How to give your Reciva WiFi radio a second life before the service closes on April 30, 2021

The C.Crane CC Wifi

In November 2020, we learned that the Reciva radio station aggregator would be closing down permanently which would effectively render a large portion of WiFi radios on the market useless. This closure will affect a number of WiFi radio manufacturers, but two of the most notable are Grace Digital and C.Crane. I own one of each.

The Grace Digital Mondo

The comments section of my original post about the Reciva closure became the default discussion group for Reciva device owners who were trying to sort out options to keep their devices functional. That article (at time of posting) has nearly 200 comments alone.

There have been some very productive discussions about circumventing the Reciva aggregator before the announced closure on April 30, 2021. Since this information is buried in such a deep comment thread, I wanted to give it better visibility and search-ability by creating a dedicated post on this topic.

Ray Robinson, one of the contributors who has been actively helping owners, has very kindly written up a tutorial for us here and I’m most grateful.

Ray’s Guide to setting up your own “Reciva” WiFi webserver

Ray writes:

[T]he bad news is that Qualcom is shutting down the Reciva website on April 30th, and any Reciva-based Internet radios will no longer be able to tune stations from that aggregator after the shutdown.

The sort-of good news is that if you have a station link stored in a preset on your Internet radio, the preset should continue to work after April 30th, until such time in the future as the station needs to change the link for their webstream.

Because, the other part of the bad news is that most Internet radios don’t have any way of directly inputting or modifying a webstream, or storing a webstream manually in a preset. So, after April 30th, you would lose any ability to change or update any of the presets.

That’s where my work-around comes in. Internet radios do have the in-built ability to address and pull data from a webserver – that’s how they use the Reciva site in the first place. So what I have done is point my radio (a CCWiFi) to a ‘web server’ on my local network instead. This solution uses a Windows PC; there may be a comparable solution using a Mac or a Linux box, but I’m not familiar with either of those.

First, make sure the PC you are going to use is visible to other PC’s and devices on your local network (‘Network Discovery’ turned on, file sharing enabled, etc.).
Second, I recommend you give the PC a reserved internal IP address in your router. If you leave it with IP being assigned by DHCP, its IP address could change anytime it is rebooted, and then your wi-fi radio won’t be able to find it for the presets. In my router, I assigned for DHCP, and then gave my PC the reserved address of, which ensures it always has that same address.

Third, enable IIS (Microsoft’s ‘Internet Information Services’) in Windows. This will create a local web server on the machine. In Control, Panel, go to Programs / Turn Windows features on or off. Click the box next to Internet Information Services and OK, and let Windows install that component.

We are going to store our station webstream links on the PC in playlist files, which have the file extension of .pls. But first we have to tell IIS what to do with a .pls file, as it doesn’t know by default. (.m3u files will work as well, but I did it with .pls files, so I’ll detail how to use those.) We do this by adding a MIME type. Click the Windows start button, and search for IIS. The top result will be Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Click that. In the center of the panel that opens, click MIME Types and then ‘Open Feature’ at the top on the right. This will show you all the extensions IIS knows about. If you scroll down, you will see there isn’t one for .pls. So, we need to create it. At top right, click Add… In the panel that opens, enter a File name extension of .pls and a MIME type of application/pls+xml Then click OK and exit IIS.

If you now look in the root of the C: drive, you will see there is a folder called inetpub, with a subfolder called wwwroot. This is where we want to store the presets.

My CCWiFi has 99 presets, so I have put 99 files in this subfolder, named from Preset01.pls to Preset99.pls.

As an example, my first preset, Preset01.pls, is for Caroline Flashback. To create the .pls, open Notepad, and copy and paste the following:

Title1=Caroline Flashback

Save the file, but change its extension from .txt to .pls.

Then, in Reciva, I need to store the entry in My Streams that will tell the CCWiFi to come and look at that file to know what to play. On the Reciva site in My Streams, I created a stream titled ’01 Caroline Flashback’ with a stream address of ‘’ Remember, my PC has a reserved address of 201. If you use something different, then you will need to change the stream address accordingly.

Then, on the CCWiFi, go to My Stuff / MyStreams and select ’01 Caroline Flashback’. Reciva is telling the CCWiFi to go to my PC and look at the contents of Preset01.pls. This it does, and starts playing the stream. Then, it’s just a matter of storing that playing stream in preset 1 on the radio.

With that done, at any time in the future if I decide to change the contents of that .pls file, I can just store the details of any other station/stream, and the radio will play that instead without any reference back to Reciva.

I recommend you do that for all available presets on your Internet radio whether you are using them or not, even if they only contain duplicate entries for now, because that way you will maintain access to be able to use those presets in the future. And, you must do this before April 30th, when the Reciva site will shut down.

Actually obtaining the URL of a station’s webstream can be difficult; some stations are very helpful and provide them all on their website, while others seem to do their best to hide them. However, here in Los Angeles, I have found the webstream URL’s of all of our local AM and FM stations, plus the webstream URL’s of all North American SW stations, and all the UK stations as well (both BBC and commercial). I’d be happy to advise on that also, but it’s probably beyond the scope of this particular tutorial!

Thank you so much Ray, for taking the time to write up this tutorial.

If anyone is familiar with how to set up a similar webserver on MacOS or Linux, feel free to comment with details.

By the way Post readers: if the name Ray Robinson sounds familiar, it’s because he’s a weekly contributor to AWR Wavescan, and also a presenter on Radio Caroline Flashback!

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204 thoughts on “How to give your Reciva WiFi radio a second life before the service closes on April 30, 2021

    1. Rob

      People hate losing things, we’d usually rather pass on a gain then have something taken away. Owners of these internet radios had their functionality taken when reciva shut down, effective rendering their (somewhat expensive) hardware dead, or on life support until the audio URLs previously programmed changed. All this traffic is to save the hardware from becoming another piece of Ewaste, which has been somewhat accomplished.
      To directly answer your question, a RPi needs a way to input data (keyboard and mouse), display, etc. These devices are stand-alone self contained units to play internet audio and provide a ‘radio-like’ interface. The Pi will functionality do all and tons more, the internet radios simply play audio in a very simple way without tying up addition hardware.
      There is a nice tie-in however. I have an obsoleted internet radio that has new life from a RPi that hosts the playlist files that the radio reads. Once read in, the RPi can be switched off and the radio will remember (for a while, until power is lost, modes are changed, or some glitch).
      Hope this enlightens all with similar inquiry.

  1. Kone

    My computer does not have a LAN port. However, I can connect the computer to the Grace radio by changing the DHCP address. Will Uwe’s method work? I am afraid I may brick the partially handicapped but working radio.

    1. Tasos

      Sorry, I just saw your post, although I checked ” Notify me of follow-up comments by email” and the download time had expired. Thus I can’t tell you if it works for my Tangent Quattro radio. I would be thankful if anybody downloaded the instructions and wants to share it.


    Hi, I just realised today this is too late (I didn’t set up the presets before Reciva went down).
    Even worst, I did a factory reset thinking problem was with the network.

    Any chance to still set memories in my Strong 1000 wr?
    Does anyone know what’s the Reciva URL the radio is failing to reach? anyone backed up its content?

    Many thanks

  3. Steve

    I was one of the people in the UK who repaired the receiva modules for the internet radios that used those modules.

    I wondering if there are others like me around the word who are frustrated their radio is no longer working?

    what I’m proposing is reverse engineering the requirements to make these function again at the hobbyist level?

    I’m a backend programmer for servers and databases and wondered if anyone would be interested in helping to look at the radio end and together we come up with a solution to make these work again.

    if nothing else it might just be a fun project to make it all work again.

    Obviously for large scale roll out the firmware would need to be modifed to pickup the new details of the new servers should the project come to life. something along the lines of sharpflash should be in easy reach of most people. I even ran a sharpflash server for a while where all people needed to do was point their radio at my server to get that firmware, maybe someting like that can be done.

    1. O.w. Kone

      There is likely a way. Take a look at YCast, This gives a work around vTuner that Marantz , Denon and several others used to use. I have implemented YCast for my Marantz receivers with a Raspberry pi program i found and it works perfectly. Post #177. I tried to adapt it to Reciva but my Grace Mondo radio responds with unable to connect Port 80 blocked. I have so far been unable to get around the block. I am a tinkerer and not a programmer. Perhaps you can have better luck.

  4. owkone

    Open Google Chrome, then open Chrome translate, copy and paste the text. It will render an English translation – like magic! Please post your results successful or not.

    1. Linsay Patterson

      I’m just finding I have this issue after buying a radio second hand.
      Your file has expired & I can’t download it.
      Can I get a copy please?

  5. owkone

    I have a Grace Mondo in the same situation. I have DNSMSQ running on a Raspi. It does not work. The radio responds with port 80 blocked. Yet the same server works fine for a different similar application rerouting now defunct radiomarantz to a open source service radiobrowser. Is there a way to solve port 80 error?

    1. Gagarin Miljkovich

      If you use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari webbrowsers they doesn’t allow opening any http page, for “security” reason. Try with a older webbrowser, preferebly a Portable Firefox version 50 to version 54.

  6. Peter Feibelman

    Grace Digital offered me a 35% discount on a new Internet Radio. My response was: “Your offer of a 35% discount on a new radio is not enough, not nearly. Now that I understand that you sold me my Bravado internet radio without having any control over the content feed, you have lost my trust. Why would I send you $130 for a Mondo Elite or $163 for an Elite Classic without any reason to believe that it will function properly until the electronics die? The answer is I wouldn’t. A responsible business would provide a firmware update for my Bravado that restores its functionality. Instead, you just want to wash your hands of the matter (and take in more money). This is a flawed business model, given that I can just buy a Bluetooth speaker and cast radio programs to it from a smartphone. My guess is, accordingly, that you will go down in flames – and deserve that fate.”

    And then I did just what I said: I retired my Bravado, and am now using a JBL Flip 5, a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, which cost me $109.95, driving it with the MyTuner app installed on an old, disused, but wi-fi enabled, Samsung S4 smartphone. The setup may not be elegant, a matter of taste, but it’s inexpensive and it works, I’d add that I like the stereo sound, which the Bravado did not provide.

    1. J J

      HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO POST/REPEAT THE VERY SAME THING AGAIN AND AGAIN here?! Enough, please stop, we heard you. Enjoy your ‘solution’ to the issue. Many of us are still using and enjoying our (OK…GDI) radios because ‘of this thread’ in particular, FYI. We now know what you think about it, which is perfectly OK with me…I understand your position. I specifically listen to my IRDT200’s OPTICAL or COAXIAL outputs through my high quality 7.2 sound system which…sorry…I’m certain is quite superior to your arrangement, frankly, so… Thank you.

    2. Ken

      I can’t see any reason to buy a internet radio when I can use an old cell phone, install an app
      and pick up a bluetooth speaker and velcro the cell phone to the speaker. You will always
      have access to an app that provides music and more.


