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Review of the SSTRAN AMT3000 AM transmitter kit

Regular SWLing Post readers know that I’m a sucker for vintage radios––especially those of the WWII era. Indeed, I’m pretty much a fan of anything from the 1930s and 40s. I love the technology of that era and have an affinity … Continue reading

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Pete gives Kaito high marks for customer service

SWLing Post reader, Pete Jernakoff (K3KMS), writes: “I purchased two PL-880 radios from Amazon about a year ago and before the soft muting issue became a hot topic. Both of my radios (8819 firmware version) suffered from this most annoying problem … Continue reading

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Mike’s RadioShack Model 2000669 modification to prevent station memory loss

SWLing Post contributor, Mike (W5RST), writes: This is a follow-up to my mini-review of the new Radio Shack model 2000669 receiver. Overall, I continue to be quite happy with this receiver, however, I think the loss of memories and time when … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-380: Displaying temperature in Fahrenheit

I have owned the Tecsun PL-380 for years now. When my buddy Mike (K8RAT) recently asked if the temperature display could be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit, I gave him a firm “no” as a response. A few hours later, … Continue reading

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PL-880 Hidden Feature: Adjusting FM muting threshold

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Hector (AD4C) for discovering and sharing this hidden feature of the Tecsun PL-880. Hector writes: “I have been using the Tecsun PL-600 for some time but never was satisfied with its performance in SSB, … Continue reading

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Portables, SDRs, dongles, kits, and a spy radio: our virtual radio challenge responses

Two weeks ago, I posted a virtual challenge for SWLing Post readers:  I asked you to imagine you were placed on a one-year research assignment on one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, namely, Tristan Da Cunha, in the South Atlantic. Your goal … Continue reading

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Hidden feature: Calibrating the Tecsun PL-880 for zero-beat operation

Many thanks to Dan who learned, via the Tecsun PL-880 group, of another way to calibrate the PL-880 in upper and lower sideband. This method seems to be a little easier than a previously posted procedure. Anna, with Anon-Co, translates this procedure … Continue reading

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