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The SWLing Post Podcast

podcasticonThanks to SWLing Post reader, Michael, I have set up our RSS feed for podcasts.

This means that if you enjoy listening to our shortwave radio recordings, you can now easily subscribe and download all of our audio automatically. This is not edited material–no introductions, nor host–simple shortwave radio recordings.

If you would like to subscribe to the SWLing Post Podcast, point your favorite podcasting application to our RSS feed:

In iTunes, for example, go to the “File” menu and select “Subscribe to podcast”–then, simply paste our RSS feed address in the url field.  Other podcast applications will have a similar approach.

Thanks, Michael!

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BBC: Curators discover first recordings of Christmas Day

The Wall family (Photo: BBC News

The Wall family (Photo: BBC News

An amazing piece of recorded history:

(Source: BBC News)

Curators at the Museum of London have discovered what they believe to be the first ever recordings of a family Christmas.

They were made 110 years ago by the Wall family who lived in New Southgate in North London.

There are 24 clear recordings on wax cylinders which were made using a phonograph machine between 1902 and 1917.

Music curators say the sound quality of the music recorded is outstanding. [Continue reading and listen to original recordings…]

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Saturday Night Country takes you ‘down under’ for the holidays

Felicity Urquhart, host of ABC's Saturday Night Country. (photo: ABC)

Felicity Urquhart, host of ABC’s Saturday Night Country. (photo: ABC)

If you’ve been reading the SWLing Post for long, you’ll know how much I love ABC’s Saturday Night Country, which I tune to every Saturday morning starting on 9,580 kHz.

Yesterday, host Felicity Urquhart produced another great mix of interviews and music, including some uniquely Australian Country Christmas songs.

You can download the recordings of the show as MP3s by clicking here for the first hour of Saturday Night Country on 9,580 kHz and here for the rest of the show on 11,945 kHz, or by simply listening via the embedded player below:

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Scandinavian Weekend Radio Christmas specials & frequencies

SWR(Source: Scandinavian Weekend Radio via Alokesh Gupta)

Scandinavian Weekend Radio is broadcasting a series of Christmas Specials on 5980, 6170, 11690, 11720 kHz the 24th & 25th of Dec 2012.

The full broadcast schedule can be found here:

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Severance pay of Radio Netherlands CEO under scrutiny

Outgoing Radio Netherlands CEO, Jan Hoek (Photo: RNW)

Outgoing Radio Netherlands CEO, Jan Hoek (Photo: RNW)

(Source: de Volkskrant, translated by Andy Sennitt)

The severance payment for the outgoing CEO of Radio Netherlands Worldwide is excessive. This is what Sander Dekker, deputy minister responsible for the media, wrote on Thursday in a letter to the Lower House of the Dutch parliament.

RNW Director-General Jan Hoek was originally set to receive a fee of 1.1 million euros. Following an urgent request by Mr Dekker and his predecessor, the RNW Supervisory Board agreed with the Director-General to reduce the severance pay to 800,000 euros. Despite the reduction in the amount, according to Mr Dekker it is still “too high and therefore inappropriate and undesirable.”

The Deputy Minister willl investigate the legal issues, but sees no possibility of preventing payment of the severance premium. Mr Dekker says that taking the matter to court offers no solution, because according to the agreement signed in 2001 Mr Hoek is formally entitled to receive his full severance payment.

A new law regulating the salaries of public officials goes into effect on 1 January. This will prevent excessive payments in the future. Under the new rules, a severance payment will be restricted to a maximum of 75,000 euros. But agreements already signed are not covered by the new law.

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Radio documentary on history of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC reporter, and later RN documentary maker, Tim Bowden on patrol with a US Marine squad near Da Nang in Vietnam. (1966) [Photo: ABC ]

ABC reporter, and later RN documentary maker, Tim Bowden on patrol with a US Marine squad near Da Nang in Vietnam. (1966) [Photo: ABC]

(Source: John Figliozzi via InternetRadio Digest)

ABC Radio National will broadcast a weeklong series highlighting the history, development, key moments and future of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the occasion of its 80th Anniversary, from December 24-28.  Details from:

There is a 16 hour difference between New York and Melbourne during our standard time winters; 19 hours between Los Angeles and Melbourne.  “Live” broadcast, therefore, will be at 2 am, Dec. 23-27; repeated at 9 am, Dec. 24-28.  No word yet on whether or for how long a podcast of this series will be made available.

John Figliozzi

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The Mighty KBC’s holiday broadcasts include DRM

MightyKBCIn this series of special holiday broadcasts, The Mighty KBC is targeting different regions of the world.  See how many you can hear:

The following broadcast times and frequencies are valid for December 22, 23, 25 and 26

Targeting Europe
9835 kHz, 1500 – 1600 UTC, Non Directional, 125 kW

Targeting USA
21600 kHz, 1500 – 1600 UTC, 300°, 250 kW

Targeting Asia/Australia
15470 kHz, 1500 – 1600 UTC, 75°, 250 kW

The KBC will also broadcast in DRM on December 22, 23, 25 and 26
9755 khz 16.00 – 17.00 UTC from Bulgaria with 100 kW and we are using a curtain antenna.

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