  7. UweT

    Ich habe hier schlechten Empfang, rauschen und Störgeräusche.
    Also habe ich mir kürzlich ein gebrauchtes Internetradio bei ebay gekauft.
    Läuft Super.
    Deswegen habe ich noch zwei (andere Modelle) gekauft. Sehr Günstig !
    Dann habe ich festgestellt, warum die so günstig waren.
    Beide laufen mit reciva, welches abgeschaltet wurde.
    Die Verkäufer wussten natürlich nichts davon.
    Als Briefbeschwerer sind mir die Dinger zu schade.
    Also habe ich etwas gegoogelt und eine Möglichkeit gefunden, den beiden Geräten wieder Leben einzuhauchen.
    Ich kann jetzt meine Sender über Webbrowser einprogrammieren und als Favoriten im Radio speichern.
    Das Radio zeigt zwar immer noch beim einschalten, dass es keinen reciva Server findet, aber dann drücke ich auf Sender1 und es funktioniert tadellos.
    Ich habe 10 Sender eingespeichert.
    Falls jemand eine Rettung seines Gerätes benötigt, kann er mich kontaktieren.

      1. UweT

        Ich bastel mal eine detaillierte Anleitung wenn ich Luft habe und poste dann den Link hier.
        Es werden geringe PC-Kenntnisse vorausgesetzt.
        z.B. ändern der Hosts Datei unter Windows

          1. uwe

            Please send me feedback.
            Does it work for you ?
            wich Radio do you have (model)?

            I testet it with 3 Devices (success).
            -dnt ipdio style
            -Lenco IR-2100
            -Oxx Tube (OXX Digital)

            it doent worked on my noxon radio

          2. Willibald Sehr

            Hallo Uwe,
            ich habe ein Revo Mondo WIFI,welches nicht mehr funktioniert(Port80 blocked).Hast du einen Tip,was ich machen kann?

          3. Edgar

            Hallo Uwe,
            bitte schicke mir deine Anleitung. Leider habe ich meine Presets via Werkseinstellungen gelöscht bevor ich diesen Hinweis fand.
            Vielen Dankl

  8. PF

    If you’re a hobbyist, you might enjoy fooling with software fixes to extend the life of your Grace Digital radio. I’m not, though. I just want reliable Internet radio at a reasonable price, and I want it now. I don’t trust Grace anymore. So, what to do? My solution: I installed the free MyTuner app on a retired Samsung Galaxy S4, which was sitting idle in a drawer. With it I am now streaming stations from around the world to a JBL Flip 5 stereo bluetooth speaker. I got the JBL as a gift, but you can currently buy one used for as little as $54.99 on ebay, or new from the manufacturer for $129.95, or as a closeout for $83.99 at

    Happy listening!

    1. J J

      Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let ‘the colleagues’ know that the 25 memories/presets that I set up in my GDI IRDT-200’s are still working alright. The streams of 3 of them were not available anymore so I programmed new URL’s for them, saved the .pls files IN MY PC FIRST –URL + station name– as I’ve done from the beginning, then copied the new ones (or ‘moved’ ones) to the C:\inetput/wwwroot/ directory, and tested them in one of the players. Some were simply not accepted, functional, I had to keep trying different streams of my liking ’til I found ‘Grace Digital’ working ones. I hadn’t done anything about it since last November…once or twice a year ‘revision’ is enough I’d say. My radio presets (see below) are now refreshed and ready to be fully enjoyed once again. Thank you again Ray et al (who also gave any helpful input last year) for this simple but useful project. Since I simply named mine ‘Preset##.pls’ (1-25) from the very beginning I don’t have any problems with the stations identification, I just print out my stations list on a 1/2 letter size piece of paper for my three IRDT-200 locations as follows:

      GDI IRDT200 Internet Radio Presets
      June 2022
      01 096 Chante France 13 128 Radionomy Meditation
      02 128 Nostalgie Chansons Fr. 14 flac Eclectic Mix FLAC
      03 128 France Musique 15 128 Beatles Radio
      04 137 Europe 1 16 flac Mellow Mix FLAC
      05 128 France Info 17 128 Oldies But Goldies DE
      06 128 France Inter 18 128 Antenne Rock Softrock DE
      07 096 RFI Monde 19 128 San Francisco’s 70s Hits
      08 128 RTL France 20 flac Rock Mix FLAC
      09 128 France Bleu Paris 21 320 European Klassik Rock
      10 129 France Culture 22 192 Classic Rock Planet HD
      11 160 RTBF Classic 21 23 128 Big Hits Radio
      12 128 RTS La Première 24 320 Megarock Radio
      25 192 SoR Radio

      : – ))

  9. Owkone

    Anyone try the Sharpfin hack? Specially on Grace Mondo.

    Once done would it be possible to replace Reciva with another similar service, e.g. Vtuner?

  10. Leon

    My Goodmans GWF 101 IP GWF101IP) was wroking very well on Reciva before the switch-off.

    But it DOES still receive some presets if I persist in pressing buttons despite the no gateway message etc. This may not continue if there is a token and it expires at some point and/or streaming addresses change. It likely also means I cannot add any new channels. I have no idea on that, just a vague thing I heard about.

    Unfortunately, I know of no proper workaround, but if I find one out, I will let people know (I think the chips are not changeable, so likely no workaround).

    1. Dana Hartsock

      My presets are all still live on both my old Grace Digital radios. But I miss the access to Pandora and SiriusXM in a single device.

      Initially, I was going to buy a Grace Digital Mondo Elite. Not a day goes by in which I don’t think about ordering one. But I expect to see at least one new Grace Digital radio in the next year. (wishful thinking? I don’t know) I was burned once when I bought the original Grace Digital Mondo. I think within a year or so the Mondo + showed up, and I was not happy I did not have the added functionality.

      On the other hand, I put an old OnePlus 6T phone to use, paired with an Anker Bluetooth speaker as a replacement for my old Mondo. It can run apps for Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, NPR, TuneIn… whatever you want. It did not cost me anything since I had the old phone and speaker sitting around. It works very well… but it is not a “one hand” radio solution.

      So, I sit here thinking, is what I have good enough? The answer is, probably. I will see what Grace Digital produces next, to see if I am tempted, or not.

    2. Gagge

      “This may not continue if there is a token and it expires at some point and/or streaming addresses change.”

      You can run your own DNS-server, where you decide where a “streaming addresses” would go. So whenever a station change a streaming adress, you add a new pointer to the old sreaming addresses into you DNS-server.

      “How to Run Your Own DNS Server on Your Local Network”

  11. Tommi Raulahti

    I have been wondering if there is a project somewhere to reverse engineer that firmware and redo it to bring devices back to “normal” condition. Radio station database should be permanently located at github where it’s relatively easy to submit station info (new station, changes etc).

  12. John

    I have a Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200 and used it primarily for Pandora on my main music system. I don’t think any of these work around will get Pandora back. As for upgrading to another Grace I didn’t think that was cost effective. So for me the solution was to purchase an Alexa Echo Dot and use the Pandora skill. Now I get Pandora with voice control for a mere $30

  13. ItsNotGoodName

    I have written a program that lets you control Reciva radios from a web interface. It uses UPnP to achieve this and I have tested that it works with 2 of my Grace Digital radios. It may work for other brands because the UPnP service is named “RecivaRadio”. It can also host presets if you edit the given JSON file.
    The Github repo is You can download the binary from the releases section.

    1. Ted Stone

      I have a Grace ITC-IR1000B and when searching for a UPnP server with your program running, it does not find it. Your server is unblocked in the firewall, etc. and listening on the specified port. Do you happen to know which port(s) such Grace radios are looking for ? Thanks

      1. Ted Stone

        Sorry, I understand now. After a day of messing around with my Grace GDI-IRMamp (the mini amp Grace) I found a bloody simple solution although it does not work with the older ITC-IR1000B for some reason TBD. Install Foobar2000 which is a pretty good music player then download and install the UPnP component for it, then add radio stream URL’s to the playlist. Then go to the radio and Media Server, choose the Foobar server, then playlists, then default (the default playlist) and voila. The annoying thing is the radio keeps rebooting and reconnecting to the network so that’s another problem to solve…

        1. Ted

          This may be a little late, but I have found a great UPnP program that gives new life to my legacy Grace Mondo.
          It is a bit clunky as you have to navigate through a few menus to get to the stream you want. I haven’t figured out yet if there is a way to remember the streams. It has a TuneIn Radio link and I was able to get to the stations that I lost when Reciva was shutdown. Asset UPnP has a 30 day trial and after that $37. I am giving it the 30 day trial.
          I tried several other UPnP solutions on Linux, but none of them worked consistently. AssetPnP seems pretty good.

          1. Rob

            That’s awesome Ted, thanks for bringing this to our attention! If all my redundancies ever fail, I’ll certainly give it a try.
            Has anyone tried this with the CCrane Reciva WiFi radios? I’ve tried getting the UPnP stuff to work via Kodi and Serviio, but without success (for streaming, just accessing files did work).
            I think your timing is totally fine, this might be just the thing to revive someone’s radio when everything else has failed!

  14. Gee Kay

    The following post is written by a LAYPERSON… so please forgive me lack of special knowledge and technical expertise although I greatly appreciate and admire the knowledgeable folks who have posted helpful things here. I have pored over the detailed instructions but don’t understand them. My situation is as follows and I would so greatly appreciate any advice that a layperson such as me might be able to comprehend.
    1. I own a CC Wifi Radio such as is pictured on this thread.
    2. Before the Receiva shutdown I set 99 presets.
    3. I now notice that the presets work but always cut in and out.
    4. I wouldn’t know a DNS server if it jumped in my lap
    5. I would love to understand how to make the CC wifi radio stop cutting in and out.
    6. I have a PC, but it’s not on 24/7
    7. I probably would though, use the CC Wifi during times when the PC is on, as it happens.
    8. We have a modem and router for our Internet.
    Thanks to all and best wishes!

    1. Frank70

      I believe the problems you are seeing would go away if you are able, in some way, to block ( or the entire domain so that the radio would be unable to contact that server. Unfortunately, none of the methods for doing that are for the layperson. Your router may have that capability (to block a specific IP or domain) and if it does, you might enlist help with a more technically-minded friend to use that method. Another method, much more compilicated, is to set up your own DNS server in which (or the entire domain gets resolved to, and then point your radio to that DNS server as outlined in this article above. It seems that if the radio can contact, it will do so continuously to the great detriment of everything else.

      1. Frank70

        Whoops, how to redirect radio to alternate DNS server is NOT outlined above, which makes it even more unlikely that you will be able to use this method.

    2. Rob

      I too noticed the cut-out’s back in the early days, but in 2024, things seem to have stabilized and I notice very few drops these days.
      Good luck!

