Global 24 goes off the air

Several SWLing Post readers have shared the following message on Global 24’s website:

G24-Supporter-NoteI haven’t received any further information from Global 24, but if I do, I will post it here. I’ve also noticed that G24’s forum has been taken offline.

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Can you help George identify the mystery pip?

WWV format

WWV format

SWLing Post reader, George (NJ3H), writes:

I quite often see a spike in the evening on 4996 khz. From the listing, this is suppose to be RWM, in Moscow, a time signal station.

When I listen on remote receivers in Poland and Denmark, I do not hear time pips, but rather just hash.

On my Perseus, I can watch the spike go up and down each second. This makes me think it is caused by WWV. However, the 29th second seems to make the spike move up, even though WWV doesn’t have a pip at second 29. The remote receivers in Europe that I just mentioned do not have any time pips being broadcast. Does WWV cause a signal on 4996?

Can you shed any light on 4996? Should we be able to hear RWM in the Eastern US?

Good question, George, and I’m hoping a reader can shed some light on what you’re seeing on the spectrum display. I’m not sure what could be causing the 29th second spike unless it’s WWV transmitting a sub-audible tone.

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Pete gives Kaito high marks for customer service

PL-880 (1)

SWLing Post reader, Pete Jernakoff (K3KMS), writes:

“I purchased two PL-880 radios from Amazon about a year ago and before the soft muting issue became a hot topic. Both of my radios (8819 firmware version) suffered from this most annoying problem but it wasn’t until I started reading your excellent blog that I learned of the cause.

About two weeks ago, I called Kaito Electronics USA and asked if they could upgrade the firmware on my two radios to the 8820 version. The person I spoke to said (paraphrasing) “Sure! Send them to us any we’ll perform the upgrade for free. All you do is pay for the return shipping.”

So off the radios went to Kaito. About 10 days later I had them back with the new firmware installed. The return shipping was $10. Weak MW and SW signals are now easy to listen to: no soft muting issues at all. Kudos to Kaito for agreeing to perform the upgrade for me. My dealings with them were thoroughly pleasurable.”

Thanks for sharing that great experience, Pete! You’re right–the 8820 upgrade is certainly worth the shipping costs and I’m happy to hear Kaito makes the process so easy.

Don’t know the firmware version of your PL-880? Click here to learn how to display the firmware version.

For more information on PL-880 soft muting, click here.

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Shortwave Shindig Rebroadcast: March 7, 2015

ShindigLogoWhiteI’ve just learned via @shortwaveology that the Shortwave Shindig will be rebroadcast on Saturday March 7, 2015 from 20:00-11:00 PM EST (that’s Sunday from 0300-0400 UTC).

Those of you who tuned into the live show last Friday noted that the audio dropped out at times–this was due to a flaky Internet connection at the hotel where the ‘Shindig was held. You will hear the full show, without interruption, in this rebroadcast.

I plan to record this show, but would certainly appreciate other recordings as well to add to the archive. On that note, a few of you have sent recordings of the original broadcast (thank you!)–I will post those as soon as I’ve caught up with work, post-‘Fest!

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Sproutie hears the Shortwave Shindig

IMG_7321SWLing Post reader, Dave Richards (AA7EE), made a short video of his regen receiver “Sproutie” tuned to the Shortwave Shindig Friday evening.

Dave writes:

“I was quite pleased with the fidelity. Of course, the skirts on a regen are quite broad, even though the nose of the selectivity curve is fairly narrow.  The signal was a bit lower in level and noisier at the beginning of the show but by the time it got to this segment, it was a nice strong signal. Sorry – no S-meter here, so that is the best I can do!”

Dave, thanks for sharing this video! Sproutie did a brilliant job tuning in a program from across the continent. I’m also most impressed with Sproutie’s audio. Amazing!

Readers, click here to read a previous post about Dave’s home brew regen receiver, “Sproutie.” Also, be sure to bookmark Dave’s blog by clicking here.

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Two hour special PCJ broadcast: March 14, 2015

pcjPCJ International has noted a special two hour transmission on March 14th, 2015 from 2300 to 0100 UTC on 7,570 kHz.

Though no details have been released yet, Keith Perron has noted that they plan to give away listener prizes.

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BBG Watch confirms Andrew Lack’s departure

BBG-LogoOnly moments after posting news that Andrew Lack may be leaving the BBG CEO position to rejoin NBC, the website BBG Watch has confirmed Lack’s departure.

Click here to read BBG Watch’s full story.

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