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The Quadrus SDR: A New Military-Grade Software Defined Radio Receiver

Dr. Bertalan Eged of Spectrafold Technologies recently contacted me regarding a new military grade SDR they’ve produced: the Quadrus SDR. Today is the Quadrus official release. The Quadrus SDR has phase-coherent multi-channel capabilities with up to 16 channels, which means that it … Continue reading

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The SWLing Post 2014-2015 Shortwave Radio Buyer’s Guide

The following article originally appeared in the November 2014 issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine. Although many large government shortwave broadcasters are departing the shortwave radio scene, there’s no shortage of great products being introduced to it. Indeed, growth in … Continue reading

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The CC Skywave: C. Crane’s latest shortwave portable

The CC Skywave is the latest shortwave portable from the manufacturer and retailer, C. Crane.   While this radio’s form factor looks a lot like the CCRadio-SWP,  you can tell, based on features, that this is a complete re-design internally. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Do you own a Quantum shortwave radio?

Several of you have written to me in the past few months asking about the new Quantum analog shortwave radios found on eBay. The prices for the various models are anywhere between $20-40 US. I’ve resisted checking into these radios as … Continue reading

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Could the DR111 DRM Radio be the portable we’ve been waiting for?

One of the reasons DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) has struggled to gain global popularity is that there has yet to be a portable radio solution with universal appeal. Perhaps the future Chengdu NewStar Electronics DR111 DRM Radio will change that? According … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Index now has tags for country of origin

Several readers have written to ask where various shortwave radios are manufactured, and if there are models that are manufactured outside of China. By and large–with the exception of one Sony model–shortwave portables are manufactured in China, with a few possibly … Continue reading

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The most durable portable shortwave radios for traveling

I receive a lot of emails from readers, quite often from those who about to embark upon international travel–sometimes to remote locations–and who are looking for a durable travel shortave radio.  These travelers are looking for a basic travel … Continue reading

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