  15. Ronald Giuntini

    I use my old CCrane Internet Radio every day. Here is how:
    Turn on the radio.
    Let it connect to your wifi as it always has.
    When you see the message “Finding Gateway”, immediately press the “Back” button.
    Then, immediately select one of the three preset buttons.
    That preset loads and plays.
    Thereafter, you may use your remote control to normally access any of the 100 stored preset stations.
    If they are no longer available, (rare), they are either using another URL address (again, rare), or they do not exist any longer.
    You cannot add preset stations, but you certainly can play the ones that still exist.

  16. Harold

    I run a college fitness center and we have a Grace GDI – IRDT 200 receiver. I was blissfully unaware until late September that there was a problem until I got a “Network error Reciva gateway not responding” Reading through the treads I found that those stations already programmed into the Grace receiver will work. I found that hitting the back arrow on the control let me back out of the network error message. Then I selected one of the saved stations. This will only work for the 10 already saved stations which probably won’t satisfy a discerning listener, but for our purposes, that’s more than enough.

    1. Betsy

      You’re da best, Harold. Thx! I was missing my bossa nova station out of Brazil. That solved it. Thank god for presets. All is well again.?

    2. Greg B

      I’m getting around the Reciva problem by using UPnP on Grace Victoria and Grace Mondo radios (by selecting Media Player > UPnP Servers > Emby Server > stream library > desired station) into an Emby server which is configured to stream live audio as well as other MP3 libraries.

      The Emby server is installed on a Synology DS 218+ with a folder/library which contains a list of folders, one for each stream saved as an .strm file as required by Emby (see This way I can change or add streams as needed and still use those radios

      There is a free Emby fork named Jellyfin that may be able to do this- I’m not sure. One potential inexpensive setup that MIGHT work is to run Jellyfin on a Raspberry Pi.

      1. lillmap

        I have the Grace Mondo and a Bravado, thanks for the Jellyfin info. I will implement it on my Raspberry and give it a shot.

        There might also be an alternate solution using an open-source community supported browser called Radiobrowser. – Post # 177

        I have implemented it using a Raspberry pi for my Marantz receivers since they stopped their (Reciva like) service. So far no luck trying get the radio to redirect the YCast server instead of Reciva.

      2. Ted Stone

        I found that Foobar2000 with its UPnP component is simpler to get going and works well with the newer reciva-less Grace radios. The old Grace IR1000B does not work though but Sharpfin does work on it which is cool. Foobar2000 also runs on Ubuntu under Wine and surprisingly works there too with the UPnP plugin. And RadioUPnP is a nice simple Android app if you have an Android phone. It works well with the reciva-less Grace radios as well.

        1. Rob

          Thanks for posting this information Ted. I’ve installed RadioUPnP to a modern android device, and was hoping to use it with my CCrane WiFi2 (TuneIn based) internet radio but am having difficulties.
          After installing RadioUPnP and entering a stream (all of which works perfectly), I’m unable to see it on my LAN through the Crane radio, and searching for the Crane radio via RadioUPnp isn’t working either (actually, nothing shows up in UPnP).
          I do have my Crane radio working with Serviio on a windows machine, so the UPnP function does work, but I’m at a loss with this application.
          Any ideas?

          1. Ted Stone

            Hi Rob, RadioUPnP “pushes” to the radio. So go into RadioUPnP, there is a “cast” button, press it, and in theory your radio’s name should appear there, then play the station. Other UPnP programs act as servers, which require you to go into the Media Server option on the radio itself and choose the server, etc.
            FYI, Foobar2000 has a UPnP server plugin as well as an direct output plugin which acts like RadioUPnP above – you just pick the output device (your radio) and play. I will admit I don’t have a CCrane radio though so cannot be sure. I have 3 Grace’s and the newer 2 work well with Foobar2000 and RadioUPnP. The older IR1000B luckily is compatible with Sharpfin because it does not stream audio as the other 2 do. I hope this helps.

          2. Ted Stone

            The cast button is blue and in the lower right…. If it does not show your radio name, reboot the Android device and check again. I just had to do this.

  17. Frank70

    For the C Crane WiFi Radio at least, by setting its DNS server to point to a local DNS server in which the following 30 reciva servers are blocked (DNS set to return (

    and the reciva time server “”(“”) is redirected to the IP of a local NTP server, the radio continues to work fine with the presets set up per this article. There is no “Reciva Gateway not responding” message, only a brief “Not connected to the Internet” message for a second or so before the current preset starts buffering and playing, nor is there any fiddling with the BACK button. Using a local NTP server divorces the radio completely from reciva, even for maintaining accurate time on the front panel display.

    So it’s not quite a brick.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      In an effort to get the Sharpfin upgrade to work, I reset to factory settings…that was a bit of a mistake, but only had 9 presets in the radio because the tiny remote control was always a pain to use for double-digit preset numbers. So my CC WiFI is nearly worthless (except Media Center but for me that’s not enough to keep it) and I’m taking to Best Buy to recycle at some point along with my Grace Digital Encore. I’ll wait a few weeks and see if a miracle Sharpfin solution comes up but I honestly think it’s too late for both radios. The message I got on CC WiFi “Upgrade not supported” means that firmware upgrades on the CC WiFi were always set to be impossible and I never saw one during the years I had mine and checked for FW updates. It would take some serious hacking involving opening up the radio to access the chip or if a JTAG header is available to override that. If a service ever comes up to do firmware mods, I still have mine, but in a month or so it will be gone.
      One thing to consider before purchasing a radio is the firmware hackability. I don’t know what radio out there is friendly to that but I would purchase one if there is one.
      More user control is better than vendor control.

      1. Steve Sybesma

        I decided to deconstruct my CC WiFi to see what was inside. There is no available JTAG header to plug a cable into to force a firmware upgrade. All headers are occupied by cables. In addition if you ever do this you WILL almost certainly destroy the radio even if you can re-assemble (I have no such intention) because the boards are hot-glued into the slots.
        Of note for the insides are a main board and a daughterboard both stamped with “1748” topside.
        1. “Model MX-200iF Common Main Board Ver 2.0” stamped topside that has supporting electronics and one USB slot with wifi card plugged in.
        2. daughterboard stamped backside “Reciva Ltd (c) 2005 IRM2 ISSUE D”. This is the true mainboard. Chips included (with all markings represented here accurately as I could):
        a. SAMSUNG S3C2410AL-20 1416 ARM K6MBANE (processor)
        b.WINBOND W9825G6JH-6 1621C 65753520001 (chipset?)
        c. HYNIX KOR HY27US08561A TPCB 325H M8SF0574J2 (memory?)
        d. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY 12F508I SN (e3) 1349 (M) WWW (CMOS/BIOS?)

      2. Don

        I didn’t even know reciva was going away until we had a power burp in our electicity and neither one of them would open. One of them works for a few minutes on a preset station, but then tries to reboot.
        To say I’m pissed is an understatement as I have three of the little C Cranes and liked them.
        I’m too old and dumb to understand all the workarounds so I guess downstairs in my little shop I’ll listen to my stations on the laptop and in the bedside don’t know what to do.
        No hope of anyone picking up the service? What the hell happened?

        1. Frank70

          If your router has the capability, you might try simply blocking access to (, which may keep it from rebooting or otherwise interrupting your listening to a preset station.

          1. Ted Stone

            Yea, my Grace GDI-IRMSamp was reconnecting/resetting a lot. Since I am not bothering with presets and relying on UPnP instead, I just set the network settings to static IP with DNS set to loopback address and the radio behaves much better now. My router doesn’t have a way to block the crashlog site…

    2. Frank70


      I found that by blocking the DNS of the 30 servers mentioned above, my C Crane WIFi radio continued to work for presets. What I had not noticed originally, but later did, is that while playing a preset, the remote buttons were slow to respond and the song/artist name scrolling was irregular and halted for several seconds quite frequently. Also, after playing the preset for up to 30 minutes without issue, the radio would suddenly jump to the Network (WiFi) selection screen and the music would stop. With the same 30 servers blocked BEFORE the shutdown, it did not do this, I checked and found that the radio was now consulting a 31st server from time to time.

      By blocking the DNS for “” (i.e. making the DNS server return, these problems no longer occurred.

      So my advice if you are seeing this “slowdown” or random halt to the music:
      Block “” in addition to the 30 servers listed above.

    3. Davis

      Question — So I’m out of luck because 1. I didn’t know Reciva was shutting down until today ( my radio quit on me last night with the dreaded message Reciva cannot be found), and because now the workarounds won’t work? ?? I’ve got 3 CCrane wifi radios to use as paperweights or doorstops.

      1. Frank70

        So if you block those 30 servers plus and (or, block the entire domain plus the entire domain, you should at least still be able to use your existing presets until such time that those stream providers change URLs. If you never set any presets, then yes it’s doorstop time. Same thing once the preset URLs get changed (which won’t happen all at once, perhaps some never).

    4. Greg

      Thanks for posting this. I added these to PiHole’s CNAME list redirecting it back to the PiHole server. Seems to work thus far on a couple of Grace Digital radios. Here are the domains that I redirect:

    1. Steve Sybesma

      I notice a key configuration step in that method is to point DNS#1 on the radio to the PC you will be installing Sharpfin from and leave DNS#2 blank. Very interesting. That forces the radio to see only your PC and nothing else.

      1. Ted Stone

        Yes, you are pointing the radio to the computer running the Sharpfin patch server in order that the radio sees the patch when you go to the Radio’s Upgrade Firmware option. I have successfully upgraded the firmware on my Grace IR1000B, etc. so that now you can set the presets via web browser and also installed the “media server” add on which allows the radio to play stations on its local media server (so no UPnP computer server needed). But the patch server does not run on Windows 10 so you have to have a Windows 7 box around and it did take me a little time to get all of the info together so don’t feel intimidated. But Sparpfin does not work on the newer the Grace radios… On my newer one, I have to reply solely on an external UPnP server.

    2. Steve Sybesma

      I spent hours on this trying to update the firmware and the closest I got is “Update not supported”.
      I’m was stubborn and kept on but I’m not wasting a second more of time on this radio.
      Tilting at other windmills now on other stuff I probably won’t succeed at.
      I doubt this radio can be fixed even if I offered to pay someone.
      RIP CC WiFi.

      Last month I got two new CC WiFi 3 radios in a row that went to sleep on me soon as I connected to WiFi and I had to return them.

      I think that’s the end of C. Crane WiFi for me, though their normal radios are very good.

      I need something that 3rd party firmware is guaranteed to work on if it comes to that.

      I may be able to handle that.

      1. Ted Stone

        The Shapfin upgrade has the test patch which should be tried first and if you get “Update not supported”, indeed that is what it means sadly. This happened when I tried to upgrade a newer Grace radio, but it worked on an old Grace IR1000B which badly needs it because the newer Grace radios work better using UPnP than the older IR1000B which just gets “End Of Queue” when trying to play streams hosted on a UPnP server…

    3. Wimpers

      I works and the guide is step by step and not that complicated. Just added a few of my channels and they play.
      Now I won’t have to throw it away!

