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Dan spots a Barlow Wadley XCR-30 in “The Looming Tower”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

[This Barlow Wadley XCR-30 (above)] appears in Episode 4 of The Looming Tower on Hulu. Shown sitting in a slum in Nairobi (or a location posing as Nairobi), tuned to what sounds like Radio Australia…

Great catch, Dan! If I ever find an XCR-30 in great shape, I think I’ll snag one. I’ve always loved their simple, all-business front panel and legendary–once benchmark–performance.

Of course, I’ll add this post to our ever growing archive of radios in film!

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Max’s impressive vintage radio collection


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Max Youle, who writes:

I thought I would send you a link to my radio collection.

Many of these are unique to New Zealand, and could be of interest to your readers.

I saved many of these radios from being trashed, by searching junk sales and second hand stores, over a period of the last 25 years

Click her to view Max’s collection via DropBox.

Wow! That is an impressive collection of radios, Max. It’s interesting to see so many New Zealand brands–I’m glad you’ve rescued these!

Max’s collection is so large I couldn’t possibly share them all here on the SWLing Post, so I asked Max if he could tell us which models are his favorites. Max replied:

My favorite radios would be:

Barlow Wadley XCR-30

Barlow Wadley XCR-30

1. Barlow Wadley XCR-30 featured here before https://swling.com/blog/2016/02/maxs-barlow-wadley-receiver-is-a-keeper/

Philips D2999

Philips D2999

2. Philips D2999 for its good looks, ease of use , sound from the two speakers 3″ and 7″ and sharp MW DX

Sanyo Transworld 17h-815

Sanyo Transworld 17h-815

3. Sanyo Transworld 17h-815 A beautiful looking classic with lots of chrome and a good performer

National Panasonic R-021

National Panasonic R-021

4. National Panasonic R-021 because it was my first radio, and a fairly rare collectible (article at the bottom of page) http://www.panasonic.com/global/corporate/history/chronicle/1977.html

Its hard to choose a favorite, as every one of my radios has a story ,i.e where I found it, who gave it to me, how much I paid for it, how collectible it is, etc, etc!!

Yes indeed, Max! It is difficult to pick a favorite–especially from such a large collection.

Thanks again for taking the time to share these with us!

Click her to view Max’s collection via DropBox.

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eBay sighting: Barlow Wadley XCR-30 Mark 2

Barlow-Wadley-eBayMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Neil Goldstein, who shares a link to this Barlow Wadley XCR-30 Mark 2 on eBay.


The Seller writes the following description:

Up for auction is a rare military green Barlow Wadley XCR-30 Mark2. The radio works perfectly. This is a late serial number 14995.

Please request a shipping quote before bidding as I will charge actual shipping. I will ship via DHL which takes around 7 days.

It’s important to note that detail about shipping since eBay shows shipping as $250. Since it’s being shipped DHL from South Africa, costs could vary greatly, I imagine.

Click here to view on eBay.

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Max’s Barlow Wadley receiver is a keeper


In reply to our post about the Barlow Wadley XCR-30, SWLing Post reader, Max Youle, replies:

I have a Barlow Wadley with the FM tuner here in New Zealand. [see photo above]

These fabulous receivers are reasonably common here as many SWLs bought them in the 1970s because of New Zealand’s remote location

My Barlow Wadley has just recently had an alignment and a thorough going over, and will now match my Sony ICF 2010,and Yaseu FRG 8800 for stations received on the shortwave bands, but not so good on the MW band.

I love this radio, and its quirky tuning system. This reminds me of the days of knob twiddling to find those elusive signals, not like the ease of todays digital receivers.

Thanks for your comment, Max. Your Barlow Wadley portable is certainly a keeper! Perhaps someday one will find its way to my radio room!

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eBay Find: Barlow Wadley XCR-30 Receiver

Barlow Wadley XCR-30-FrontMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

Barlow Wadley’s show up every now and then on Ebay, but infrequently with the original papers.

Rarely, one sees them with  the original box. These are great representatives of SW radio history, though you have to take care to ask question of the seller.

This price appears to be quite high (roughly $490 US), especially for a radio without the FM band, which was added in later production runs:

Click here to view on eBay.

Barlow Wadley XCR-30-Inside Barlow Wadley XCR-30-WithBox

Thanks, Dan! Someone brought one of these to the SWL Fest some years ago and it attracted quite a crowd.  I’ve never had one on the air, though–very curious how well they perform.

Are there any SWLing Post readers who own the Barlow Wadley XCR-30? Please comment!

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