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HDSDR version 2.76: updates and additions

Many thanks to Light Coder at HDSDR who notes a recent update to HDSDR:

HDSDR bugfix release 2.76 just went online.
There are also some minor additions.
See http://hdsdr.de/wnew.html

Think it’s worth to have a look into the keyboard shortcuts:

Many thanks! HDSDR is a great (free!) SDR app–happy to hear about this recent update including keyboard shortcuts.

HDSDR publishes a new Beta release


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor Mike Ladd who notes that HDSDR has just published a new 2.75 Beta release.

Mike included the screenshot (above) which includes the following release notes:


Click here for the HDSDR website and to download the new Beta release.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!