  18. Rob

    This is in response to the recent error message “Network error Reciva Gateway not responding” and is at least relevant to the CCrane WiFi1 radios.

    I unplugged one of my radios briefly, and when powered on again had problems connecting. And I certainly received the ‘Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding’ error many times. As a background point, the radio did have the ‘workaround’ applied.
    HOWEVER— I did get the radio working again! I don’t know for how long, or if it’s hit/miss, but I’ll describe what I’ve experienced.
    It seems that the radio has/had a hard time connecting to my wifi network, at least according to the display messages. As a data point, another identical wifi radio that did not get unplugged functions fine (also with the work-around) as always.

    For the unplugged radio, during startup:
    Message: Finding Gateway
    Message: Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding

    For now, I seem to be getting it to work with the following:
    Forget connecting to the network.
    When I get the message “Network Error Reciva Gateway not responding”, I press the BACK button (which shows Select network). Then I press the BACK button AGAIN. The display shows Preset x Stopped. At that point, I select a preset from the remote or radio, and it seems to lock in and work! Every time I’ve tried this, it’s been successful!

    Don’t discard your radios yet, tinker around with them, you might get them running again!
    Good luck,


      Hello Rob, I tried you solution and it worked for me too! Thank you so much, I didn’t know that Reciva was being shut down and I was upset that my little CC Crane radios were not working anymore. Now I have them again who knows for how long but this is a good solution. Again, thank you very much, Marcela.

    2. Mike Sales

      As long as you Don’t FACTORY RESET it should work. My Livio Radio worked Fine until today… October 7, 2021 I only used my presets… But I made the mistake of doing Factory Reset to try and Fix the Rivia Network Error and Bam!

      No more internet radio!

      Wish I had seen this article first!

      1. Miles Border

        Same here. I did a factory restart on my Grace Mondo thinking it would sort it, but now it’s dead. I had no idea about this Gateway thing. Another 2kgs of landfill.

        1. Ted Stone

          You can send it to me :-). No, just use its Media Server option and then use Foobar2000 music player (which works on Windows and Ubuntu) with its UPnP plugin component and then you can create your own playlist of radio streams and play them on the radio. The Android RadioUPnP app works well too. They are simple to set up and use. I doubt Sharpfin will work on it because Sharpfin is pretty old itself I think.

  19. Tommi Raulahti

    Ok, now it did happen… Reciva Gateway is shut down which is needed by all these redios… I have Tangent Quattro and … I have no idea how to access it from network so I could change gateway settings to keep radio working in the future too…

    Is here anyone who have knowlegde how to access Tangent Quattro to fix this?

    1. Danilo

      The gateway is gone, but if you have changed your presets as explained all over this forum, you should be able to listen to your favorite stations: just press the preset button even if the gateway connection failed

      1. Ramon

        I also have a CCrane WiFi and I was able to update the firmware on 20.09.2021 so it worked although I had some problems.

        I can now edit the presets via the web GUI but when starting up it still tries to connect to Revica.

        1. Mogador

          I live in UK with 2 Roberts Radio Streamtime Internet Radios and I have a further 3 in a house in Finland, all held for over five years. They depend on contact with to create and maintain a directory, it is not clear how many of the c.20,000 entries are stored within the receiver, in addition to the five presets and last-used. When I heard that the ‘aggregator’ (a new word to me) was going to cease the service I felt betrayed, and that the seller was in breach of consumer law. Moreover, they offered me a limited 20% discont on their latest models, even though they too relied on yet another aggregator.

          When I looked on the internet I discovered that there were several makes of internet radio in North America which were ‘in the same boat’. There was talk of regulators, class actions and the suggestion of works-around while noting that the products might continue to operate, probably only with their already-preset stations, until any change of source address.

          Now that has ceased to operate and my radios are working on fewer cylinders I turn again to the internet and find with a very uselul compendium of knowledge, although no mention of the UK product. By the way, Roberts Radio is proud of its reputation and holds two Royal Warrants ‘Purveyors of Radio Receivers to The Queen and HRH THe Prince of Wales’- as they say on their website ‘from your place to the Palace’.

          When I first heard of this issue I wondered why it has happened, was it simply the desire of a ‘middle man’ to get between buyer and seller to create a monopoly and/or manipulate the market? Why was a ‘directory in the cloud’ even needed? When I read the earlier postings there was some talk of the cost of running , and whether the users might need to pay an annual subscription/licence fee to keep it going.

          It now seems clear from these contributions that a workable solution can and should be found without the need to ‘open the box., with part of the function of achieved by creating a server within the same household and redirecting the traffic.
          But has anyone considered getting together to create a single ‘wiki’ substitute for , to which the receivers could be connected via an intervention in the modem/router?

          1. JohnSnoo

            Hi Mogador, I have quite a few Roberts WM-201 radios. Only just noticed this problem and found this thread. I don’t suppose you know of a workaround?
            I am also in the UK

  20. alg2468

    Hello everyone:

    Just a reminder that according to the Grace Digital Website on the Legacy Radio Shutdown section, it indicated that the shutdown will be completed by July 21st, 2021, which is tomorrow. However, as of right now my Grace Mondo is still able to select all radio stations like normal, IHeart and other radio services all work, as well as all my history, streams, and local radio stations section. The Podcast, Pandora, and Napster services are not working, and Sirus XM menu disappeared a while ago. Hopefully this will continue for a long time and the older radios will be able to at least receive all internet radio stations (keeping our fingers crossed). Also of note is that Grace Digital offered a 35% discount off the cost of a new radio when bought on their website, but they have not have any radios available for sale for several months due to delays, making us not able to use the coupon.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      I got the 35% discount too and it’s worthless now. They have nothing for sale. They’re not handling their business very well, IMHO. I stuck my neck out and bought a Ocean Digital WR-336N just tonight.
      It’s the only one of the three they are selling that uses Skytunes.

      I wonder if anything will ever be the same again. Reciva was king of the hill and nobody can beat them, except Qualcomm. (sarcasm)

  21. tony Bowers

    Ive just made sure I have as much saved via the web portal and have set up a PICORE LMS that works perfect with my Grace radio on UPNP/DNLA connection. Now I have tidal – spotify – server music – radio coming through the radio using my phone as a remote its great . Bettwer than the radio to be honest. So as long as we have DNLA/UpNP we are all good to go!

  22. Steve Sybesma

    Believe it or not at T+37 days, Reciva is technically still up and running.
    You may have to log into first THEN go back to

    If you do that today, you’ll still see your radios and stations there AND you can still add to them.
    ALSO, it’s a good idea to update your radio this late in the game to ensure the latest URLs are in your radio as it has been explained these can change over time.
    Not sure how long before they finally pull the plug for real so you can’t even do that anymore.

    I see no stories about this in the tech press yet.

  23. Ray Robinson

    Hi, John. My PC is on 24×7 anyway, so I didn’t even think about that! However, I guess the solution doesn’t actually require the PC to be on all the time, just when you’re using the CC WiFi radio.

  24. John

    Ray’s procedure works very well form my C.Crane Internet Radio – but the PC you use for this needs to be on all the time for this to work for any preset. If not, all the presets say “Stream Ended”. The radio stores the link to the preset files on the PC’s IIS web server, not the link to the actual radio stream. Still, it will make the radio more than just a dead brick, and is much appreciated!

    73 de W3MIT

    1. Danilo

      If you have any device at home which is always on you can probably switch it to a dedicated web-server. I had a nano-pi already serving DNS requests, now it also serves those playlist requests from my Tangent Quattro. You can do something similar with any device running some linux-like OS, like OpenWRT for example. A tiny device like mine costs around 15/20€.

      1. andres

        hey danilo any help?

        i have one pi. i started to use with lms logitech media server.
        on picoreplayer system its linux based

        i have 4 ! grace digital so im in trouble lol and one logitech radio that one its ok dont run on reciva

        how i can do it or where i can fin info!


        1. Danilo

          I have made a script which emulates a webserver replying to the reciva radio.
          You can find it here:
          You can put it wherever on the pi, but mine is in /root/cfg/reciva/
          In that place the script should also be named, so in one folder the same script appears as both and Instead of a copy you should opt for a softlink or a hardlink, if you know what that means (basically, instead of “cp” you make a copy with “ln”).
          In that directory you can also put your pls files, their name must match the ones you used when you stored the preset on the reciva website.
          To have the webserver running, you just have to launch, you might want to add it to /etc/rc.local so it is started at boot time.
          I hope you already have set your presets on the reciva website, if you still have the chance to, consider adding a non reserved port to the address of your private server so that you don’t run into conflicts with other webservices on the pi (I have stored presets as http://myaddress:8080/preset-1 for example, and have the listening to port 8080).
          In my case the commands available from the shell are provided by busybox, but on some distributions the available commands are limited to keep it more compact. If you find that any commands used by are not available in your environment (as I did), please download a complete busybox built for your architecture, I have put the link to the download page somewhere in this blog.
          If you run into issues, I will gladly help you solve it.

          1. andres

            its more that i expected! im not too familiar with linux but i dont mind work on it.

            my question for now its what i dont have those exactly folders?

            i have /etc/ but not rc.local in etc.

            same with /root its only that and not cf folder

            i connect through ssh with winscp.

          2. JoergGaBo

            Hi Danilo, thanks for your script. I would like get my Sangean WFR-20 back up and running again and will drop your script onto a Raspberry Pi. However I guess I need to redirect DNS for the Reciva service to my local device to make it work. Do you know which hosts/IPs are required?


          3. Danilo

            Joerg, if reciva servers are still up and you can set your presets, then you don’t need DNS redirection. Your radio device will store a preset (locally, on the radio itself) pointing to a local network address address (the address of your rasperry, e.g.
            As long as the preset is stored on your radio device, no DNS is required.
            BTW, the script was later on better adapted to raspbian, so let me know if have any issues.

        2. Danilo

          Andres, what linux distro are you running on?
          Please tell me the output of “uname -a” run on shell, or the content of /proc/cpuinfo.
          Do you have a folder /etc/rc.d ? Then tell me what’s there inside.
          I will try to give you a pseudo-installer, but you must be able to run commands on a shell and I guess winscp lets you just transfer files.

          1. andres

            hi danilo

            i can run commands yes

            i oen console and text uname -a
            i get this
            /home$ uname-a
            -sh: uname-a: not found

            im using picoreplayer its linux based for my understanding i can install additional files if its necessary or picore extensions. im been thinking maybe i get any file that i need in that way.
            also i can run commands on picoreplayer access page.

            etc contents only this folders

            i suppose i can run commands on terminal i guess just what i did with uname -a
            yes i able to transfer

            sorry i little limited with my knowledge about linux but dont mind try.

