very vintage receiver still in excellent working order.Its quite big and heavy,I call it the “Black beast”.But Im not an antique collector.



  3. Rainer Lichte

    Hi folks. I am not a newcomer to the field of sw-radio. Fact is, I have used multiband-radios for approx. 60 years, – professionally and sometimes just for fun. Presently I own more than 100 sw-receivers and use one or more of these radios almost daily. After exhaustive testing (see my publications 1975 – 1995) I must agree to the singular and still unequalled excellence of Sonys ICF-2001D. I always work with side-by-side comparison, sometimes operating half-a-dozen units at the same time. Considering price, usability, size and aesthetics the ICF-2001D wins hands down. You must invest at least double the original price to have a very small gain in reception quality. Get one if you can afford the going prices, you`ll not regret it.
    Rainer Lichte
    ex radiowelt, ex weltweit hören, ex SW-Receivers: Chance or Choice, ex Die Qual der Wahl, ex Alle über die Sony Weltempfänger, and many more publications.

  4. James Patterson

    I have both the 2001 D and the ICF sw 55.I think the SW 55 came out befor the SW77.
    The ICF 55 lasted me 10 years of happy listening untill it died,presuming the caps all dried up.However I replaced a few of them thinking they were the main ones that became faulty,but its still dead.What happens from memory,you press the on switch,the “CAL” word comes up on the screen for a few mini seconds,then shuts down.But that radio worked continusly for 10 years on nearly every day and pulled in stations just as well as my ever loved 2001D.So now the SW 55 sits packed away in safe keeping.As for the 2001D,of which was a replacement for my original one,that had a faulty ribbon tape,and was not repairable,it has finaly lost it’s sensitvity,so it too has been packed away in the same place where all my radios go once they have died.I now use the reliable Tecsun PL660,of which has superseaded most portable receivers by far.I have changed the tuning knob on it to a much larger one,making turning far easier.But as for the old 2001-D,to own one,and operate it in its finest glory I think is every DXer’s dream,as was mine.It was in its time,the best receiver ever made,and it took Sony to produce it,as with all the others they made.I dont now why they stopped produceing such great radios,but any how,Tecsun have come up with high end quality portable receivers.I also decided I must have the Sangean 909X being the “Flag Ship” of their receivers,paid $500 NZ dollars,but very disapointed with it’s performance.Over here,and down under in New Zealand,many miles away from most other countries,SW and SSB receiption has always been weak,and Ive noticed it getting alot weaker as years have passed.The Sangean 909X needs a good long wired antenna to pull in any SW stations,but with all it’s bells and whistles,can never compete with the old Sony’s or the newer Tecsun models.So for those who still have the Sony’s operateing,I wish you all continued fine listening,as its one of the greatest pleasures and past times,any man or woman can have in their life time.


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