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Jeff Murray presents: Love, Death & Shortwave


From my buddy, Jeff Murray (K1NSS), the Mastermind behind Dashtoons:

“Created for the North American Shortwave Association’s Winterfest 2015, this unflinching documentary recalls a time when tuning a short wave radio was something akin to enjoying a schnapps in a cool West Berlin jazz bar less than a klick from Checkpoint Charley, especially if you were eleven years old.”

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How shortwaves keep you young…

Remember our recent posts about Dave Richard’s homebrew regenerative receiver?

If so, you can imagine the laugh I had yesterday when I viewed this latest creation by the infamous Jeff Murray (K1NSS):


“Short Wave & Prosper”–? I have to agree!  And I’m completely in tune with Jeff’s sense of humor. If you are, too, be sure to bookmark Dashtoons for more radio fun and whimsy. (Better yet, get Jeff to design your own QSL card!)

As for Dave, follow his blog for the latest on his many homebrew activities (that continue even when his pets are interfering).

Major thanks to Dave for the brilliant write-up about Ears to Our World’s HumanaLight kit. [Want one? Get yours now at Universal Radio, and support ETOW’s mission.]

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Dashtoons: Über cool radio art by Jeff K1NSS

Source: Dashtoons.com

Source: Dashtoons.com

Among the fascinating people I met at the Dayton Hamvention this year was Jeff Murray, K1NSS. Though Jeff and I have communicated online, our paths had not yet crossed in real life; I was very pleased to finally meet him in person.

SWLing Post readers will have seen Jeff’s name before: he’s a talented graphic artist (and ham, obviously) whose work focuses on the radio community and culture.

You may recall that Jeff created the art for the the Shortwaveology website, not to mention the cool retro graphic you’ll find on the Shortwave Shindig tee.

Jeff also creates custom QSL cards, comic books, clip art, and promotional material for companies like Alpha Amplifiers…all of it inspired.

s38-flatIf Jeff designed a spaceship based on the aesthetics of the Hallicrafters S-38, it would not surprise me in the least.

Do yourself a favor and check out Jeff’s website at Dashtoon.com. It is chock-full of radio wackiness and whimsy. You can lose yourself there and thoroughly enjoy the scenery.

Jeff Murray (K1NSS) on right, and me (K4SWL) on left among the Dayton Hamvention tail-gaters.

Jeff Murray (K1NSS), left, and me (K4SWL), right among the Dayton Hamvention tailgaters.

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The “Shortwave Shindig” T: you know you want one


[Update (04/10/14): Check out promotional pricing for SWLing Post readers below.]

Remember that incredible live Shortwave Shindig broadcast of a few weeks ago? If you missed it, check out one of these recordings.

David Goren, radio producer and Shortwavelogist behind the broadcast, has printed up a series of terrific T-shirts to commemorate the event. Your purchase of a shirt will not only elevate your social standing (I mean, who has a T-shirt with the word “shortwave” on it?), but importantly, it will also help support more such broadcasts and radio productions out of the studios of Shortwaveology in future.

ShortwaveShindigTeeAnd did I mention that the funky retro logo design, above and right, is by the talented Jeff Murray, K1NSS? Gotta love it.

These shirts are 100% cotton and available in black (see right) or white.

I don’t want to over-promise here, but I understand that wearing the Shortwave Shindig shirt can increase your chances of hearing the elusive Bhutan Broadcasting Service and many other signals–perhaps even ones that have recently gone off the air. Moreover, this shirt is 100% QRM free.

What are you waiting for?

Hop over to this page on Shortwaveology.net and order yours today!

And, dear readers, thanks for hanging on to my hard sell: this one’s for a good cause.

UPDATE: Many thanks to David Goren who is offering a 10% discount to SWLing Post readers!  Simply enter the promotional coupon code “swling” at checkout. Total cost will then be $18 shipped! Click here to order your shirt. This promotion will only be available for two weeks, ending April 24, 2014.

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