          2. andres

            i find cpuinfo
            this its what it is in the file.

            processor : 0
            model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
            BogoMIPS : 44.80
            Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32
            CPU implementer : 0x41
            CPU architecture: 7
            CPU variant : 0x0
            CPU part : 0xd03
            CPU revision : 4

            processor : 1
            model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
            BogoMIPS : 44.80
            Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32
            CPU implementer : 0x41
            CPU architecture: 7
            CPU variant : 0x0
            CPU part : 0xd03
            CPU revision : 4

            processor : 2
            model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
            BogoMIPS : 44.80
            Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32
            CPU implementer : 0x41
            CPU architecture: 7
            CPU variant : 0x0
            CPU part : 0xd03
            CPU revision : 4

            processor : 3
            model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
            BogoMIPS : 44.80
            Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32
            CPU implementer : 0x41
            CPU architecture: 7
            CPU variant : 0x0
            CPU part : 0xd03
            CPU revision : 4

            Hardware : BCM2835
            Revision : a02082
            Serial : 00000000f6da9265
            Model : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

          3. andres

            well idk show me that before bad type i guess

            i do again and i get this

            /proc$ uname -a
            Linux pCP 5.4.83-pcpCore-v7 #1 SMP Fri Dec 18 22:52:33 EST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

          4. Danilo

            ok, then get this tarfile
            Its name is reciva.tgz, move it onto your raspberrypi, then open a shell on the pi as user root and extract the content with the command:
            tar xzvfP reciva.tgz
            When done, you’ll get the following folders:
            The former contains the needed binaries, in the latter you can put your playlists, but note that the filename must match the one you configured on the reciva website (in my case it was http://myserver:8080/preset-1 and the files is therefore named /root/reciva/cfg/preset-1).
            To run the webserver, you just have to run the command
            To make it survive reboots, you should add that same command into what I guess on system is /etc/init.d/rc.local
            If that file exists you can do that by running the command:
            [ -e /etc/init.d/rc.local ] && echo /root/reciva/bin/ >> /etc/init.d/rc.local
            but consider copy&paste the command to avoid mistyping it and break something.
            Also note that the webserver is currently listening on port 8080, so if you still have the chance to I’d suggest you to change the preset configuration on the reciva website. If you cannot or don’t want to and you know that no webserver is already running on your pi (you can check with: “netstat -ltn” and see if any process is listening on port 80), then in that case you can edit /root/reciva/bin/ and change the listening port from 8080 to 80. It is set in the first lines of that script:
            readonly TCPPORT=8080

          5. andres


            oh now just need copy files right? you create everything, and i need its change port for other one.

            now i cant move forward, i cant copy nothing to root
            i able to copy files to tc folder its folder of the user , username tc

            but i cant copy anything to /root

            just searching i get this

            There is no direct root access, the default user id, has builtin sudo access.


            i try several things like logging like pi or root without sucess , not password in one and raspsberry in other one.

            also i dont have this file rc.local

            i have folder wit/etc/init.d/ with other files mostly .tc

          6. andres

            hi i able to move reciva folder to /root finally, using sudo on command i able to do it finally.

            only thing left its rc.local

          7. andres

            hi danilo

            you answer me back two days ago but i only able to see message today so it take like two days to read your feeback , thanks for helping me.

            i little give up, im been reading picoreplayer my system works on ram memory, just for testing purpose i shutdown system and after boot again all files are gone from root folder, there its a user folder and in that case files stay avalaible there,

            anyway i able to move files to root on winscp if its necesary in my case.

            its possible runs from there from other folder and no root one?
            i cant execute i get some errors

            its like what you say about commands in my linux version, i try opt install i guess its called it and get me error . like not found.

            how i know if i dont have some commmands from in my linux version?

            run any from there , on terminal in winscp?

            [email protected] its my email.

    2. Gagarin Miljkovich

      The presets, as .m3u or .pls-files can be stored on whatever webserver who is online 24 hours/day. As example you can rent a web server at with your own domain name.

      When you wish to change the 6 presets on your Reciva, you only edit the .m3u-file, through a web interface or ftp.

      Here is an example how I how done it at my domain

  25. alg2468


    My Grace Mondo as of today still has its 10 presets, as well as the stations in My History, My Streams, My Local Stations, and I can still search for and select stations. I also have an older Grace Allegro, but that radio can no longer search for stations, only the presets, history, streams, and local stations still work. The Grace website says that the shutdown will be completed by July 21. They may have changed this because their new radios are out of stock, so you cannot buy a replacement. It would have been great if Grace or another aggregator like Skytune or Listenlive could have given us ways to restore the radios using their database, but Grace and others using the Reciva database did not see this coming. Also Grace Digital says its newer database is owned by them (and also used by CC Crane and others), and they will never shut it. I did buy a Ocean Digital WR-23D last month, and it works very well. And I can preset up to 99 stations; my only concerns are that if you request a station with its URL which I did four weeks ago, it is still not added to its database, and like Reciva, how long until Skytune shuts down. But you can add stations to your own presets if you know the stream URL.

  26. alg2468

    Well everyone we’ll have to see what happens on tomorrow May 21st, the day that Grace Digital on their website (at least until about a week ago) said that the Legacy Radio Shutdown would be completed. The shutdown day about a week ago was changed to July 21st on their website under the Legacy Radio Shutdown section, and my Grace Mondo still works – the presets, history, streams, local stations, and I can still search for stations. And the newer radios are still sold out on the Grace Digital website and not available on So we will see what happens.

  27. Bettina Helms

    Well, people, I have had to give up on the Grace Victoria due to connectivity issues. It’s been having trouble staying connected to the network – *any* network – for months. I have tried everything I could think of, and there’s no pleasing it. So I guess it’s just a pretty piece of junk.

    Will give it to my brother to play with and see if he can do anything with it.

      1. Bettina Helms

        Naaah, I think it’s just that the radio is coincidentally turning up its toes at about the same time Reciva goes away (the connectivity problem came first, before the announcement).

        1. Frank70

          Yeah, my Crane WiFi radio has also developed a strange symptom – if power is lost for several seconds to several minutes and then restored, the radio will not boot up past the second boot-up message (never gets to the “Starting…” message). But if I remove power for about 15 minutes or longer and then restore power, it boots up just fine. So the radio has developed some sort of strange memory; I don’t recall that it has always been that way, so I suspect some day it just won’t boot up at all.

    1. leigh r rich

      Agree 100%. My Grace Mondo is dead. Will not pick up wi-fi like it used to. I did get a Oceans Digital WR 336N. It has a rechargeable battery inside. Uses Sky Internet which is awesome.

  28. andres

    i already have the server? i guess

    im using a sinology

    and i have a grace mondo, sadly you cant save presets on the radio with radio list that i use , its other format m3u, for accident exploring i able to find it , using upnp on grace mondo.

    just for fun i have hd home run and i able to hear sound from some atsc channels on grace mondo, but not in the grace mondo plus.

  29. andres

    wondering if i can do the same on one pi? or a nas

    more a PI than nas, now i have to use logitech server on one

    any thoughts? i start reading comments


  30. Frank70

    How to find the URL of virtually any internet radio station that you can look up:

    1. Go to

    2. Select “Station Search” from the menu at the left or the blue button at the top.

    3. Search for the station you are interested in (lots of search criteria available).

    4. Click on the + in a box to the left of the station in the search results subwindow.

    5. The URL will be shown as a link. Do not click on it or copy the link (that doesn’t work); instead just copy the actual text of the link (highlight it and ^C).

    6. Paste it into your browser URL window, VLC’s network URL, or into one of your .prs files created according to this topic.

    This works now but the site may go away once Grace has shut down all their older radios, so go grab your favorite URLs now (note that they may become invalid in the future, but at least they work now).

  31. Bettina Helms

    Presets still work, nothing else does – and that includes the “alarm clock” feature on my Grace Victoria. I think we all overlooked *that* one. Since it *was* my alarm clock, I’m going to have to make other arrangements.

  32. alg2468

    Hello everyone:

    I just went to the Grace Digital website at and it shows that the final shutdown date has changed to July 21, 2021. The fact that they changed the date two months later leads me to two possibilities: The date may have been changed because the new Mondo Elite and Plus Radios are not available on Amazon or on the Grace Digital Website for the past several weeks, or/and Maybe, just maybe, the original Mondo radios, now on the new Grace Digital portal and at the rotel.reciva site, will be still supported by Grace indefinitely. That would be perfect, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  33. Frank70

    May I assume that the C. Crane WiFi Radio is NOT a suitable candidate for installing Sharpfin and the Sharpfin media server (as an alternative to the method outlined in this topic)?

  34. alg2468

    Thank you Frank 70 for the infomation about the and the websites. They work for me and both my Grace Mondo (which still has not shut down and is still able to enter new stations) and Grace Allegro (which is not able to enter new stations now, the message that the server is shut down is heard when trying to enter any new stations). However, for both radios in the My Stuff section, the My Streams/My Stations/My Local Stations all still work, as well as Weatherbug. So I am now wondering if these parts of the radio, as well as the menus with IHeart and stations will still work permanently after May 21st, which Grace Digital says the Grace Mondo – the final radio – will be shut down from Reciva? And by the way, I just went to the to the My Streams section and added a new IHeart radio stream for curiosity to see if it would work. It did on the Mondo, not on the Allegro which could not get IHeart radio streams for a few years now. Any thoughts?

  35. Frank70

    Yikes – so much for Qualcomm not selling the code/API to anyone else. Check this out!

    Open that page and log in with your old reciva credentials (no matter that your radio is not a Grace Digital radio). You will find all your “stuff” still there. And all the 31 servers are still up even though gives the appearance that it is down (it really isn’t, it’s just hidden/crippled).

    Now it may be that Grace Digital will delete all accounts from their system that don’t have a Grace radio registered, but they certainly haven’t done that yet. It’s not clear how Grace Digital is going to stop service to all the other radios, but I suspect they may eventually send an update to all Grace radios that changes the servers’ URLs, then deactivate the old reciva servers, orphaning the other radios. The statment on their website says this: The managed shut down began on November 4th, 2020 and will be completed by May 21st, 2021. “Anticipating the eventual shut down, Grace Digital has already developed a faster and more feature rich internet radio platform. Radios developed after 2017 are on the new platform and will not be affected.” I think this is a reference to a new parallel set of servers under

    Also, the site appears to be down, but that’s not true – it simply doesn’t show the login box. You can still log in to that site by first going to:

    Log in there with your reciva credentials – your “stuff” will show there, but if you prefer to use the original reciva site, stay logged in and go to – it will still not show the login box, but you will be logged in and can see your “stuff”. Don’t know how long this will continue to work, but it’s very interesting that it does now.

    Such is the strange, convoluted, and cutthroat world of corporate America/Britain.

  36. Rob G

    Looks like the Reciva plug has been pulled! 🙁
    But the good news so far is that my internet radios (CCWiFi) are still working! 🙂
    We’ll all see for how long…..

