C.Crane CC Witness USB AC Adapter on sale

CCraneACAdaptorMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO) who writes:

I see that CCrane Witness USB AC Adapter is on sale for $9.95 right now.

This analog regulated supply (as reviewed on my web page) works very well with other 5 volt mini-USB powered sets for MW/SW RADIO use (not just for charging) as it’s NOT a switching type supply or contains any switching type regulator, so no switching supply RF noise.


See the bottom of either one of these 2 web pages for my comments (if you have not already).

Many thanks for the tip, Dave! At this price, I think I may pull the trigger.

CC Skywave release delayed

CC-SkywaveSWLing Post reader, Ed, writes:

“It looks like the new SW/AM/FM/Air  Skywave radio from C.Crane will be delayed according to their website. The new date for release will be October 31st. But, you can reserve yours now to avoid the rush that is sure to come.”

I hope to review this radio shortly after its release. Click here to view the CC Skywave on C.Crane’s website.

Update: Click here to read a full review of the CC Skywave.

The CC Skywave: C. Crane’s latest shortwave portable

CC-SkywaveThe CC Skywave is the latest shortwave portable from the manufacturer and retailer, C. Crane.   While this radio’s form factor looks a lot like the CCRadio-SWP,  you can tell, based on features, that this is a complete re-design internally. Indeed, the Skywave sports an NOAA weather radio–and an aviation band–as well as AM/FM and shortwave.

Here are the features C. Crane lists for the CC Skywave:

  • AM, FM, Weather plus Alert, Shortwave (2.3-26.1 MHz) and Air Aviation Band
  • Direct Entry of a Frequency plus Auto Scan and Store
  • Lighted LCD Display
  • Selectable Fast or Fine Tuning on all Bands Except Weather
  • 400 Memory Presets
  • Runs on (2) AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • (Optional) CC Skywave Power Adapter w/ Mini USB Plug Required for Charging NiMH Batteries.
  • Stereo Headphone Jack and Fold-Out Back Stand
  • Clock with 12/24 hour format, Alarm
  • Rotary Volume Knob
  • High Quality CC Buds Earphones and radio Carry Case included
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ W x 3″ H x 1.1″ D
  • Weight: approximately 5.5 ounces without batteries
  • Click here to download the user manual (PDF)

The Skywave is now available to order on the C. Crane website. Since availability is scheduled for July 14, 2014, ordering online is a means of reserving your unit.  I would expect C. Crane to ship on time; this is a retailer with a good track record.

I do hope to review the Skywave in the coming weeks. Update: Click here to read a full review of the CC Skywave.

CCrane’s latest shortwave radio: The CC Skywave, to ship in January

This image of the CC Skywave, clipped from the CCrane online catalog

This image of the CC Skywave, clipped from the CCrane online catalog

I just received my paper copy of the C.Crane catalog in the mail and noticed an announcement for their latest shortwave portable, the CC Skywave.

Here is the catalog description:

“The Skywave is the ultimate travel radio with great AM/ FM, Shortwave, Aviation and Weather. Performance is excellent and it is small and easy to use.

Stuck at the airport and nobody will tell you why? How about using a radio to tune into the control tower or the ground crew? If you are a bit paranoid it is good to know that nobody can track your radio listening!

Using a smart phone in another country is very expensive. With this radio you will learn more about the country you are in and the wonderful programs they have to offer.”

I hope to get a radio for review as soon as production units begin to ship in January. I’m always looking for the ultimate travel radio.

Update: Click here to read a full review of the CC Skywave.

Retirement Sale: Grove Enterprises liquidating inventory

grovewebheaderIt appears that Monitoring Times is not the only division of Grove Enterprises that will close shop when owners, Bob and Judy Grove, retire.

Indeed, Grove Enterprises is liquidating their entire inventory in a retirement sale. There are deals to be found in their shortwave radio selection and entire catalog of products.

Still, sad to see this reputable radio retailer close shop. I’m grateful that Universal Radio and C.Crane are still in business. I’m a strong believer in purchasing from radio retailers rather than online sources like Amazon.com. No doubt, Amazon has competitive pricing and good customer service, but frankly they could care less about the radio hobby in general.  To Amazon, shortwave radios are simply a few dozen consumer electronics products out of the tens of thousands they offer.

Universal Radio and C.Crane both support radio clubs, events and hobby-related activities–Amazon does not. Plus, pricing is often very close or even lower than that of Amazon. This is why I always purchase from them if they have what I seek.