  37. Bettina Helms

    Unfortunately this has all gotten too technical for me. The hangup is that bit about assigning a reserved IP address – it’s not at all clear how to go about doing that, and I got less than no help from my internet provider. (They gave me some jive about “static IPs are for business customers only”, which suggests that either I didn’t explain clearly enough, or the person responding had no clue what I was talking about – less clue than I had.)

    Guess I’m going to have to hope that my home network remains stable enough that this workaround will continue to work. If it doesn’t, well, then it will be necessary to replace the boat anchor.

    1. Danilo

      No need to get to your ISP, that’s something you do in your local network, which is anyhow managed by your home router. Every device in your LAN gets a private (usually 192.168.x.y) address from the router.

        1. Ray Robinson

          Yup! At least, the web site is gone, if not the database servers behind it yet.

          “This site is now closed”

          1. Alex

            Wow Frank70. Thanks for the info . Even on the rotel reciva page i have my same menu and stations as they where on the reciva page.

          2. Frank70

            Well for something really strange, go to and log in there!

    2. Frank70

      Bettina, might I add to Alex’s excellent response that for a basic home network – the Subnet Mask is virtually always, and suitable DNS servers to use are almost always your Default Gateway address (IP address of your router) and/or The reserved IP address you use is up to you, but needs to be OUTSIDE the range that your router will use for DHCP requests (once you log in to your router via HTTP, you will be able to find that range among its LAN parameters). My router’s DHCP range, for example, is through, so my fixed IP address for my Windows machine of is just fine.

  38. Chuck Hooker

    As a Crane WiFi user, with, in fact, two of these apparent “relics, my non-tech self remains confused. Seemingly with a Mac system, there’s no relatively simple way to modify all the “My Stations” or streams to foil the shutdown. However, reading that the radios’ preset buttons—10 total per device—are perhaps safe for their existing links. It would be great, but is it a heap of misinformation?

    1. Frank70

      Let me give you an example why existing presets may work for a while, but eventually may stop working:

      The folk music streaming site Folk Alley provides their live stream on this URL (an MP3 stream):

      If you’ve stored this as a preset, and select that preset, it will gladly go to and you’ll hear Folk Alley just fine. But once reciva is no longer actively keeping your radio up-to-date, then should Folk Alley switch their live streaming server to (assuming went out of business or was charging Folk Alley too much), the non-updated URL stored in the preset will still point to the streamguys1 site which is no longer carrying the stream. So at this point in the future, the stored preset will stop working.

      Using the method outlined in this article, you are forcing your presets to use a URL on your own server, which in turn points to a URL that you maintain on your own. If the URL that Folk Alley uses should change, you need only change the preset on your server to point to that new URL. In the case of Folk Alley, it is fairly easy to find that URL using VLC – open the stream with VLC and while it is playing, select Tools/Media Information and look at the “Location” at the bottom of the Media Information window. Other streaming sites may make it more or less difficult to find their stream URL.

      Note that you cannot make your .pls file (on your local server) point to another .pls file on a Crane WiFi Radio – it just doesn’t support two levels of indirection (although VLC, for instance, does). Other radios may or may not support this. Also note that regardless of the “Title1” line that you put in your .pls file, the preset will (again at least in the case of the Crane Radio) always havethe name originally assigned by you on the web site, not the name in the .pls file.

      1. Frank70

        I was incorrect in making the generalization:

        “Note that you cannot make your .pls file (on your local server) point to another .pls file on a Crane WiFi Radio – it just doesn’t support two levels of indirection (although VLC, for instance, does).”

        The Crane radio does indeed support a .pls file pointing to another .pls file. However the Folk Alley .pls files:

        do not contain the lines beginning with “Title1=” and “Length1=”, and are therefore unacceptable to the Crane radio. Other .pls file URLs from other streaming sites do indeed work as valid URLs to put into your private .pls files (i.e.: they will play).

    2. Frank70

      Note that today I set up my DNS server to block the 29 servers that the Crane WiFi Radio uses to contact; I’ve re-directed to my own NTP server. The radio now can’t do much else, but it can still play the presets, both those that I’ve stored directly as provided by reciva, and those that I’ve stored (per instructions in this article) to go through my own HTTP server.

      Note that any PANDORA stations I’ve assigned to presets DO NOT PLAY. Even though the radio seems to be contacting Pandora servers (which I haven’t blocked), it looks like it cannot provide Pandora with my Pandora credentials without first consulting a reciva server (all of which I’ve blocked). So Pandora presets are dead (and will be for everybody once takes all their servers off-line).

  39. Ray Robinson

    So here we are on May 2nd, and the website is still active! I wonder for how long?

    1. Frank70

      Still up Monday night 9:44PM. Note that there is not just one server, there are at least 31 and all of the last 29 need to be unreachable/down/blocked for , , etc. to fail (at least on the Crane WiFi Radio): ( (

  40. Paul Tardif

    Questions to and answers from Reciva. I captured several instances of the packets interchanged between a Revica radio and their website with WireShark. When you read the material below you will understand why that is NOT a solution.
    ======== for brevity removed unneeded material from the email exchange ==============
    I know from your website that you will be shutting down at the end of this month. I also read that your Reciva module periodically requests a new token from the Reciva server or it will stop working. True? If so, could you please tell me what it expects to see so I can direct my DNS to locally see this request and respond with an acceptable token for your module. Or if it never gets a response will everything continue to work. That is, will the Station list and My Streams lists still exist in the radio and not be erased?

    All communication between each individual radio and our servers are plain HTTP with bespoke encryption based on unique encryption key pairs – one put in your radio at manufacture (bespoke chip) and other within the servers.
    We’re sorry but this encryption algorithm is propriety and cannot be disclosed.

    We use a very complex relational database on the back-end to make bespoke menu generation for these radios possible. You would need to ask Qualcomm’s sales and marketing department if you would like access to this as the people on the existing staff cannot authorise release of this.

    Stations Support
    Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., Churchill House, Cambridge Business Park, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0WZ
    Thanks very much for the explanation – I suspected as much in looking at WireShark traces of the packets.

    However, there is one unanswered question.
    Could you please tell me whether or not this is the case: will the radio periodically ask for a token from Reciva?
    And if it doesn’t get one, will the My Stations and My Streams data be erased? Or will they remain untouched?
    The three My Stuff menus (My Stations, My Streams and My Podcasts) are constructed menus which are passed down to the radio, based on info from our database. Yes the radios will continue to do requests to the servers as they’re coded to do that so unfortunately these menus will be inaccessible eventually.

    However, the button presets on your radio are stored locally instead of on our servers. For as many button presets your radio is capable of storing, these presets will still be accessible.

    Stations Support

    1. Ray Robinson

      “However, the button presets on your radio are stored locally instead of on our servers. For as many button presets your radio is capable of storing, these presets will still be accessible.”

      This is encouraging, and confirms that our approach of storing station preset values in the radios and on our local web server should keep the radios functioning indefinitely. It was clear all along that ‘My Stations’, ‘My Streams’ and ‘My Podcasts’ would no longer work once the Reciva site went dark, so there’s nothing new there. This is the first time I have seen confirmation from Stations Support that the presets work completely independently of the Reciva site. Good news indeed.

      1. DK

        Hello Ray, JJ and all who have commented making my post-Reciva life easier

        Happy to say that Ray’s instructions have worked for someone who’s just a user of technology.

        Rather than recording the programme name against the presets in My Streams, I’ve labelled them P01 through to P33 which is similar to JJ’s approach. This provides flexibility to replace URL’s when they are eventually broken or when a better station comes along. All I will have to do is update a printed shortlist with the current programmes. A disadvantage is that some of my selected programmes do not transmit the station name data to the display screen.

        All in all though, what I have seems to work which means the Rotel RT-12 doesn’t become a large FM-only paperweight!

        1. J J

          Hi KD, hope your presets are working fine…mine are. If a station disappears, we just have to redo the PC side of it in the long run.
          I do have only IRDT-200’s here. Before 04/30 I went into the Reciva aggregator and did just ‘the opposite’, I deleted all the entries for ‘My Stations’, my ESD?!
          Today I went to confirm as Ray and others wrote on the thread that the Reciva website was down, finally ‘closed’. Then I logged in with my Reciva info under the Rotel site, opened (it actually did! as also reported) the Reciva one next, and decided to test the thing by, again, adding one of my usual stations, “Nostalgie (Fr)” specifically: Not only it accepted it but IT PLAYS FINE AS BEFORE ON THE ‘200’s! ‘Til the 21st or before probably. Funny the way these people are doing the ‘face off’ of the service, isn’t it?! You all have a great weekend.

      2. Fred Kaluza

        Thanks Ray! With hours to go I believe I have now properly stored the 25 presets on my Grace Victoria such that they point to .pls files on my local laptop! I’m still sorry to see the Reciva site go down but at least we can still modify our local .pls files to point to audio streams we identify on our own schedule. You are an awesome guy! Thanks again. Fred in Michigan N8EJR.

        1. Bettina Helms

          Too bad I didn’t hear about all this before it was too late. I don’t suppose there’s anything that can be done now. (Unwarned and unhappy owner of a Grace Victoria brick.)

          1. Paul Trynoski

            As of right now, it’s not too late. Reciva site is still up and working, subject to change at any time. After the Reciva site dies, the UPnP option may still be available.

  41. Skip Winitsky

    Does the preset have to be stored on a physical button or will the entry in “My Streams” on the radio suffice?

    1. Ray Robinson

      ‘My Streams’ on the radio simply points to the Reciva website, which will stop working on 4/30. So, yes, the preset values do have to be assigned to specific physical presets on the radio.

      1. Bettina Helms

        That poses a problem with regard to the Grace Victoria, which does NOT have individual physical preset buttons (it does have one button labeled “Preset”). The information may or may not be stored internally in the radio in electronic form – I’m not savvy enough to know that.

        At present I have four stored presets, and I don’t know if they all still work (my #1 go-to station still does, for now).

  42. Chuck Hooker

    Response to the Reciva-caused mess is a great example of good folks coming to the aid of others. It’s impressive.
    Sadly, those of us who use Macs exclusively, and are quick to admit to being miles short of tech-savvy, this is still a calamity.
    Following up on Ray Robinson’s mention of Mac/Linux OS, hopefully some bright soul who uses Macs — and understands the plight of bewildered WiFi Radio addicts—can bail us out.

    1. Paul Trynoski

      Apparently, there is a way to set up a Mac web server, but it looks like it will take some tech knowledge and abilities:

      If you have access to a remote site that will stream your stored links, that may be an option.

      Just about any old windows machine could be put into service to set up a home server. New, used, or refurbished tiny desktops can be had for $150 or less on eBay, Amazon, or local Craig’s List.

      Serviio is an option if your Internet radio has a UPnP function.

      If all else fails, an Andorid box or just about any old smart phone will play Internet radio streams.

  43. Ray Robinson

    Incidentally, I just received a very pleasant surprise from C Crane. A few months ago, C Crane announced that they were developing a replacement for their WiFi Radio that would not be dependent on Reciva. The regular price would be $120, but for a limited time, existing owners could register to receive one at half price, $60. Naturally, I registered! Then last Thursday (15th April), I received an email from them which said:

    “Dear Ray,

    Thank you for your interest in the New CC WiFi Internet Radio 3. We received your form submission to purchase the radio at $60.00 (plus shipping). We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out the form.

    We have a limited supply of CC WiFi 3’s coming in late June (if all goes as planned). In order to secure a radio for you, we need to enter an order in our system. We need your billing and shipping address as well as a pay method to secure your order. Please note, your credit card will not be charged until the radio is shipped. Please call us at 1-800-522-8863 during our customer service hours Monday through Friday, 8:15am to 12pm PT or 1:15pm to 5:00pm PT.

    Please do not send any credit card information through email.

    If you’ve already called us to place your order for the CC WiFi Internet Radio 3, please disregard this email.

    We appreciate your patience and continued support.

    Jessica Crotty
    General Manager
    C. Crane”

    So, today I called to provide my shipping and billing address, and method of payment. The lady I spoke to checked my information from the form I had registered with earlier, and she said “You bought your radio in November 2019 – right?” I replied – “yes”. She then said, well since the Reciva shutdown was announced in October last year, that means you were still within the 12 month warranty period. So, we will ship you a new radio when they become available in late June. Your charge will be $0.00!” They’re not even going to charge me the shipping cost! What an amazing company C Crane is. : )


    1. Tom G. ABQ

      That’s awesome. I got the same e-mail but my radio is older. I accepted their generous $60 half price offer.

  44. J J

    CHAPEAU, Paul (T.)!!! As you can see (below) my ‘memories’ are almost 50% in French (All 1-12)
    I now have my two favorite ones on that ‘left side’, Preset01.pls & 02 working great thanks to you. LISTENING TO CHANTE FRANCE ‘this way’ on my family room IRDT200 as I write this reply, cool! I moved the ‘Nostalgie’ one to ’02’. I’ve been around NJR radio many times, didn’t think about it. Would you be so nice as to give me if possible a (NRJ or other) link where I can probably find the rest, from 03 to 12?! NO HURRY, whenever you have time. I won’t ask you for all those remaining station streams, out of consideration, he he!!! Are you also doing something similar with your G.D.? I think it’s the best partial (key word!) solution given the circumstances. Simple Reciva presets might work for a long (or short in some cases?) while but this way at least you’ll probably secure access to your (varying at times?) favs without any additional expense, like having to replace these things. I don’t feel it’s worth it the way it’s going all over. I say this because last year I lost all ‘outside’ (Internet) use of two Philips NP1100 (please check the Web if you are not familiar with the model), I now use them as a UPnP music server from our, mainly, two family desktop PCs…no more Pandora, Radio, Favs…nothing else.

    I had found this other “Classic Rock Planet HD” stream last night, after ‘requesting it’. Two is better than none! I’ll keep it of course, just in case.

    GDI IRDT200 Internet Radio Presets
    01 Nostalgie Chansons Françaises 13 Tropicalísima del Ayer
    02 Nostalgie Les Plus Grands Tubes 14 1.FM Éxitos del Ayer
    03 Nostalgie Best of 60’s 15 Beatles Radio
    04 Nostalgie Best of 70’s 16 All ‘60s All The Time
    05 France Info 17 Oldies But Goldies DE
    06 France Inter 18 Antenne Rock Softrock DE
    07 RFI Monde 19 San Francisco’s 70s Hits
    08 RTL France 20 1.FM Classic Rock Replay
    09 France Bleu Périgord 21 European Klassik Rock
    10 RTBF La Première 22 Classic Rock Planet HD
    11 RTS La Première 23 4U Classic Rock
    12 CBF-FM 95.1 – 1ère Chaîne 24 4U 80s
    25 4U 70s


    J a s o n

    1. Ray Robinson

      Jason – the easiest way to find the streaming URL’s is from TuneIn. Go to and search for a station/stream you want. Press play. Right click the screen and select ‘Inspect Element’. Click the Network tab. Stop and start the stream again. Look for the row (in red) that says “Media” in the ‘Initiator’ column. Then, right click that row and choose ‘Copy’ – ‘Copy URL’. You can then paste that into Notepad.

      Doing the above, for instance for France Inter, produces a web stream of

      I hope that helps!


  45. J J

    Hello (and THANKS!) Ray et al.

    I followed your instructions and was able to reprogram “My Stuff” / “My Streams” in my three Grace Digital IRDT-200’s. My slightly different decision was to just name each of them ‘by their numbers’, which is 01-25 in the case of that radio-player model. Actually I renamed them ‘0 1’, ‘0 2’…’2 5’, with a space in between, ‘my personal taste of it’. It could be “Preset 01” (or even “Preset 1” IN THE RECIVA SIDE only I mean; or similarly). This way, when and if I change a station stream in the PC along the road, I should be perfectly fine on the radio side, there is nothing you can do after the aggregator goes down at the end of April. Of course, I had to ‘go back in time’ and compose a simple 1-page doc in Word, 2 columns, 1-12 stations with their nice names (needless to say!) on the left and 13-25 to the right in my case –again, that’s the max # of stations / streams that I can ‘memorize’ with my 200’s. There is absolutely no need to do ANYTHING if you don’t want in your PC until you later collect the URL (stream info for the “Preset##.pls” line) for whatever number of presets your radio models have. You just need as a minimum, before 04/30/21 (I would strongly advice you not to wait ’til the last minute to do this!), to set THE RECIVA SIDE of the equation. Before doing ANYTHING in my computer, I set “My Streams” 1-25 by just naming them as previously explained “0 1” to “2 5” and adding of course the IP ‘global’ data for each, (my PC’s STATIC IP is 222…vs 201 Ray’s), and then just ‘presetting’ them, one by one, no remote needed, all by hand. Ray is the man, I’m just adding my little personal experience here. Anyway, now you should be all set after the 04/30 ‘demise’, etc. I actually have presets 13-25 all ready (my native Spanish & Jazz/Oldies/Rock selections), I just have to figure out the French streams I’d like to also be able to access with my semi-defunct G.D. radio, not bad for one day of exploration and decisions about how to go around this.

  46. J J

    Able to download (down arrow after ‘play’ symbol on front of each station) and make work several (rock & jazz…for the time being) Shoutcast stations in .pls format. You just have to change the name to “Preset##.pls” then do the Reciva part, cool! Thanks again Ray. Little by little. I just need the .pls for my ? 10 stations in French! (1 from French Canada, 1 from Belgium and another from Switzerland). I have until 04/29 late to figure it out now. I might have to be flexible otherwise, forget about some of these, and add whatever I like that’s available. Also, as long as you set your max # of Presets like this, remember, you can then change them at any time in the future. As Ray pointed out…even repeated ones are OK so they are in the radio/s ‘by the cut-off date’. On this neat Shoutcast list I found, for exemple, one of my main favs…”Classic Rock Planet HD”, it’s ‘on’ and going right now as I type this. Bye, I don’t want to be told to stop making the thread hostage, on the contrary.

  47. J J

    Well, it’s not ‘me’ I guess, it’s working as designed: I pulled a couple of streams from this webpage and set it as presets #10 & 11 etc. and they both worked fine (plus Ray’s “Caroline Flashback” as initially reported). It’s then a matter of finding the correct ones for your specific favorite stations, not ‘that’ easy really, as I found out the hard way today.

  48. J J

    Above all, a big THANK YOU for trying to find and offering this pretty good ‘alternative solution’ to the Reciva demise after 04/30/21. KUDOS.

    I’m pretty good with computers, I actually built the two desktops that I’m presently using. My network consists of at least 60 different devices etc. For many of them I set my own chosen IP address (> DHCP server set @ 0-99 so…’above’). Etc., etc. But I *really* need help getting this excellent idea (as long as it works as ‘designed’ after May 1st ’21, right? IT SHOULD given how independently it should work) to work (with my three GDI-IRDT200 (Grace Digital) players.

    I was easily able to follow your directions and (most importantly, to make sure that I did it right!) be able to listen to ‘your’ R. Caroline Flashback station right away. Boy I was happy about it, about finding ‘another way’, given what’s going to happen soon with this now, technically and generally speaking, obsolete radios.

    I have located and tried a good number of stations’ URL during the ‘Notepad’ sequence “File1” line with absolutely no success whatsoever. Of course I’ve changed the file name to the next available preset #, “Preset11.pls”, “Preset12.pls” et al, up to the 25 I want (and ‘can’?) set with my IRDT-200’s, giving them a Reciva (My Stuff / My Streams) as instructed a 01–25 NAME, plus the “” (My main desktop PC has that IP address, vs the 201 yours), save everything, try again with other stations, “Station Unavailable” is what I get every time, shoot! I hate to give up on this as much as I dislike bothering you or any other fellow enthusiast with this situation.

    What am I doing wrong?! I can’t find the culprit. I suspect the URL streams, needless to say it. Also, I’m using in ALL the Notepad presets part the same “File1= / Title1= /Length1=” up in front of those lines, I don’t see what they should f.i. follow each preset’s #.

    I wanted to ‘memorize’ a few Oldies / Classic Rock / French stations that I listen to before ‘it’ happens, the inevitable now. I do have ‘the 25 of them’ in the regular presets now but I feel that if and when they change locations (URL streams) or simply disappear maybe, that’s it with the G.D. radio internet radio capability while by using your proposed intelligent, longer-lasting solution for sure (again, if all works as you think it will), by simply altering a bit the affected presets little programming, voilà, back in business!

    Here it is a handful of my favorite stations, maybe yourself or another I.R. user in the forum willing to give a hand could try to ‘very temporarily’ of course make them work fine, give me the advice that I know I need, and perhaps in the process expand the scope of the idea and help other people trying to do the same. No obligation whatsoever, OK.

    “Classic Rock Planet HD”, “4U Classic Rock”, “Chante France” & “Nostalgie Chansons Françaises”, that’s enough…work, thanks in advance.

    There is no big rush, I’ll check this thread once a day for the next few days during the week, I badly want I guess to find out what I am doing wrong and hopefully fix it. Plus not giving up easily re: this project!


      1. J J

        THANK YOU, P., + directly here, sorry. I’m actually NOT a Forum rat, the opposite rather.
        I’m having a hard time finding the corresponding streams for those (3-12 now) stations in the French language. I’m now at the RFI Monde site, trying to extract that one…no success ‘yet’. I tried “Inspect” then Network trying to find it (I read somewhere to do that to find the *real* stream in the context, but honestly, how dumb…I can’t seem to find it. It’s a matter of method most likely. It’s harder I guess with non-English stations that you can usually find more easily around. I need to figure this out so I can myself adjust these and any other streams I want to change, etc. And sorry for the long rants, I felt a need to explain.

        1. Paul Trynoski

          There are several ways to find steams in Reciva. Here is what I use:

          To find streams not in Reciva, I use the Firefox Ant Video downloader addon.

          No guarantees, but these may be some of the links you are seeking:

          03 Nostalgie Best of 60’s 15 Beatles Radio

          04 Nostalgie Best of 70’s 16 All ‘60s All The Time

          05 France Info 17 Oldies But Goldies DE

          06 France Inter 18 Antenne Rock Softrock DE

          07 RFI Monde 19 San Francisco’s 70s Hits
          08 RTL France 20 1.FM Classic Rock Replay

          While .pls files seem to be favored here, I prefer .m3u. No extra lines to format. Just paste a streaming link into Notepad and save the one-line file as .m3u

  49. frankyvee

    Has anyone looked into using VLC to make this work? I’m just thinking this is exactly what VLC is suited for and maybe easier than configuring a Microsoft IIS web server.

    1. J J

      Well, the .pls files play fine here with VLC but I don’t want to have to fully rely on the PC to listen to these streams, myself. If you point your VLC app for instance (I’m thinking of my Android TV Box here, OK) to the C:/inetpub/wwwroot directory, they should play fine too. I haven’t done it, I prefer to listen to them from my Grace Digital internet radios ‘better connected’ to our audio amplifiers/receivers I guess in the family room and master bedroom. It wasn’t that difficult I’d say to go the MS IIS server. If I could do it… ?

  50. Bill Alpert

    My old Sanyo radio has no “my stuff/my streams” in its menu. In this case does the related edits on the Reciva site have any impact? As it stands, I can browse the Reciva database and save presets, which I have done. But that’s the extent of my options.

  51. Rob

    Hello Ray-
    Thank you again for all your help (in the other Reciva posting) for getting IIS running (which I was finally successful).

    To possibly help other motivated people also experiencing problems with IIS, some points that helped me get things working include:

    Turning off Windows Firewall for the private network was necessary (at least for me).
    There are probably other ways to get here, but I right-clicked on Network (in File Explorer), Click Windows Firewall, Turn Windows Firewall on or off, under “Private network settings” Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended).

    Open ISS- After pressing the Windows button, type IIS to start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Under Connections, click around on the directory tree to get to Default Web Site. Right-click on Default Web Site to Edit Permissions…. That should bring up wwwroot Properties, click the Sharing tab, and the Sharing…. button which brings up a File Sharing window. For me, only until I had “Everyone” added in the list did mine work- you can select the entries under Name by clicking the drop-down button. I don’t know how many entries are needed, but mine includes “Everyone”, “Homegroup”, “IIS_IUSRS”, my account, and “SYSTEM”. For me, nothing worked unless “Everyone” was present in the list under Name. I also gave everyone in the list the Permission Level of “Read/Write”. SYSTEM was “Owner”.

    One thing that a very knowledgeable friend (used to do network administration for a living) told me that ISS is a horrible system. When it works, great; but can be a NIGHTMARE to troubleshoot. And in general, things that work on Windows 7 may/may-not work on Windows 8 and may/may-not work the same way on Windows 10, and may be different on different versions of Windows 10, etc., etc. There are so many variables in configurations, options on/off, etc. that figuring things out can be extremely difficult. I did eventually figure out what wasn’t working on my IIS setup, but my friend gave me little-to-no chance initially. In all honesty, I got lucky!

  52. Andrew

    Why didn’t Qualcom just start Charging users $5 a month for Access to Reciva Server. They already have User ID and Password, it would be easy to monetize the Database and keep it running.. the Users would be happy and Qualcom would be making money off of the deal. Now it will be a total loss for all the users and for the Platform in general.. End of an ERROR !!

    1. Rob

      Hello Andrew-
      I like your idea, especially to minimize the amount of electronic waste created by this unfortunate action (closing Reciva), however I’d respectfully challenge the economics of $5/month. Within one year, that’s about the cost of the new CCrane WiFi3 (when taking advantage of their offer of half-off previous customers), which if purchased, should last far longer than 12 months.
      Unfortunately, I strongly suspect that the internet radio market is way too small for the likes of Qualcomm to care in the slightest as they make tons on chips going into smartphones running apps capable of doing basically a very similar thing.
      I’d like to see a $5 permanent work-around, sign me up for that!

  53. GersBea

    Since 2011 I have an internet radio using Reciva just for listening to some of my prefered radiostations (I am German).

    So I am quite sad that Reciva is putting down there service.
    For the last few days I looked up quite a number of threads concernig the shutdown and how to deal with it.

    I feel that Reciva’s owner

    Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
    Company No. 3665875
    Churchill House, Cambridge Business Park,
    Cowley Rd., Cambridge, CB4 0WZ, UK

    is just fed up with running that website.

    Has anybody inquired wether they would give website and software to a free Project?

    1. Pteranodonte

      I asked them if they could disclose the protocol, here is their reply:


      We’re sorry but we’re not at liberty to disclose this information. Additionally the hardware in each Reciva-based radio has a unique key which would not work with any other service, as the service is designed around this.

      Regards and apologies,
      Stations Support
      Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., Churchill House, Cambridge Business Park, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0WZ

  54. Dan Van Hoy

    Ray, I tested the theory that the presets would still work after April 30 by blocking the IP address of the Reciva Website, (seems they are also using 241, and 242 is in my router connection to the CC Wifi radio thus simulating the loss of the portal. The radio was unable to connect via the presets once it could not connect to the Reciva server. I assume this would be the same with Grace and other radios. Any comment of feedback? Did I miss something?

    1. Paul Trynoski

      My experience differs. I have presets set up locally as described above on my Grace Solo. When I block at the router, I lose access to My Stations and My Streams, but my presets continue to work, as does My History. Presets and History seem to be radio, rather than server based. Also, with blocked, access to Serviio via UPnP is not affected.

      1. Simon Marks

        My experience also suggests the presets will outlive the Reciva service. Create a preset in “My Streams”, then load it up on your radio and lock it into a manual button. Then delete the preset from The stream continues to play, whether it’s in “My Streams” or not. History also continues to be unaffected.

  55. Dan Srebnick

    If anyone is serious about reverse engineering the protocol and building a new Reciva list server, the thing to do would be to get a whole session capture (using tcpdump) from the time the radio is turned on through a list refresh. If we get enough captures for reference we could then analyze via Wireshark to determine what the radios expect of the server component. While this not trivial, lacking an API, it is the best opportunity for anyone who later wishes to do a session analysis.

    Since I can run tcpdump on my perimeter network device, it looks like I have a to-do in the next couple of weeks. If any other interested parties are also capable, please do the same. It would be good to have more than one capture for future reference.

    As far as 4/30 being a cutoff, once we have the session data we can work around IP or DNS dependencies. So all will not be lost if we get the data now.


    1. Andrew (grayhat)

      Hi Dan, before you start dumping traffic, have a look here

      the URL carries a bunch of Perl modules designed to search/query/pull streams from a number of services (including Reciva), by looking at the requests they make (and together with some traffic dumps) it may be possible to reconstruct the “APIs” and build some software layer tricking the WebRadio into thinking it’s talking to the real Reciva server, the advantage would be that, having the APIs for other streaming services, those may as well be integrated into the software so widening the number of available stations 😀 !

  56. Andrew (grayhat)

    Hi Ray, thanks for the tip, I don’t own one of those “radios” but it will be useful and may work for other “internet receivers” too, as for the “linux” setup, given that the server doesn’t need much horsepower since it will just be serving out small files used to direct the receiver to the actual stream, it may be possible to setup a small/cheap raspberry PI as a webserver, in such a case it would be cool opening a project on GitHub and putting there all the files and instructions needed to configure the rPI

    Willing to move the whole thing one step forward, it may be nice to reverse engineer the Reciva API and put together some kind of “proxy” which could receive requests from the receiver, translate and forward them to some other aggregator and then once the response is received, translate it back to the expected format and feed it to the receiver 😀 !

    1. Andrew (grayhat)

      Did a bit of search and found a Perl module which pulls streams and lists from the reciva service

      while far from being something complete, it may be useful in case someone would try reverse engineering the reciva API and build some “compatibility shim”, in such a case, the network where the internet receiver sits may be configured to redirect all requests to the reciva domain toward a local server which will then “emulate” the real reciva server but use some other streaming service, that could bring new life to those receivers 😀 !

      Oh, and building such a “proxy” emulating the Recive may also be interesting if it could be possible to somewhat “interface” it with services like (e.g.) that would give a wide selection of stations 😀 !

    2. Laurence N.

      It would be very easy to duplicate this setup on a raspberry pi. I guarantee it has enough horsepower to do this. A computer from 2000 has enough power to run this. Here are the basic instructions for Linux:
      1. Get a webserver. Probably this will be Nginx or Apache. The package repositories will have this. If you would like tutorials about how to install one, a quick search will find several. I suggest you search “Install [server] on [your distribution name]” to find one. Here’s one for the Pi:
      2. Assign a static IP and/or local DNS name to your server as described above.
      3. Place your pls files in the server’s directory. Usually, this is /var/www/html, but you may have changed this. If you’re not sure, it should be listed in the tutorial you followed or the server configuration file.
      The same steps will work on Mac OS, but you’ll need to install the server differently. Both popular webservers will work, but you will probably want to use homebrew to install them. Be aware that you will have to keep the computer running the server turned on for the radio to work.
      On the other hand, it might be nicer to use a remote server for this. A public Github repo containing PLS files can be kept up to date and continue to work for everybody. We can also host such files on a Github-managed server. As long as one is set up before May, it should continue to be functional and does not require individual users to set up their own server. If anyone wants me to do this, reply and I can start the project as it’s fairly basic. Otherwise, I won’t bother as I don’t have such a radio myself.

      1. Gagge

        “A public Github repo containing PLS files can be kept up to date and continue to work for everybody. ”

        That is a very good idea. Please do that!

  57. neil

    I wonder if anyone has tried looking at the webserver that holds the “full” Recevia data now and make a copy of it before it shuts down.
    You could then, conceivably, serve that on your home network (similar to the above) , and add an entry to the DNS server on your network (in your home router) and make the address for Recevia point to your local host.
    It would stay static forever & eventually be full of errors but your Internet radio would still work.
    ( I don’t own an internet radio, so I can’t test it – what is the address that the radios look at to get station lists anyway?)

  58. Brett Saylor

    Ray (and Thomas) – thanks for providing these instructions. While the process is a bit technical, I was able to get my Grace GDI-IR2600 wi-fi radio pointed to an IIS server running on my home PC and playing the Radio Caroline stream in less than 10 minutes. The only issue I ran into on my Windows 10 machine was that the inetpub/wwwroot folder was protected and wouldn’t let me move a .pls file into it – I had to change the permissions on the folder to make that work. That may or may not be an issue for other users, but is easy to fix if it is.

    I am extremely happy to have a wi-fi receiver that is completely under my control and not destined to become a boat anchor after the April 30, 2021 Reciva shut-off. Thanks again for the instructions!


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